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First Raw 5D Mark III Footage Released

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It seems we’ve now been treated to the first Canon 5D Mark III raw footage directly from the camera. EOSHD was the first to find this footage posted by Tõnis Liivamägi. Keep in mind that this footage is from a pre-production camera and is not necessarily indicative of final results, but at least we can start making some real conclusions about what this camera can and cannot do over the 5D Mark II. We’ve also got two other 5D Mark III videos embedded below. Here is the video and the description, but be sure to download it to get the real quality, instead of the embedded compressed version:

UPDATE: The video is no longer on Vimeo, but thanks to user Axel Wiczorke in the comments for pointing out that someone has uploaded it to YouTube:

This is the description beneath the video:

Make sure you view this with QuickTime player to witness the actual quality.
This is as random of a low-light, jello, moire and aliasing test as I could set up in few hours, texture wise at least :)..
Pure raw touch-and-go footage directly from a $30 16G low end CF card.
… hopefully no-one will be in such of a(n un)real ISO3600 situation with all those patterns around.
Notice how 3600 ISO kind of “bands” in the direction of camera movement when the worst of moire would have occured on the stapled grid screen.
This was shot at @ 50th of a second under pulsing fluorescent lights.
The in camera settings were set to “factory defaults” so there might be room for improvements.
Remember: this was shot hand held with 85mm lens to pronounce camera movement.

I loaded this footage into MediaInfo and was given the following stats about the raw file:

If you look at the MediaInfo stats you can see that the encoding is AVC High@L4.1 and the bitrate is 27.3mbps. I would have to assume that this footage is the IPB encoding format based on the low bitrate.

It’s clear that moire and aliasing are greatly improved, otherwise they would be wreaking havoc on those patterns – but it looks like Canon kept to its word and virtually eliminated both of them. As far as resolution goes, I’m not sure, it seems like only a minor improvement over the 5D Mark II. From the sample it certainly doesn’t seem like it’s full 1080p resolution, but I won’t pass judgement until I get my hands on a camera and do an actual resolution chart to see where the camera stands. The sample seems a little noisy in the dark areas, but we’ll have to see if that’s due to noise reduction being turned off.

We’ve also got other videos shot with the 5D Mark III, with the first being solely at ISO 5000. Thanks to user Mattbatt for the link:

Thanks to planet5D here is a music video with the 5D Mark III. This is from Jean-François Didelot.

Also another short piece from the same filmmaker and the same musician, thanks to Mike Lawson at Idiotscreen.

A third video from Jean-François Didelot:

My other points about the 5D Mark III still stand, and let’s hope the resolution is really where we want it to be. I’m really looking forward to looking at the ALL-I codec and seeing what this camera can really do.

[via EOSHD and planet5D]


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  • man whats with all the 5d mark 3 news, i thought there was other sites dedicated to this?? i mean really there seems to be this infatuation with the 5d.

    • We cover a range of different topics everyday, it just so happens that this is one of the biggest camera releases of the last few years, and it’s something that the many of our users might actually be able to afford (as opposed to the D4 and 1DX). Look at the comments from the last week and it’s clear that there are plenty of users who want to know as much as they can about this camera.

    • I’ll take information about a camera I can actually afford, any day of the week.

    • John Jeffreys on 03.7.12 @ 3:26AM

      well, the 5d mark II, when released in 2008, democratized the shit out of indie film. so its successor is kind of a big deal

      • Daniel Mimura on 04.1.12 @ 5:34PM

        I think *because* the 5D democratized indie filmmaking…etc…and made the quality reach another level for it’s price…it’s why I, and many others don’t really care about the Mark III so much. By canon making the mistake of making this camera (totally killing off HDV and everything in the sub-$4k or $5k range)…it makes something newer in the same realm less impressive. Everyone I know who’s been shooting for the past 3-4 yrs with this sort of price range of D-SLR camera don’t want to anymore, Koo being a prime example.

        I own a 7D, sure, but if you’re going to shoot on a DSLR (b/c you don’t have the option to shoot on a Red, F3…etc..), it’s not even worth the obvious jump in quality. The Mark II was impressive b/c of it’s ability at it’s price. B/c of this, and Canon realizing they were cannibalizing their own video division made sure not to repeat it, and made sure to make full on motion picture cameras at roughly the same price point as Sony and Red…etc…

        For most people shooting on DSLR’s, I still think you’re better off going used now that there are options out there (and save your money towards the F3/Scarlett/C300…etc…if you’re looking to buy.) The Mark II came out and there were no used options, so you just bought it. Those same market circumstances don’t look like they will be repeated anytime soon.

    • I’m pretty sure they’ve looked at the hit counter and figured out that the 5D3 is a very hot topic that brings a lot of interest from a lot of people
      just look at the comments counter and see for yourself: you may not be interested in this camera, but lots of people are (including me)

    • When it’s a case of a new post or no post at all I think most would choose new post. You can always scroll down and ignore it.

    • if you seriously just said that then you shouldn’t be on this site anyways

  • Michael Solomon on 03.7.12 @ 12:17AM

    Because it’s a major release in the world of indie film making worthy of the coverage……

  • What I really like about the sample videos above is that due to the better ISO performance, you can now safely record at deeper DoF (F4/F5.6) in low light situations. That’s big. Reduction in moire/aliasing is quite another. But with a C300 arriving soon, I will wait out the 4K cinema DSLR.

  • here are the D4 raw footage from DPReview
    Nikon D4 with AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 lens (single AF)1920×1080 30p, MOV, 23 sec, 62.4 MB
    Nikon D4 with AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens (single AF)1920×1080 30p, MOV, 14 sec, 42.2 MB

    anyone do some pixel peeping comparison?

  • The vimeo download limit has predictably been reached; is anyone who got the footage able to mirror it somewhere?

  • I’m impressed by low moire on the D4, as well as clean HDMI out – I doubt Canon would add this feature as it would undermine their more expensive cameras. Subjectively a lot of the D4 and D800 shots look a little too contrasty though, but maybe that’s just me?

    • Just change the setting, thats what they are there for. If its to contrasty lower the contrast…

  • Bruno Chansou on 03.7.12 @ 9:48AM

    Interesting to see a 5DIII footage.
    You’re right when you say : ” I would have to assume that this footage is the IPB encoding format based on the low nitrate.” With VideoSpec ( you can read : GOP : M=3, N=10.

  • Very nice image realistically no moire. Very low noise. I can finally say I’m content. Thanks for all the test footage posts…

    Has anyone else been having Vimeo problems with loading, skipping, etc? Or is it just my connection?

  • What The !!! No DSLR, including the 5D mkIII, does Video in RAW ?!?! Does he mean his footage was not processed any further, ie. he’s showing us files straight from the camera? Even the Canon C300 can’t do that. They simply don’t have the processing power to deal with such huge files. Nor the cooling. Arri Alexa’s and RED’s have sophisticated cooling systems, that include heat transfer tubes to take heat away from the sensor, besides fans. You put your hand over their chimneys and you can feel the heat being pulled out of those cameras!

  • Mako, relax – they mean “raw” as in straight off the 5DMK3′s memory card – not “raw” in the RED/Alexa/CinemaDNG sense.

  • Also, I think this is IPB, not ALL-I.

  • So to be the idiot Joe, but you referred to 5d2 as not being true 1080p… What do you mean by that? what factors are you looking at, other than that you set the camera in that setting? Thanks for your response, trying to learn more about this video camera thing

    • Joe Marine on 03.7.12 @ 2:51PM

      Actually resolving 1080 lines of resolution. The camera’s final output is 1080, no question, but, for example, when we put a camera like the 5D Mark II up on a resolution chart (which measures lines) we see that it can’t actually clearly define more than about 700-800 lines. The C300, on the other hand, does a much better job and should be around 1000 lines, if not more. That’s what I’m talking about when referring to the real resolution of the 5D Mark III. Final output is one thing, but actual resolved details are limited by the weakest link in the image line – and with these cameras – will usually be the image processor.

      • Copy that man. Thanks for the response!

      • When we read “lines of resolution” for video specs, that’s supposed to be horizontal pixel resolution as opposed to vertical (not related to 720p or 1080p: related to 1920 horizontal pixels): the ability to resolve vertical black lines on a white background. The C300 and F3, etc., resolve 1000+ lines (manufacturer specs). From Nyquist it would appear the limit, if only counting black lines for 1920 pixels is 1920/2 = 960. If counting on-off black white, 1920 pixels. When exactly out of phase 90 degrees, 0 (uniform grey image: no lines visible); not likely in practice. Perhaps the actual value in practice with good optics is somewhere between 960 and 1920, thus they state “1000+”? Going from 700 to “1000+” lines is about a 50% improvement. If you load Tonis’s video into an NLE and apply sharpening, there is quite a bit of detail. In PPro a sharpen of ~30 brings the sharpness up nicely with very little artifacts.

  • Well folks, we can either look at facts or let the pleasure center of our eye determine what we like. It is more of a human condition than a technical issue, though they both intertwine.

    What I mean is, at first, the 5dmkII blew people away with that dark, contrasty Pop, shallow depth of field and sharpness. Then we later came to dismantle the evidence: what initially pleased the eye was no more than cheap codecs crushing all shadow detail, artificial moire creating more sharpness than what was really resolved and a short lived but saturated style of leaving only 2 cm’s in focus (lol).

    So what Canon did was take away the immediate pleasure of the eye – the moire and aliasing is gone along with that artificial sharpness. Better curves and dynamic range flatten the image out more so the crushed blacks are gone. Higher ISO means you can finally shoot closed down a little so you have longer DOF.

    It seems to me Canon is having to fight against its own quick rise to stardom based off an accident (line skipping to enable HD mode off a 21MP sensor). While they are improving, who really thinks Canon can down-sample 22 MP to full 1080P at up to 30fps? I do not think the digic 5 can do that without sub-sampling and grabbing around 700-800 lines and then uprezing.

    Here is the reality: with a higher codec, less noise and a stop more of DR, you can push more in post with your grade. Hey, you can even sharpen in post without halos forming now.

    I see this camera as more suited for post. Personally, the elimination of moire is worth it. How many interviews became somewhat soiled by rivers of dancing color in the fabric fibers of a person’s jacket? Thank God for no more moire.

  • Whatever that clicking/humming noise the camera was making in the first video, I could fall asleep to that. Secondly, I really wish someone would drop the dam thing, so at least then we’ll get to see it’s improved rolling shutter NO ONE seems to test.

    • Also, I hate “Quick tests.” Why’d they let you test the camera if you weren’t going to get down and dirty? Just a thought. Man, I’m a hater.

      I just REALLY think I could do some better tests if I had been given the opportunity. Candle light tests, rolling shutter tests and comparisons, the naked stripper test, you know, down and dirty.

  • Axel Wiczorke on 03.9.12 @ 5:13AM

    Here’s the above mentioned video of Tönis on Youtube:

  • I was wondering.. Why did everybody had critics about the d800? I couldn’t seem to find that one. Is it better than the 5DMK3 when it comes to clean hdmi and crop mode?