A film call sheet is really no different than the call sheet for any project; you'll want to make sure you fulfill all the steps in either to get your cast and crew to set on time. 

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Why Every Project Needs a Film Call Sheet

The call sheet not only tells you when the shoot but also where.  And of course, who's who in the production, how to contact them, and all sorts of other important details you might need to know. 

Quick sidebar, this video from Rocket Jump can also give you some solid insight into how to read a call sheet:

We've shared some other free call sheets and production documents in the past, but if you're looking for something a little different, the team over at Cast and Crew Call has shared a very easy-to-use template.

There is expensive call sheet software out there, and call sheet functionality attached to other software, but the reality is you can accomplish everything you need to with a free call sheet template like this one, just as professionally, which can save your precious budget for critical things.

Want another super easy to use and free call sheet generator? Head over to G-Casper and give it a whirl.

Free Film Call Sheet Template

Remember, a daily call sheet is required... every day... so once you download this free template and use it, it'll be easy to pump out every other day of the shoot with just minor modifications!

A production without a call sheet is not a professional one. Here is a quote from Ace Salvador on G-Casper's call sheet software:

As a film producer myself and managing partner at Prodigium, I was the first beta tester for the software. I used G-Casper on a few complex shorts and commercials, and I could already recognize its power. 

Read more about G-Casper and their exciting free production solution here

All Your Call Sheet and Preproduction Needs Under One Hood

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More info directly from their site: 

What ThinkCrew started in 2013 has finally been ported into Google Sheets. We upgraded it with a ton of new functions that make your work easier and reduce human error. For up to 300 people on set.

Remember, G-Casper's preproduction software is FREE, so you can get started with it now. Let us know what you think, how you think they can improve the product, and what other call sheet solutions you've used and liked.