Just How Cinematic IS the New iPhone 13?!

Just How Cinematic IS the New iPhone 13?!
Take a deep dive into the advanced filmmaking features on the new iPhone, plus learn about some important union news for two different unions in the film industry.

In this episode, we talk about...

  • How the iPhone 13 just came out, and its two features that are relevant to filmmakers. 
  • How amazing it is that you can just about shoot a legit film on a phone with today’s iPhone camera quality and features.
  • Aputure has announced a new light: the Nova P600c.
  • How the WJA just had an election.
  • How IATSE, an umbrella union that covers many film workers (and theatrical stagehands), might have a historic strike soon.
  • The issues in the entertainment industry that are causing the pending strike, such as long work hours and unlivable wages

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