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Workflow questions...PLEASE HELP

My DP shot on a RED Dragon. I am attempting to edit the footage myself using ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC 2015 and leave the color grading for someone else, as I'm color blind. My usual method of editing involves changing all file names to scene-take #s for both audio and video so to have an easy order to put things in. I have been told that this is a really bad idea but I'm having to open a separate folder for each scene/take when I import the files and it seems way to difficult. Is there an easier way?

I am very basic with my editing, I just want to get a cut together for the pros to take over but I want to be in charge of the cuts made.

Please help, all advice is welcome.


Adobe Premiere CC 2015 understands the nature of RED media. When you aim the media browser at an RDM folder (which itself contains one or more RDC folders), it should briefly collect its thoughts and then present you with all the clips that lie within those RDC folders. You can import those clips.

If your DP included Scene and Take numbers as part of the initial metadata, you should be in fat city, as Premiere can read some R3D metadata. If she did not, you can add that metadata by reading the slate at the head (or tail) of your clips and entering it as metadata. Or you can rename the imported clips, one at a time, to the correct scene/take info. But you really, really don't want to try to work around the structure of the R3D media files. Even if you don't confuse yourself, you will probably confuse Premiere Pro, and there is no recovering from that.

May 6, 2016 at 9:36AM


Thanks. Actually, going through the media browser instead of importing the entire folder helped tremendously, the clips are available directly instead of having to go through multiple folders to reach each clip.

How do I enter scene/take # as meta-data? Is that different from simply renaming each clip?

ADDITIONALLY: Is there an easier way to sync all footage and have it available already synced to start editing with? Or to sync it all and save the files with sound?

Thanks again for the help.


Nathan Karimi

May 9, 2016 at 5:53AM

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