Who doesn’t love a good Snorricam shot? We’ve seen this technique pulled off by many film directors over the years, but while it’s good for certain reflexive narrative moments, it’s mostly found its home in action cinema.

And that’s where we find its most recent use in this cool behind-the-scenes feature shared by Sony showcasing how a Snorricam-esque rig was used on the most recent Bad Boys film ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’.

Let’s take a look at this rig and explore how it could be an inspiration for your own action cinematography.

The Snorricam Rides Again

We’ve covered Snorricams many times in the past, so if you’d like to read up on this camera rig technique, here’s a great primer. Simply put, a Snorricam is a camera mount designed to go on an actor where the camera faces the performer’s face—really putting the audience up close and personal with the actor.

However, in this case, it looks like the team—led by directors Adil & Bilall—is a more modular design that can flip around to shoot footage from the character’s POV, as well as back at the actors capturing their reactions in the moment.

Overall the effect is unique and immersive, and very Michael Bay-esque, a perfect choice for this action-packed franchise.

Watch the full video of the Snorricam rig in action below.