The horror genre has not always been widely appreciated, yet it is one of the best genres to explore the challenges facing our world at large. “It is very easy to find the horror in reality,”Slaxxdirector Elza Kephart says about creating horror stories that reflect the current ecological crisis or inequality facing female filmmakers.

This genre offers an opportunity to bring awareness to important issues, in an enlightening and entertaining way.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins speaks with Director Elza Kephart to discuss:

  • Her experience attending film school in the US as a Canadian filmmaker
  • Funding a film with insurance money received from a burglary
  • Getting paid as a director, for the first time, in her 40s
  • How the Fantasia Film Festival helped her grow in confidence and connections
  • The differences between the Canadian film industry and the US film industry
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on the social justice angle for your film
  • Recognizing gender inequality in the filmmaking industry
  • Why it’s OK to be a filmmaker who is an introvert
  • Specific tips to know if you found the right actor

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