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Top Stories from March

04.1.11 @ 10:00AM Tags : , , , ,

If you don’t get the NoFilmSchool newsletter, which cleanly summarizes each week’s stories in one concise email — or if you’re just wondering which posts were the most trafficked this month — here are the top ten posts from the just-concluded month of March. Note: this favors posts earlier in the month, since something posted a day or two ago has not had as much time to rack up the pageviews. More »

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UK-based author Russell Evans has a book on web filmmaking coming out in April of next year from Focal Press. I answered via email as best I could his questions about The West Side, and while doing so realized this neglected blog is long overdue for some updates. Why not kill two birds with one keyboard? These excerpts will have to suffice until I step away from the screenplay I’m toiling on (priorities, priorities) to write a proper, hopefully meaningful, update. More »