Like AI (which is dominating the film and video industry news as of late), cloud-based production workflows are all the rage. From innovations in camera-to-cloud production to collaborative cloud-based editing, it seems like everything is moving to the cloud.

Which begs the question: if you’re still using hand-printed call sheets or copy-and-pasted production documents, then what are you even doing with your life?

As the world of production continues to streamline and change, it only makes sense that the entirety of your document workflow should be as collaborative and accessible as the rest of your footage. So let’s take a look at another helpful tool for migrating (and managing) all of your production documents from the cloud with Assemble’s new cloud-based production documents.

Cloud-Based Production Documents

As you can see in the video above featuring Assemble’s holistic project management tool, cloud-based production documents are pretty much a necessity at this point for most film and video professionals and projects.

Designed as a solution for all types of project management needs, Assemble promises to be an all-in-one tool that can replace a minimum of any number of tools that you might currently utilize for production management services. Its main offering includes a synchronizable calendar, asset management tools, and even some sophisticated file-sharing and feedback features.

It’s also a great option for team leads or project managers looking to assign tasks as you can invite an unlimited amount of freelancers and clients to sync up and review projects for free. Still, it benefits from these cloud-based production documents to bring the holistic nature of your full project management fully together.

Document_widgetsAdd widgets to your call sheets and other documents in the cloud.Credit: Assemble

Customize and Templatize Everything

Unlike some other cloud-based production documents, Assemble’s set here promises to be completely customizable to allow project managers and stakeholders the ability to create any document however they want it. With a fully customizable document creator, you’ll be able to create documents for literally every step of your production workflow, then keep it all in one place.

Plus you’ll also be able to templatize everything as you go as Assemble offers dozens of free templates in their film template library, as well as offers the ability to build your own and even save them into your reusable template library so you can access your templates on every project.

After all, they say great artists copy—even if that means yourself on your last project, too. You’ll also be able to add some cool widgets (like maps, weather, and others) alongside drag-and-droppable charts and graphs so you can keep everyone connected in real time to your various call sheets, shot lists, shooting schedules, and more.

Edit_documentsEdit documents directly in the cloud before sharing with crew or other stakeholders.Credit: Assemble

Getting Started and Pricing

At the end of the day, this toolset might not be right for just everyone, but if you’re a project manager or solo producer looking to better organize, sync and share your production documents and assets, this might be a great tool to consider.

Assemble operates off of a subscription model with annual plans starting as low as $20 a month (or $30 for a Pro plan with more features). However, you can try the product free too with a 14-day trial.

How do you feel about migrating all of your production documents together in the cloud? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.