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“Once we create a legitimate place for our viewers to view the content, the piracy goes down”

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Why are TV networks still placing restrictions on online viewing of their shows (often posting only the most recent episodes in full), when all of the episodes are just a BitTorrent click away? CBS learned recently with their online strategy for college basketball’s March Madness: “making all the games available online was the best way to go – they made a ton of advertising revenue.” Availability = revenue? Imagine that.

Link: Mashable – Why Much of Your Favorite TV Content Still Isn’t Online


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  • Indeed. Suppose they are not willing to accept pennies on the dollar online compared to what they get for broadcast/DVD. But by not doing so they lose even more to piracy…

  • Ryan – random connection: Sheila Seles, who was the MIT expert whom you quoted about CBS, is a Midd alum who was in the same Media Industry class with you in ’03!