Ever having a bad day and want to erase half of human kind in the blink of a second via the power of the Infinity Stones just like Thanos? We've all been there.

While we don't condone any sort of utilitarian erasure of the planet, what we can do is lead you to a useful After Effects plugin so you can at least make it look that way. Let some steam off digitally, you know. And, hey, if super villainy isn't your thing, The Thanos Disintegration Template For After Effects is just one of several useful assets bundled in the 5DayDeal Bonus Bundle.

Get One of Three Video Creator Bundles!

Let's check it out.

5Day Deals Bonus Bundle

The Bonus Bundle asset kit is one of four bundles included with the 5DayDeals Bundle collection, worth up to $500 on it's own but roped in with a collection of assets between the four bundles adding up to over $3,000 when it's all said and done.

While technically there are three tiers you can buy into, the Bonus Bundle is included as an additional perk for purchasing the third Charity Bundle tier we've covered previously. Check out what the Bonus Bundle has to offer below.

Bonus Bundle

  • Thanos Disintegration Template For After Effects: Recreate the Thanos disintegration effect with three compositions. (typically $9 before deal. Premier Basics)
  • Humvee U.S. Military Vehicle + 9mm Bullets: A true-to-life representation of the iconic High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle + 2 versions of 9mm ammunition. (typically $99 before deal. ACTIONVFX)
  • Ninja Tracks: With Audio Ninja you get instant access to 30 plus powerful royalty free tracks for use In your videos and projects. (typically $97 before deal. Audio Ninja)
  • Slow Motion Muzzle Flashes: Collection of 12 high-quality, animated, slow-motion muzzle flash VDB assets. (typically $299 before deal. ActionVFX)