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Why don't filmmakers understand statistics?

I go to a lot of film meetups/events. Most of the people I meet are indy filmmakers all with varying levels of experience.

Sometimes, even the professional guys complain about the competition, that the Oscars being unfair. That indy's don't even get nominated, except for maybe Birdman.

Excuse me while I just remind you that studios, and to simplify things, let's just take ONE studio - Sony Pictures Entertainment for example, has OVER 5000 employees. That's employees, not freelance guns for hire. These guys are putting in 40hrs x 5000+. It's highly possible, they have spent more on pre-development on a single script, than you have on pre-production, production and post-production combined on your last indy horror feature.

Comparing yourself to a company that is listed on the stock market is...ridiculously ignoring the stats.


I kind of understand what those guys were talking about, because we all know there's always a million things wrong with the Academy Awards. Yet, at the same time, I'll admit that is slightly inconsiderate to the amount of work put into curating the some of the best American films of the year. But the one thing that really infuriates me about the Oscars, is their Best Foreign Film category. Even though they're centered around from submissions, I find that it's still way too gapingly wide to clarify the best motion picture from over 196 countries across the world, with only about five to six (or even less) countries, with only one film representing them as a whole. And I know the Academy is doing their best at including films from outside Hollywood and outside America for that matter, but to me it just feels as if they're also alienating them because they're from outside America. Meaning, outside of our customs and culture, so it feels as if they're coming from a whole other planet. Although, it does introduce the American mainstream to new artist. Yet I would still leave it to festivals like Cannes and Berlin to cover the all the pandemonium of international cinema. Which may sound pretty stupid, but I think it's better than just curating only ONE film out of a selected (or submitted, I'm not to keen on how it works) five to six countries every year. Even though other foreign award ceremonies do it to us, it's still the same problem.

Nevertheless, I thought you might wanna see this page:

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