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Yet another gear advice question

HI guys - so - I'd like to pick some more brains

I'm upgrading from my 5D II kit -
Using Samyang cineprimes (just purchased the 35, 50 & 85mm).

I'll be upgrading a bunch of equipment - however the advice I want on equipment is the camera -
My budget is fairly tight, £1000 - £1500 really.

My choices were going to be just stay on the DSLR route for now, and then when you're on the bigger jobs the camera will be hired for you anyway-

So as usual it was a choice between A7s & a 5D III -

Of course if i had the 5D iii it'd be hacked with magic lantern and I'd be shooting mostly RAW with it.
However the A7S is an extremely strong contender (With its extremely beautiful Low light capabilities and 4K external recording)

Why am I asking? Because I'm fairly ignorant and I can't make my mind up.
I'll be doing a lot of corporate work & short films, maybe 1 or two features.
I'm by no means a canon fanboy - totally aware that there is plenty of other options out there - however The 5D III is a workflow that I'll be comfortable with.
The A7s is new territory ISH for me (I guess that's really just ergonomics wise)

There's another option which is get a 0% credit card - Grab a C100 and Amos ninja and stay with that for a while (that'd be only if a grew some balls and jumped in the deep end)

I'm fully aware the gear I get is ONLY as good as I am myself.
I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box so before I make any rash buying decisions I will always seek out advice - and you guys are bloody clever.
So yeah - advice would be greatly appreciated.
I'll give you a foot massage and a lovely cup of orange juice. I Promise.

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