As filmmakers, there's nothing more we love to explore than digitally altered aesthetic flourishes. Does Superman have a mustache? Is Sonic goofy? Does Wolverine drop the sleeves to show off his beefy biceps?

Orson Welles wants to know, and so do we.

If you're keeping up with the Deadpool zeitgeist you might be wondering the same thing we are: are Wolverine's arm's digitally altered in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer to better suit our expectations of his (sleeveless) superhero costume? That very well might be the case.

Regardless if this conspiracy is true, it's worth acknowledging that sometimes, for movie stuff, we have to dedicate a lot of labor to change things that sometimes seem silly in post production. Sometimes, we get so far deep in a project we realize the only way to win the love of our audience is the sweat, blood, tears, and money to digitally alter something we didn't think to consider in pre-production.

Watch the video below to see Corridor Crew's own analysis, followed by the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer where he sometimes has sleeves, and sometimes doesn't.

And, please, let us know if you think those are Wolverine's real beefy arms or not in the comments.

(You can Skip to 8:22 For the Arm Stuff if You Want) 

As you can see: they probably are!

See For Yourself. Tell Us If Those Arms Are Real.