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Kickstarter Rolls Out Very Helpful Analytics for Project Creators

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After the first week of my Kickstarter campaign for Man Child I mentioned that Kickstarter project creators should expect to be in the dark due to a lack of analytics for project creators. Let there be light! Today Kickstarter introduced a new creator dashboard, which should be a tremendous help for anyone trying to figure out which of their fundraising efforts are, well, paying off.

That’s my own project pictured above — as with the cool project Kickstarter shared in their blog post, 75% of the funds for Man Child came from an external source (the largest of which was… yes, this web site!). One of the main things I found myself wondering during my campaign: which is a more effective platform for spreading the word, Facebook or Twitter? According to the newly available statistics on my project, Twitter narrowly came out on top with $8,412 raised via tweets versus $7,059 via Facebook status updates/likes/shares. Rather than help me figure out how my campaign went in hindsight, however, this new dashboard should be a tremendous help for anyone with an in-progress project. The scoop from the folks at Kickstarter:

The biggest addition to the Dashboard is referrals — where backers came from. The Dashboard features a table breaking down the top 25 backer referrers. Are backers coming from Facebook? Through a blog? Did they discover the project browsing around Kickstarter? How valuable was that celebrity’s retweet? Now this is easily quantifiable.

I know Kickstarter is limited to U.S.-based creators, so for anyone who’s run a campaign elsewhere — IndieGoGo, for example — are these kinds of statistics available on those platforms? I’m not trying to promote one platform over others, but Kickstarter happens to be the one I know and love (and am qualified to write about).

Link: The New Creator Dashboard – Kickstarter


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  • Thanks for letting us know Koo!

  • thnx trapit, this will be useful when i launch my “Occupy Wall Street” tee shirt and poster project in a coulpa days! :D

  • After planning and working on a web series for the last 4 months…I was just about to drop $25k of my own money to start the ball rolling. Planning on using kick starter to fund the rest…march campaign.

    Then I read your post saying its US citizen on


    WTH? I’m in Canada….I have an account…I’ve backed other projects but I can’t do one myself?

    There should be a big “USA only” logo on their front page

    Thanks Koo you just saved my from an expensive mistake. Now I’ll have to figure out a different financing route :(