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RED Announces Four New Products: Rocket-X, Motion Mount, Fan Upgrade Kit, and Proxy Module

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Last night, while we were all dreaming of Blackmagic’s magical new cameras, Jarred Land from RED was busy posting new upgrades and products to the reduser forum. Some of these new products are quite significant, so without any further ado, read on to find out what Jarred had say.

While RED has opted not to use a global shutter in order to improve the performance, the MOTION mount takes a Tessive Time Filter approach and actually recreates the effect of a global shutter. This is the best of both worlds, and they also compensated for the fact that it would be impossible to install internal ND filters on the current RED bodies.


The RED MOTION mount not only incorporates an integrated 8x Electronic ND filter in adjustable 1/100 stop granularity, but also overtakes the sensors timing to give you a true global shutter. All integrated and controlled by the camera UI. Eliminates Shutter Judder and defeats temporal aliasing. You really need to come by the booth and see this one working. $4500. Shipping Fall.

RED Rocket-X

RED ROCKET-X is a supercharged version of the RED ROCKET processing .R3D files from Scarlet, Epic MX and Epic Dragon cameras up to 5x faster than the current Rocket.

  • $6,750 Regular Price
  • $5,750 for early adopters
  • $4,495 if ordered at the time of any DRAGON purchase (new or upgrade)
  • Ships this Summer

DSMC FAN 2.0 Upgrade Kit

The DSMC FAN 2.0 Upgrade Kit provides you with user replaceable top and bottom fan systems to provide a quieter more robust cooling system for your Scarlet, Epic or Dragon camera. $450 for kit. $250 each. Ships End of May.

Proxy Module

The PROXY MODULE records DNxHD, H.264, and ProRes proxy files. Connects via included HD-SDI cable to your DSMC brain or PRO I/O MODULE and the PROXY MODULE will record your 1080p video feed onto RED MINI-MAGs (64GB, 128GB, or 256GB). $2500. Ships June.

What do you guys think about these new announcements from RED? Let us know in the comments.



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  • You forgot their biggest announcement: upgrading to Dragon sensors and a path for Scarlet owners to still get Dragon in their camera brain!

  • Robert Thorpe on 04.8.13 @ 2:47PM


  • This is a direct fight to the new bcc… kidding

  • with what BlackMagic is announcing, RED is soon going to be forgotten!!

    • One is a professional camera, the bmcc is great but not in the same league. Different tools.

      • john jeffreys on 04.8.13 @ 3:14PM

        “professional” is just a marketing term now

      • This word “professional” – I see you toss it around on here, yet I doubt you know what it really means.

        • professional just means reliable in my book, and RED is way more reliable than Black Magic

          • marklondon on 04.8.13 @ 3:19PM

            Literally LMAO. In the last 2-3 years MAYBE.
            Give BM a couple of product cycles and get back to me.

          • Sure, I will agree that “professional” is situational at best; and regarding the reliability factor – i’d assume many to argue how reliable RED products have been (I have nothing against RED, i own an Epic). However – Marklondon – you are defending a company that hasn’t exactly proven themselves quite yet considering their inability to keep up with demand and manufacturing, and then announcing a new product that essentially crushes their monumental flagship before it can even fulfill all customer orders. I’d fair to say both arguments favoring one or the other are fairly stagnant at the moment. That being said, obviously RED is used more commonly in a professional working environment and is generally tailored with features to accommodate that environment. BMCC, on the other hand, appears to be more directed towards the independent or prosumer/consumer side of the fence for the moment (not a bad thing by any means, and doesn’t lessen the value of the camera in professional hands).

        • I heard the same thing when the 5D came out, and how many major motion pictures went on to be created with the 5D…?

          The BMCC is a huge step up from the DSLRs. I make my living using my camera. I work with DPs and ACs, who all have expectations of gear to do their job and make their living as well, that’s how I define professional. I hope this makes a trend of making DSLRs go back to focusing on being primarily still cameras, and the BMCC being a great inbetween system for those not moving up to Alexa’s, Epics, etc.

          • @Brian. “I heard the same thing when the 5D came out, and how many major motion pictures went on to be created with the 5D…?” Umm… almost none? Yea, a few of them used 5D’s for crash cams and put them where they couldn’t put a real camera or where they didn’t care if they lost it. And, uhh, o yea, Rubber. Do not say Act of Valor because very little of it was actually shot on 5D’s.

            @Aaron M, you’re wasting your time talking marklondon. I’ve had a similar volley with him elsewhere on NFS about the BM4K camera. He’s a BM fanboy and doesn’t like hearing anything about BM’s inability to fulfill customer orders. Thank you for saying it, though. I made the argument before but, was summarily reprimanded by him and a number of other fanboys for pointing out BM’s deficiencies.

            Again, the BMCC and the newer 4K model are for those folks that need to step up from DSLR’s and THINK they need 4K. No ‘professional’ production will ever use either of the BM cams as A cameras.

            And I like Black Magic! and wish them all the best.

      • If professional just means reliable, then it’s interesting to note, that RED has been used on major motion pictures from the start and at that time it had huge reliability issues. It hasn’t stopped the professionals from using it, because it provided great digital IQ (for the time). Same thing applies to Blackmagic.

    • I’m sorry, but a camera with the sensor size of the BMCC has no place on a set. I can’t see how you’ve come to that conclusion.

  • Blackmagic could be the white elephant in the room at NAB
    - I like white elephants !

  • Love how RED releases a fan upgrade kit that costs half the price of Black Magics new pocket Alexia…. remember when they were the ones bragging about being low cost/high performance and the indie filmmakers best friend?

    • alexa* and Red to me is an indie filmakers best friend. they arent a no budget films best friend but then few professional companies are. the pocket cam is really cool but they arent in the same discussion.

      • Shanon Fernald on 04.9.13 @ 12:40AM

        I think he was referring to the fact that many co sider that the BMCC image quality is considered by many to closely match the 100k Alexa.

  • Canon’s silence means somthing…

    • It means they are asleep…

      Black magic is really tickling my interest right now…. a lot.

    • It means seppuku.

    • john jeffreys on 04.8.13 @ 4:51PM

      I’d expect a C50 or something that will still be overpriced. They are dead at this point. Nobody bought their shitty C series cameras (to the point that you can sign one off for 0 down or something) and all of their DSLR’s, even in the 3rd generation, have crippled video for the price

      • The C300 is one of the most rented camera’s in the industry. Sorry to disappoint but Canon is far from out of the game from a video stand point.
        However they are overpriced. Nobody can deny that.

  • Snore…it seems that RED is the new Canon. And BMCC is the new RED.

  • pacifcbeachca on 04.8.13 @ 3:45PM

    All very nice, but, comparing BMCC to Red is like Arena football to the NFL, just not the same. Look, if you have a great story, great actors and can shoot and edit, you can use a DVX-100 with an anamorphic adaptor and still churn out beauty, I just watched a music video a friend did on that setup and was blown away. The story and content are everything, the tools are important too, but think about that kids…

  • I like the new BMD 4K camera and I’m glad it was announced when it was. I reckon BMD puts a similar pressure on RED as RED puts on Sony, Canon and Arri. However, I can’t believe that so many people are so ready to give up 1 whole stop of DR just so they can do whip pans.

    I know the image quality is going to ultimately be the deciding factor but, in the scheme of things, any production that’s seriously considering using an Alexa will probably take a long, hard look at a Dragonized Scarlet before they look at the BMD 4K cam.

    • Kenneth Merrill on 04.9.13 @ 1:12AM

      If you’re considering using an Alexa, I don’t even know why BM cameras are in the discussion! And yeah, it’s a bummer about the dynamic range, but the S35 sensor is a big deal to some of us. I don’t have any M4/3 glass. So I’m willing to sacrifice one stop for compatibility with glass I already own and a normal crop factor.

      • I get the appeal of the BMPC4K. My point is it’s unfair to both cameras when you compare it to a Scarlet with a Dragon sensor, which is moving into current Alexa territory – not a baby Alexa but an actual competitor. No one in the market for a new car narrows the choice down to either the 5 Series BMW or the Ford Focus if they can afford the BMW. The BMPC4K will attract some people who were considering buying a Scarlet because it better suits their bank accounts but there’s little reason for anyone who already has a Scarlet MX to sell it and buy the new BMD 4K cam. Overall, Scarlet MX is still a more capable camera, but it should be; it costs more. They’re only going to diverge once you put the Dragon in Scarlet so it makes more sense to me to compare the BMPC4K to the C100, C300, Digital Bolex, KineRAW S35, etc.

        Although they lit a fire under everyone’s ass in this category from the mere announcement of the initial Scarlet (that never materialized in that form), RED is not a 3K for $3K company (unless they’re blowing out discontinued cams). They moved on and so should everyone’s expectations. They still offer tremendous bang for the buck, no question, but they make cameras for people with SOME bucks to spend. The no-budget filmmaker will find a RED purchase harder to justify.

    • Seems like right now Sony is putting pressure on RED ;-)

      • True, as was always going to be the case, once RED put pressure on them first. All of these companies are going to put pressure on and leap frog one another and we should all benefit from it.

  • Sidestepping the obvious Blackmagic price comparisons for a moment, I have to say that I love the idea of that Red Motion Mount.
    I mean, it’s an installable lens mount that adds ND filters and turns the cameras into global shutter equivalents!!! That’s pretty impressive, regardless of the price.
    Hopefully we see this kind of electronic ND usage become more common. Is this kind of technology propagates across the market, it could revolutionize the industry. Many wished manufacturers like Pansonic had added NDs to their compact cameras like the GH3; with this kind of technology integrated into such cameras, that could become a reality while simultaneously alleviating rolling shutter problems.

    • I don’t think that “regardless of the price” is really fair, when the price of that component alone is higher ($4500) than the entire new 4K ($4K!) camera that Blackmagic have announced. Price may not matter to higher-end productions, but it matters to most of us.

    • “turns the cameras into global shutter equivalents” > I would wait for some tests first. Same for real world Dragon performance. And of course same for the new BM cameras. I mean RED makes some marketing talk, and suddenly people think they have the best sensor on the market or something. Seems like a bit premature reaction..

      • Getting a look at moving footage of Dragon is important. I think the assumption, based on past experience, is the new sensor will be an improvement on the MX no matter what. And, up until recently, MX was one of the best sensors on the market and has made some very pretty images in the right hands. Technically speaking, Dragon probably will be the best sensor on the market, for a little while at least. Aesthetically speaking, we’ll see.

  • The black magic is a tool for indipendent: if a feathure production decides to shoot digital, they have plenty of other cameras that better fit their normal (film) way to shoot. The bmcc have too many issues to be used like the alexa or epic (even the F3 and now the F5/55) are. This not means that the bmcc is not a good camera, but do not make the mistake to forget his issues or limit instead of his awaome price.
    I normally work with the alexa or sony f3 but if the 4K bmcc will be shipped in july I will certainly buy one!

  • Its going to be a real challenge deciding which 4k+ unit to upgrade to this year. There are so many viable options now. Competition is good!

  • 450$ for user installed plastic fans? Seriously?

  • Phil Jagger on 04.9.13 @ 2:00AM

    When I first glanced at the Red Motion mount text I thought it read “Shipping Fail” not “Shipping Fall”

    Either way.

  • Nothing new here! In fact the Fan and Proxy Module should be free option or function for a camera that much!

  • Hopefully the BMCC 4K prices have some affect on RED prices… I live in Australia… it will cost a bit to ship insured to and from the states to get it upgraded.

  • 6k$ for a vga?! ok that is probably the best way to manage 5k footage, but “6,750$” regular price?! it sounds crazy…to me

  • Red are more and more annoying me..
    This looks like the Dragon is majorly behind schedule. They just cannot admit it..
    Considering there is NO example footage YET!! it must be a long way from reality still.

    And the Rocket-X, what a rip off. Its a GPU card with a cover on it.
    I was expecting them to release a software package that would allow you to use a good GPU card for about $1000.
    That would be the way to go. They are milking the Red Rocket component a little too much.

    This is why I am so not into proprietary codecs. If it was an open codec, like the BMCC, this would be a different story. Personally I feel the closed nature of the codecs in the company will be its downfall in the long run.

    Not impressed at all this year with RED.

    • Daniel Mimura on 04.11.13 @ 8:05PM

      Proprietary codecs and proprietary media all the way!

      With 150 hrs logged so far on my BTR1MX, I’ve had 4 dropped frames. Four!

      Lemme know how those SSD’s with the BMCC are working out for you.

      When Red abandoned the CF card…a lot of the problems people were bitching about seemed to disappear as well.

      Redmags and redcode raw all the way.

      A TB an hour for RAW? No thanks. I’ll save a little money with the “more expensive” proprietary stuff.

      DIT’s are gonna have to work graveyard shifts with BMCC.