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The fact that HDSLRs are so unergonomic has given rise to shooters attaching all manner of accessories to their camera in an attempt to make the device behave like a “real” movie camera. But here’s the thing about DSLR accessorizing: it’s here to stay. Anyone who upgrades from a DSLR to a compact camcorder form factor (like the Panasonic AG-AF100, Sony PMW-F3, or any of the new RED cameras) is going to find that we still need a lot of accesories to put these cameras where they’re supposed to be: on our shoulder. Those who have shot for several hours with a handheld camcorder sans proper support (as did I on The West Side) knows that even a sub-10 lb camera can make you prohibitively sore. So for those of us who can’t afford full-size cameras, support systems are here to stay. Here’s a look at a number of new camera accessories from NoFilmSchool’s February sponsors: More »