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Short Film vs Feature (regarding career)

Do short films have any power now in film industry? Do they catch attention of the film circle beyond just being posted on Vimeo and possibly having an award at a festival? Or is it just better doing a feature to prove your ability to do a feature even on a low budget?
I know of a couple examples of how shorts were made into features like Lights Out and others, but professionals I know say short films lead to nowhere and a real film producer wouldn't take it seriously unless it's jaw-dropping which it most certainly won't be.


Honestly, neither really matter unless they gain really high-profile attention that impresses somebody "important" before you meet them. Success in the industry is mostly about who you know. I was involved in many very impressive projects, both shorts and features and couldn't get anywhere until I got to be on friendly terms with somebody who worked for a major network.

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I think that shorts are a great way to grow an audience if you're into the 'personal brand' side of filmmaking, there are some great examples of filmmakers on YouTube doing this. By doing this, they've got an established audience that they can show bigger projects to when they tackle them.

November 19, 2016 at 8:57PM

Nick Kelly

You might want to read this thread, which covers this debate from a number of angles:

TL;DR: making a great short proves you are ready to direct (you have all the creative and technical chops). Making a great feature proves you are ready to produce (you have the ability to raise 10x more money than the good directors making good shorts).

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I have the same question

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