As the old saying in film and video goes, “You’re only as good as your color.” Well, actually maybe that’s not an expression per se, but it’s certainly a sentiment—especially if you’re the editor who has to work with footage that hasn’t been color checked or shot intentionality with color.

Regardless of who or who doesn’t say these things, there is a huge need for color checking technology in today’s modern, digital video workflow. If you want to truly ensure that you’re always working with the most accurate color for your project, you’re going to need some sort of color reference solution.

That’s where Datacolor comes in with their new Spyder Checkr Video, a cutting-edge color reference tool that works with vectorscopes, waveform monitors, and a variety of professional video editing software options to ensure accurate video color and exposure.

Let’s take a look at this new color reference tool and see how it could be the right tool for you.

Datacolor Spyder Checkr Video

Known as a solid player in the color management game, Datacolor has been hard at work developing this new color reference tool and its unique blend of accurate color checking features. The Spyder Checkr Video is designed to focus on quickly and precisely help color calibrate one or more camera and lens combinations.

"When designing the Spyder Checkr Video, our goal was to create a portable and user-friendly color reference chart that would set a new benchmark in the industry. With this first-of-its-kind advanced color reference tool, Datacolor is providing quick and impeccable color accuracy whether you're on the go or working on location.” — Casey Krugman, Product Manager of Imaging at Datacolor.

The goal with the Spyder Checkr is to allow you—the videographer, cinematographer and/or video editor—to be able to ensure color accuracy at the start of shooting your project, which will overall help to streamline your entire production workflow from pre to post for, ultimately, a seamless video editing experience at the end.

\u200bA look at the Datacolor Spyder Checkr Video

A look at the Datacolor Spyder Checkr Video

Credit: Datacolor

Vectorscope and Other Color Tools

So, inside this Spyder Checkr Video you’re going to get a small array of different tools and features, including a vectorscope which makes use of a new (patent pending) Spyder Checkr Color Pattern Card. This card can be used to create a circular pattern of colors that will allow users to see all of the colors being captured at a glance—including not just primary ones but secondary hues as well.

The Color Pattern Card will include 12 color patches in its own unique configuration with a center black patch, a gray and white patch and six skin tone tiles. The portable system will also come with 5 high-gloss target cards, a 22-step gradient gray-scale card along with some other neutral gray cards for white balance and focus.

Everything in this Spyder Checkr Video will be contained in an ergonomically designed case fashioned to fit comfortably in your hand to reduce fatigue and handling errors while shooting, as well as being designed to prevent fingers from casting shadows on the cards.

Price and Availability

The Spyder Checkr Video can be purchased for $129.99 through Datacolor or authorized retailers (including Amazon). For more information about Spyder Checkr Video, you can check out the product on the company website here.