The world of filmmaking is constantly adapting to the world around it. As crypto and the Metaverse become dominating forces in the world, filmmakers have discovered new ways to work with the crypto industry, utilizing it to improve every aspect of the filmmaking process. 

We’ve talked about NFTs and the rapidly changing landscape of filmmaking in the crypto era many times at No Film School, but we don’t always have all of the answers you’re looking for. Luckily, Visual Voices, Inc. and Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA have teamed up to launch a new project and host seminars to help young filmmakers thrive. 

Visual Voices and SSFF & ASIA's NFT Global Cinema Market project will support creators by providing them a platform that can deliver value for their digital assets and asset management that safely stores their content. In an era where all creative items are treated as an asset, it’s important to learn how to manage them to further develop your career. 

The project creates a system where all the creators can connect with supporting companies and individuals through the NFT Market. Various voices in the industry will create content on the market, such as creators in films, games, music, crypto, and tourism, to build endless possibilities.   

You can take advantage of the SSFF & ASIA's connections with creators and supporters by joining their latest project that connects the creator with the Metaverse, blockchain, and NFTs. 

Ssff_asia_2022Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIACredit: SSFF & ASIA

Join the NFT Global Cinema Market

Visual Voice, Inc. and SSFF & ASIA believe that it is necessary to support young creators in various fields, providing them with the tools and platform needed to allow creators to thrive. 

You can sign up for the program here, and learn more about what the program can offer you. Pre-entries for partners to develop this new project are open now to help you start planning a new business model. 

Learn About “Meta Cinema” with SSFF & ASIA

Companies and individuals that pre-enter with Visual Voices, Inc. and SSFF & ASIA's project will be invited to the Hackathon seminar this summer to learn from the creators of the feature film, The Rhetoric Star, which was introduced at the SSFF & ASIA 2022 Award Ceremony

The feature film looks at the “greed, darkness, and hope” of the crypto industry, and how the future of filmmaking will be impacted by this dominating industry. 

Director TAICHI (CEO at CoinPost Takahito Kagami) and Visual Voice’s Tetsuya Bessho will be leading the seminar, discussing the following topics: 

  • Introduction of basic NFT technology
  • Japan’s largest cryptocurrency 
  • The development of the film production by blockchain media CoinPost
  • The unique characteristics of NFTs
  • How creators can utilize NFTs
  • Examples of NFT and blockchain technology utilization in the international movie industry 
  • Movie production in the Web 3.0 era
  • Precautions and cons when handling NFTs and blockchains 

This seminar is open to all individuals, creators, and companies who are interested in learning more about the crypto market’s impact on filmmaking. 

The NFT & Movies seminar will be streamed online on July 26 at 5 p.m. JST (1 a.m. PST). Admission to the seminar is free, and you can watch it here

Filmmaking is all about embracing the changing world around you, and learning how to utilize the changes to take your career to new heights. The best place to start is with the film festival that is dedicated to helping young filmmakers find a name for themselves.

Source: Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA