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Lifting someone up off the ground by the throat for a movie

I am currently planning a film for a 48 hour film fest which includes a scene where someone is lifted up off the ground by the throat. We wont ever be cutting to a wide to show the whole action but we want to show a low shot of just the legs dangling from the side, right in front of the chokers feet planted on the ground. I cannot think of a practical way to do this while hiding any rigging that we would be setting up. Here is an awful drawing of what i mean. i.imgur.com/TD7bYBc.jpg Any help is appreciated!


If you are only showing their legs, then you need to provide something that the person can hang on to during the shot. This could be a cross-bar that is either suspended between two ladders or construction scaffolding. Just make sure that your support is definitely strong enough, and that your actor is comfortable doing the stunt. ( otherwise get a stunt person to perform this ) ...And I would make sure that you are covered for personal indemnity insurance, just in case.

October 13, 2015 at 9:57AM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

I did something like this in about 15 minutes for a film at a summer camp for child actors. Side note, great way to get out of LA for a week haha


We had two guys offer the 'floating' girl an arm to brace herself on, then she just slowly lifted her legs up. We had her crouch slightly and stand up slowly while I tilted with her to make it look like she was floating.

October 29, 2015 at 12:25AM

Zack Wallnau
Cinematographer & Tinkerer

Maybe using a monopod/tripod (probably a monopod), coming from the actor/actress's face, to panning down to their legs. You may want to switch the angles from the victim's face to the aggressor's, leaving it to be a smoother shot. When filming a test-short, this ended up working for us due to the generality of the situation. This may or may not work for your situation.

November 14, 2015 at 5:51PM

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