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I would be called an “audiophile” if I’d ever had enough money to actually buy top-quality audio equipment. In lieu of such funds, however, I’m often on the lookout for good deals in the audio world. And while I’m never going to spend $2,700 on a pair of headphones, if it were possible to get 50% as good sound for 5% of the price, I’d jump at that opportunity. So I went to B&H Photo to listen to dozens upon dozens of sets (unlike a lot of stores, B&H has many headphones — maybe 50 in all — plugged into the same source, with individual volume controls for each). After hours spent listening, here’s what I discovered: the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 ($120) and ATH-M35 ($55) sound as good as headphones costing several times as much. More »