While DJI made news at NAB 2024 this year with its new flagship gimbal RS 4 gimbal systems, as well an expanded FPV drone experience with the Avata 2, the brand has decided to quietly sneak one more new product into their lineup just here on the other side of the major industry trade conference.

Despite not launching an official post (or even updating their own website just yet), news of a new DJI Mini 4K drone has been flying around the internet this morning with plenty of official specs and features—just not official confirmation, which is a bit odd.

Still, it’s worth reporting on and we’re excited to see DJI’s camera drone technology become more affordable and accessible for filmmakers and content creators of any budget as this new Mini 4K promises to be the cheapest, and easiest to use perhaps, drone now on the market.

Let’s check it out.

The DJI Mini 4K

As reported by other tech news sites such as Engadget, this new DJI Mini 4K drone is set to be able to capture 4K video at up to 30fps, as well as 2.7K resolution at up to 60fps, both with solid video bitrates up to 100Mbps—overall very respectable specs for a camera drone that’s set to retail at under $300 for just the base unit.

It can be a bit confusing—especially for those searching on DJI’s website for info about this new drone right now—as DJI also offers their Mini Pro series, but this new DJI Mini 4K appears to be a standalone option that is several hundred dollars cheaper than the current most affordable DJI camera drone.

The DJI Mini 4K will also reportedly weigh in at less than 249g and will feature a foldable design, as well—as noted—will not require FAA registration.

Easy-to-Use Features and Support

The DJI Mini 4K drone also appears to be noteworthy for its ease of use as it will support one-tap take-off and one-tap landing options. The DJI Mini 4K will feature GPS Return to Home (RTH) and stable hovering controls as well, plus plenty of additional in-app learning resources for all of your other basic drone moves and functions.

The DJI Mini 4K will also include QuickShots, which promises to make getting your dream shots easier than ever before with easy-to-use and control shot types like Boomerang, Circle, Rocket, Dronie, or Helix.

For a few more specs, the DJI Mini 4K offers level-5 wind resistance and will be able to fly for up to 31 minutes, as well as include 2x digital zoom while recording 4K and a 3-axis gimbal with electrical image stabilization. The Mini 4K should also be able to transmit 1080p video from up to 10km away.

\u200bDJI Mini 4K drone

DJI Mini 4K drone


Price and Availability

As mentioned above, as of right now the DJI Mini 4K drone appears to only be available on Amazon. However, we do expect it to be on DJI’s website soon, as well as available with all of your other familiar storefronts. The DJI Mini 4K drone itself is set to retail for $299 for a base unit, or $449 with a “Fly More” bundle that should add a fly time of up to 93 minutes.