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What We Learned About the Pain and Pleasure of Shooting 8K

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New VR Features Coming to the Creative Suite as Adobe Buys Skybox

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Why You Should Go to Film School & How to Rent Your Gear for Profit [PODCAST]

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Zeiss Expands Milvus Lenses with 35mm for Full-Frame DSLRs

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From an Under-Represented Community? Here are Three Summer Funding Opps for You

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DP Roger Deakins Reveals 'Blade Runner 2049' Tech Challenges in Jaw-Dropping New Featurette

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The Science of Silence: Disquieting Uses of Infrasound in Movies

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Meet the World Class Cyclist Who Biked 1,200 Miles of Jungle to Shoot Her Film

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Watch: How 'Jaws' Can Help Us Redeem the Summer Movie

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5 Questions Filmmakers Should Ask Themselves When Establishing Their Brand

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Why Zacuto Calls its Latest a "No Cage" Cage for the GH5

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What are Edgar Wright's 40 Favorite Movies of All Time?

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'Wonder Woman' DP Matthew Jensen on Shooting the Summer's Biggest Movie on Film

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4 Ways to Get Your Film Accepted into Film Festivals

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Teradek Knocks 1/5 Off of the Bolt Price to Celebrate America

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Make Your Sci-Fi Sound Legit with These Free SFX Libraries

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The Best Things You Can Do For Your DP Career Off-Set, Part 2: Building Skills & Inspiration

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Indie Film Pioneer Hal Hartley on Why the Dream of the '90s is Dead—And That's OK

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How to Tap into Your Animalistic Filmmaking Instincts and Become a 'Bitch' [PODCAST]

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The Cult of Trash: How Do We Explain Our Taste for Really, Really Bad Movies?

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5 Camera Techniques That Will Help You Get Rid of Double Chin Drama

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