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Canon t2i HDSLR DSLR VDSLRJust a quick note for anyone thinking about getting (deeper) into the HDSLR game: NoFilmSchool partner B&H Photo is running a ton of instant rebates ranging from $50 to $200 off popular Canon HDSLRs like the Canon 7D and Canon T2i right now. These aren’t the mail-in kind of rebate where you have to wait 6-8 weeks to get a VISA gift card in the mail — they’re instant discounts. Also, if you’re looking for gear beyond the camera itself, they’ve also put together a HDSLR Guide that might remind you of someone else’s guide…

Link: Canon DSLR Instant Rebates

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How to Save $700 on a DSLR

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Yes, you can save $700 on a DSLR. Here’s how. More »