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self distribution direct options Whatever you choose to call it: self distribution, direct distribution, or as some prefer “alternative-distribution” — the tools are out there for filmmakers to publish their work and get paid for it. It’s not a fast track to success and will likely require the full breadth of your attention to make it work, but it is quickly becoming the most viable way for filmmakers to carve out a market for themselves in this industry. Read on to get a roundup of some of the big players, a simple breakdown of what each of them offer and my first impressions.

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Assemble Multiple Film Management

Okay, so you’ve made your film, now what? The wheels are turning in the world of independent marketing and distribution, and as filmmakers we now have a slew of options that we didn’t just a few years ago. Assemble is one of these options; an independent platform designed to empower the independent filmmaker and to be a partner through the tough marketing decisions. Assemble has been working with filmmakers and building project-specific tools since 2010, and have seen many projects go on to successful distribution paths. For anyone embarking on the daunting task of creating an online presence for your film, Assemble wants to get involved as early on in the process as possible and see you succeed. Assemble V2 recently launched along with a new admin dashboard, so whether you have a short film and you’re trying to make a feature or you’re sitting on a finished film, read on for our in-depth interview with James Franklin, founder of Assemble. [Ed. Note: nofilmschool founder Ryan Koo's site for MANCHILD is powered by Assemble.] More »