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Canon Announces World's First 4K Video Shooting DSLR: the ($15k) EOS-1D C

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Canon has dropped its bomb — the EOS-1D C .  The world’s first 4K video shooting DSLR.  Equipped with a full-frame 24mm X 36mm CMOS sensor that offers an APS-H sized area for video capture, and recording 8-bit 4:2:2 Motion JPEG 4K video to CF cards at 24fps, this camera packs a punch.  Both in terms of its features — and the $15,000 price tag:

On the one hand, this is incredible news — who would have thought a year ago that we’d be discussing a DSLR camera with an ISO range up to 25,600 that could output 4K (4096 X 2160-pixel) video?  And to CF cards no less?  The camera can do a couple of other neat things, like record Full HD (1920 X 1080-pixel) at the full sensor width or cropped down to Super 35; and of course, it can shoot great stills just like its brother, the EOS-1D X.

On the other hand — this is a $15,000 camera.  For $15,000, we are throwing out the cost advantages of DSLRs vs dedicated video cameras, and are now speaking strictly in terms of what kind of video features it offers.  At $15,000 dollars you expect XLR inputs and more than an HDMI output, and frankly, with other cameras like the RED Scarlet and the FS700 right in that price range (with accessories), this camera is going to have to go through the paces to prove it’s a tool that high end video shooters want to invest in.

At the same time, it’s a DSLR.  It still offers the advantages of a small form factor, and a shooting flexibility that many other cameras don’t — and as many filmmakers have found out, that can be quite a liberating feature.

For those of us who were hoping for something as disruptive as the Canon 5DmkII, well, it’s looking like we’ll have to wait for the next round of innovation to provide us lower budget options.

For more details, check out the full press release here, and for images of the camera, just keep on scrolling.

Is this the 4K DSLR you were hoping for?  Will this cannibalize the C-300?  If you had $15k what camera would you buy and why?

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  • Mikespins (@Mikespins) on 04.12.12 @ 11:59AM

    I think the 1D-C is aimed at movies and tv shows that need the flexibility of a small form factor. Imagine what someone like a Michael Bay could do with a 4K camera that could be mounted anywhere.

  • sweet mary, mother of god, digital imaging technology is flying at light speed. (see what I did there?)

    But seriously, with Sony announcing the FS700 and the Mark iii, it’s quite an exciting time.

  • You forgot to mention Canon C500 which will shoot 4K uncompressed Raw for external recording.

  • Too many cameras to choose from…need fewer option…must…resort…back… stock…

  • Always pick the right tool for the right job. So what job best suits this camera? Mikespins said it best above, this is really set directly at feature film and tv shows where the small form-factor and 4k resolution will be beneficial. Those of us who jumped at the 5DMkII, 7D, T2i and more will not be going nuts for this. This isn’t a camera for us. Canon have left a sizable gap between the HD-DSLR market and their C-branded offerings where others are lining up to fill.

  • I’d love to shoot 4K video, but what would I watch it on?

  • I’ve seen some great videos from the T2i, to quote, Teddy Roosevelt, “do the best you can do withh what you have where you are” New wonderful tools but is still the carpenter that uses them.

  • conor … you hit the nail square on the head. us folks who shoot video on mkii’s aren’t going to mkiii’s … and we’re not going to the c series … so … where do we go ?

    • john jeffreys on 04.12.12 @ 1:29PM

      stay with your mkII !! its such a capable camera

    • Tyrannosaur on 04.12.12 @ 11:33PM

      I wouldn’t buy this camera… This is definitely not aimed at the regaular indie filmmaker, I can only reason that Canon did this because lots of big budget productions have been starting to use DSLRs more and more so Canon is aiming this at them so they can still shoot with a DSLR but get much better results.

      I have no brand loyalty what so ever, hopefully another company brings out a similar product with a lower price point. Until then I can only hope someone figures out how to allow uncompressed HDMI recording on the current canon DSLRs and I’ll be happy! Actually, if that did happen I would sell off nights with my wife to buy a 5D mkii and wouldn’t budge from that for a while…

      Please please someone figure out uncompressed recording on the current canon DSLRs!!!!

  • I for one am greatly disappointed by Canon, though I own Canon and love everything I can do with my cameras. As you rightly point out in your article, this new camera has to compete with other cameras, especially for me at this moment, the RED Scarlet. For less than $1000 more than the Canon, the RED delivers 16bit color, 48fps, RAW video, how does Canon plan to compete against that?

  • well fuck me haha

  • Obviously a lot remains to be seen regarding the footage this camera produces, but if I had $15k to spend on a camera (which I don’t) I can’t imagine I’d spend it on this. Exciting times nonetheless.

  • Hmmm, not really usable to me right now. The new Sony fs700 sounds better to me. In three years, I’m sure that we will have cameras like this for 5 grand or less.

  • Shooting a movie and delivering in 4k is still few years ahead, Red created this vibe. I work with visual effects and trust me when I say outputting VFX in 4 k is still a far away dream, the studios are already struggling to render good images in 2k, maybe a hand full vfx studios could do that and it would cost a LOT.
    So don’t think 4k is the way to go in a near future it looks like the megapixels run digital cameras had in the past when people would still use 3- 5 megapixel to take their pics but wanted to buy a 20 megapixel camera.
    Canon makes cameras that will worth half of the price in 2 years, bad investment, I’d only rent it.

  • $15,000… Canon is dead to me.

    • Lance Bachelder on 04.12.12 @ 1:14PM

      Yes ouch! Does Canon know they are not the only camera manufacturer? Great looking gear but $15k for a DSLR is just insane! They just made the folks at Red really happy! How can the company that started the DSLR revolution disregard their entire customer/fan base? I don’t see anything revolutionary here at all… just overpriced gear that is inferior and costlier than existing, proven products…

      • Yeah I agree. Unless I’m missing something, Canon is needs a wake up call in regards to their pricing.

  • I love that Canon is doing this. Take that RED.

  • If Sony FS700 can be around $8K that will narrow the chance of this Canon Camera.

  • The RED Scarlet isn’t that large, and this is a full-size DSLR. If they’re hoping to edge out the competition based on form factor they’re crazy.

    • john jeffreys on 04.12.12 @ 1:34PM

      youve never shot with a canon dslr before? the quality of the body, battery life, and overall DESIGN and beauty of USE is years ahead of that over engineered and over priced RED ilk that you love so much, solely off of the fact that it caters to your high spec/tech loving male power fantasies but it cant perform at all in sensitive environments. the fan system catches on the audio, it overheats, takes 60-90 seconds to boot up, etc

      • no longer subjective I see, moving on to libelous

      • You’ve got to be fucking kidding me? You can’t really believe that? I don’t own a RED and I am certainly not a fanboy but really?

      • You’re incredibly misinformed and biased, on a few different levels. Everything from comparing the ergonomic comforts of a stills camera with an actual video camera, to the outdated (and entirely incorrect) rhetoric you spout about RED’s camera line. You either don’t read any of the articles on this site (or others) or are just trolling, either way it’s getting old quick.

  • I hope cameras keep coming out so the market could get even more saturated so I can finally buy a 5D mark ii.

  • If I was a Canon shooter I would feel very bad. They have no respect for those guys that made them what they are now in the video large sensor camera market. They just rode on their back and gained a certain aura in this market, to just dish those guys. I don’t see the 5d3 as a real successor to the 4 year 5d2 in video. So if they want to still use their lens etc on Canon they have no other alternative than invest $ 15 000k, perhaps it might be lower to lets say 12k about 4 times the price of the original 5d2. They could have put a good true 1080p dslr for the $ 3/5 k for those users to upgrade. What this camera is basically a $ 6800 1DX with a $ 8000 firmware!!!

    • when you base a price on industry standards and not on actual costs, you get your 8k firmware phenom.

      fortunately, we do have some genuine trailblazers out there. companies like RED and the gh2 hackers are changing the expectations of the general public. as our expectations change, so too will the gear from these other companies.

  • The fact that it is 8 bit, 4:2:2 motion JPEG files simply is not that exciting from a post standpoint. The camera is too expensive for the indie guy to own and not enough punch for it to be worth renting. Probably good for low budget night shoots but you might as well rent the C300 in place of this camera. I don’t know what they are going for here as it doesn’t hold up to the F3 or the Scarlett in terms of output.

  • you are right. it´s really sad that canon doesn´t build cameras for guys who have a budged till 3 to 4k. they have sold millions of dslr´s and lenses in the last years and i think this will change the next years. i thought they understand that they get more in the end when they sell a lot of cams for less money than sell a few for a lot of money. because they lose fans like this now. and others win. i don´t know what i can do. i own a 5d mk2 since februar 2009 and have done a lot till now with it. i need to change the cam because it´s getting old from a lot of thausend films and foto´s i have maid. i also own a lot of canon glass which i really like. the thing is i don´t know if it´s a good choice to go for a mk3, it´s somehow to less for the money and for the year 2012. i need a tool which is a good deal for photo´s and for video. like the mk2 was a few years ago. it´s alway a big thing to change the camera system but canon asks for it. what i liked in the last year whit canon was that they didn´t act like they are the best, but they were. now they act like, but they aren´t anymore. like those arogant firms like apple and red which go on a stage and explain everyone that they are so much better then the other. such a shame.

  • Any word on if this has XLR or some adapter to connect XLR directly into the camera? I would think so considering that every other camera in this price range has this.

    Recording 4k onto cf cards… sounds awesome but the reality might be ugly. How much 4k footage can fit on a 32gb cf card? 4 minutes? 2 minutes?

    And I’m on the same page with the majority of comments here, the features it’s offering is cool but the pricepoint isn’t cool especially with Scarlet/FS700 offering much more spec-wise at lower prices.

    It does however offer the smallest form factor plus I’m assuming the low light performance on here will blow the competition out of the water. (that is until the dragon sensor is released :)

    But wait a minute, I have a quadrocopter that can carry this camera…. 4k aerial photography recording? I just got a boner.

  • Jordan Carr on 04.12.12 @ 2:00PM

    $15,000 for 8 bit color?

    April fools right?

  • What so 4k RAW is same price as 4k jpeg?

  • Jordan Carr on 04.12.12 @ 2:05PM

    Oh and the 1DX is delayed AGAIN and won’t see release worldwide till the end of June.

    Canon is announcing cameras and not able to release them – they are playing games with consumers hoping the boost brand image and keep sales from other manufactures. By the time the 1DX is release it will have been announced 8 or 9 months in the past.

    And this 1DC……October? lol.

    So Canon now announce products to be released HALF A YEAR or more later?

    All Sony, Panasonic and Red have to do is get “something” to market. They won’t have any Canon competition regardless of specs.

    • I agree, canon is slipping behind the competition and it’s already happening.

      • Jordan Carr on 04.12.12 @ 2:27PM

        And I do know that the earthquake in Japan hurt Canon (and Sony) but if you are going to announce something – at least be ready to ship to dealers and rental houses within a few months. Having a product on shelves 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 months later pointless.

        Even the C500 has ZERO release date – Basically Canon is saying “oops the C300 really wasn’t worth it but we will recycle the body and throw a new chip inside in the near future and make it better – keep buying the overpriced C300 in the mean time – hence the reason we won’t release a price on the C500.”

        Not sure if Canon fans will appreciate this Canon attitude.

        • I don’t know if the c300 isnmt worth it. I work in tv commercials where Alexa (non Codex) is king. But in the last month I have worked on 2 low budg spots (spike tv promos) and both used the c300, sorta a low budget Alexa. At least that is where I have seen the camera pop up in the market

          • Jordan Carr on 04.12.12 @ 4:03PM

            Interesting. No doubt the low light and ease of use of the C300 might have its fans.


  • If we could figure out the secret menus in the Mark 5D2…

    Sony may kick some serious butt?

  • Its 8 bit 4:2:0 in HD WHY?????!!!!!

  • Looks like I’ll definitely be getting the FS700…..15k for a DSLR that shoots 4k motion jpeg? No thanks.

  • 15k doesn’t even cover my lenses i use everyday in my work!
    this will be a welcome camera in my kit for sure! i use multiple dslrs 4 to 5 times a week, I’m super pumped for this, i have a feeling it will be a lowlight killer aswell! if tests are positive on rolling shutter etc I’m ordering it =) (Id swap my car for a sony nex 700)

  • and as I expected.. here´s another expensive joke from canon

  • My T2i has made me a shit load of $$$$ shooting commercials and videos. It looks just as good as the 7D and sometimes the 5D. So yes, just get’er done my friend…. But I admit, I will be getting a Mark III

  • Why bother with the full frame sensor if the capture area is only aps-h?

    • On the other hand, this is still very exciting. I love the DSLR form factor, but at that price tag, it’s hard to justify it against an FS700 when taking specs into account.

      But then 4k…drool…

    • The obvious: in stills mode you have a full frame 35mm camera. I believe this choice was superb. Cropping in to more of a s35mm film format helps with DOF issues (super shallow is no longer in vogue) and also keeps things more consistent when pairing with cinema cameras which follow the 35 and s35 formats (so finding FOV for a set of lenses is easier than computing a 50mm turning into a 35mm on a full frame still format camera, ect).

      • As someone who primarily will be using still lenses (cuz I will never afford cinema lenses), I like having my field of view the same. I think a FF and S35 modes would’ve been fine too. As for the whole ultra-shallow thing, I agree with you.

        • ya I hear you on the shallow DOF. Regarding lenses, it doesn’t matter which (cinema or “still”) both will have different FOV when coupled with different sensor sizes. I like how Canon crops in video mode to full frame s35 but physically allows for a FF still sensor.

  • Seriously? 15K for this?

  • The problem with Canon is the same year in year out, update after update. They are always a step behind, intentionally some might say, to maintain the consumer culture…afraid to to put out a camera capable of lasting more than a year or two production cycle before being replaced. The one thing that Canon refuses to do is RAW or increasing the bit depth. If the 5D Mark III did RAW, there is no telling what kind of image quality could be tweaked during grading. But we will never know, not until the C500 at least, which only outputs RAW to be recorded elsewhere somehow? The other thing is bit depth, which is why the Red will continue to surpass the Canon products. Granted all these things are dependent on how you are shooting and what you are shooting, increased bit depth will do more for your image than increased ISO any day. I’m baffled as to why Canon refuses to go bigger in bit depth. I don’t need a bigger sensor, I don’t need to shoot at 25,00 ISO, I need a “fat negative” to grade in post, not a compressed 14bit(not true 14bit at that) 1080p mov. I own and use Canon, but this is just irritating. If you are going to charge $15,000 for a “cinema” camera, give me some baseline specs – RAW, 16bit file.

    In addition, from a photography stand point, Canon makes no true medium format camera. For $15,000, this could be a legitimate medium format contender with a true 16bit file. The latitude would be on par with Hasselblads and Mamiya medium format cameras. Please, Canon if you are reading this, make a camera capable of generating a 16bit file and I will glady throw down $15,000 on it. It is far cheaper than a digital Hassie ($40K).

    • Agreed 100% I can see RED/Sony/Panasonic/Kineraw/Bolex overtaking canon in video camera sales within a year or two. Intentionally limiting specs to feed more sales only worked for Apple because they stayed ahead of all competition. Canon isn’t staying ahead here, this will be their achilles heel if they don’t lower the price significantly.

      • I just read that Canon also announced the C500 that should be able to silence all complaints.
        Quoting from the engadget article: “The higher-end C500 requires a dedicated external recorder, but offers two full-RAW output options: 4096 x 2960, that will be better suited for motion picture capture, and 3840 x 2160 for 4K TV. Both of these modes offer 10-bit 4:4:4 at 60 frames-per-second. There’s also a half-RAW option, at 4096 x 1080 or 3840 x 1080 resolutions, also 10-bit 4:4:4, but at 120 fps.”
        (…) The C500 offers both 2048 x 1080 and 1920 x 1080 with either 12-bit or 10-bit 4:4:4 60p compressed RAW. There’s also an option to jump up to 120 frames-per-second, with 12-bit or 10-bit 4:2:2 YCC output.

        Sounds good, huh?

    • Canon does not refuse to give the masses RAW. Stuffing the kind of processing into that form factor is no easy feat. People don’t seem to realize the serious technological advancement the guys at RED have made. Its HUGE. And i think now video/cinema pros will realize what a serious piece of machinery RED cameras are.

      But 4k is not for everyone. 1080 is actually just fine for for most applications. we use 4k for commercials and cinema stuff, films etc.
      The thing that bothers me the most about the 1Dc is that motion jpeg recording. Motion jpeg is an archaic compression format, people stopped using that over 10 years ago as far as i know (correct me if im wrong). thee are much better codecs out there. Unless they have developed a new varient of it.

      And the C500. lets say that IS 15k as well …. show me a 4k recorder thats affordable enough, even to rent to make this purchase make sense

  • I want to see updates to the 60D and 7D!!!!!!

    • john jeffreys on 04.13.12 @ 6:28PM

      60D is a relatively new camera and will probably stick around for a long time. There might be a 7d mark II announced this year, but probably not.

  • This is ridiculous what they are doing is trying to capitalize on the 4K hype but not delivering on all aspects of a true 4K cinema camera. This is gonna be a flop i think. I will hold on to my 7D and wait for the Bolex D16 to come to fruition. That camera delivers everything I am looking for. Images that go from Lens to CF. Next to no in camera compression…for $3000 not a bad deal. Sorry canon. you keep dropping the ball trying to be something your not.

    • This article missed the important info that Canon also announced the C500 … and silence will fall! ;)

  • I think we should remember this is going to be a $10k camera. Just like the $20k price for the c300 dropped to $15,999 at retail, this should come in under the $10k mark—especially for marketing. Then it’s a decision to jump from $10k to $16k for the c300.

    I guess this could be looked at as a $4k upgrade to a $6k 1DX?

    The one thing that could have helped this camera with the next fad of high fps is 120fps in HD. But then who would buy the c300?

    You want 4K? That will be $10k. You want a 4K sensor and video body? That will be $16k. You want both? That will be about $26k when it gets on the street (c500).

  • I might as well buy the Scarlet and I will.

    Like Hell I’ll use a joke for serious work.

  • I agree – the price is absurd for a modified d1x – definitly interested but not till it gets to a street price of 6-7k.

    We can probably guess that the price point is there to let Canon empty it’s C300 inventory.

  • Since my lenses cost this much combined (snark intended) and our shoot this weekend will be 2- D700′s, a 5DMK2 and a T2i, with the 400i rented I guess we’ll just have to make do.

    Still waiting for D800 video clips in low light before I pay for a new rig.

    4K means Sony S-log in at over $20,000 as I recall.

    My $.02…

  • So it’s a “cinema” camera with no XLR inputs, no ND filters, a screen that doesn’t articulate and isn’t even the proper aspect ratio for video, no slow motion 1080p, just HDMI out….and the SRP is $15,000?!?!?!

    …I think Canon may have thought it was still April Fools day? Either that or someone over there got confused about the difference between “cinema DSLR” and “1D with a headphone jack thrown in.” WTF.

  • Personally, for that price, I would go for the C300 or even the RED Scarlet. After seeing what the RED’s can do, I’m convinced that they did an amazing job

  • 1D C is photocamera too, but C300 is only video. Than 1D С is better.

  • I really think what canon should of released was a c100 a watered down version of the c300 that would make sense..keep the 422 8 bit no xlr and if they really needed to even things out give the c300 the ability to output 4k to an external recorder giving more value to the c300 and that would help justify some of the similar features that it has with the c100 also no pl mount no monitor no hdsi I could live with that for between 6-8 thousand.