Whether it’s a high-end studio or a hybrid workspace in your basement, your investments in lights for your video production studio will be one of your biggest decisions. While there of course no wrong answers and plenty of lights to choose from, we have some news of a new LED light from ZHIYUN which should be quite appealing to both intermediate and advanced video pros.

Let’s take a look at the ZHIYUN MOLUS G200, a new 200W LED light from ZHIYUN’s popular MOLUS range, to see how it might be a good starter (or addition) to your professional video studio setup.


Fully titled as a Zhiyun MOLUS G200 Bi-Color LED Monolight on B&H, where it’s currently available for purchase, this new LED monolight is designed to be a solid small, but powerful, option for pretty much any video lighting environment.

While it should pack a good deal of punch as a 200W bi-color LED, its real selling points have to do with its integration with any other lighting rigs, plus its innovative design which allows easy detachment of the controller from the light body.

It’s also worth noting that the ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 will feature a “MAX Extreme” mode which can increase the light’s peak output to up to 300W, along with plenty of other controls and features all packed into a fixture that weighs in at only 2.2 lbs.

A Solid Light For Building Your Studio


Bright, light and just right?


While this MOLUS G200 should be quite a hot light from its heat generation, it should still very much be an option for any home or professional studio setup thanks to its DynaVort Cooling System which features a heat sink and FOC fan.

The LED also has 5 built-in presets and is adjustable from 2700-6500K and can be used either on a boom arm or on a heavy or lightweight stand, which it comes with and allows for up to 180 degrees of movement.

There’s also a nifty ZY VEGA App which allows you to control it from your smartphone, plus additional Bluetooth support so you can sync it up with the rest of your setup.

Price and Availability

Simply put, while it’s not a complete game changer to the LED lighting for the video world, it’s another worthy option that should pack enough of a punch at its relatively affordable price point. It is a great option for any small to medium studio setup and a light that should last for several years of projects.

  • For Video Production & Vlogging
  • Output: 60,700 Lux at 3.3' w/ Reflector
  • 2700-6500K CCT
  • AC Power
  • Onboard & App Control
  • CRI 95 | TLCI 97 | TM-30 Rf 94, Rg 101
  • Active Cooling
  • Bowens S Accessory Mount
  • Compact Design, Separate Controller
  • Includes Reflector, Power Supply & Bag

Price: $379.00

The ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 is online and available for purchase now.

How do you feel about this new LED? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.