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It's Finally Here: Adobe Creative Cloud CS6 is Now Live, But Which Option Should You Choose?

After the software-only version was made available earlier in the week, Adobe Creative Cloud CS6 is live starting today. If the cost of owning this software has been prohibitive for you in the past, Adobe is finally allowing you to “rent” on a month-to-month or yearly basis. If you’ve never purchased the software in the past, the best deal is their plan that charges $50 per month for a year contract. If you just want to try it out on a month-to-month basis, it will be a little more expensive at $75 per month. If you are upgrading, they are doing a special promotion for $30 per month for the first year.

In our other post, we’ve already shown off some of the individual programs, but here what is specific to Creative Cloud:

You can still purchase or upgrade the suites in all of the normal ways, but Creative Cloud has some distinct advantages — with the main one for a lot of people being cost. Buying the entire Master Collection is a big cash-flow problem for some people, so the lower up-front costs of the Creative Cloud option should be very enticing.

All of the links to the different options are available below. If you want to get in on the upgrade path with Creative Cloud, you’ve got until August 31st for the special deal at $30/month.



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  • I went the creative cloud route. $30/month is reasonable to me. I’m loving it so far.

  • If you don’t need all the apps you’d probably be better off with one of the boxed suites. But for me Creative Cloud is great! (The only app I don’t use on a regular basis is Fireworks.)

    @ $30/mo I’m saving money on the Master Collection upgrade this year. Even @ $50/mo it’s about the same as the Master Collection upgrade (-$75 annually) and includes all the ipad apps and online storage.

  • Travis Jones on 05.11.12 @ 4:58PM

    I wonder what type of impact this will have on piracy. And Adobe’s bottom line as well.

    • It seems the emerging truism is you sell digital products, digitally distributed, using a model of high volume and low cost. Why? You can make more money. Digital distribution means the transaction costs have been radically diminished. This is also the answer to piracy. It means you can be less assy – less Hollywood – with your customers and provide greater convenience – no serial number, no dongle, install anywhere, network-available backup. Piracy has to compete against *that.* As a customer, I prefer this approach.

      Adobe’s professional pricing is eye-watering, particularly in the UK. If you live in the US, your $700 apps are our $1,200 apps. In contrast, digitally distributed pro apps (described above) are down to $200 – $300.

      I still have boxed software, but it’s notable that it’s currently being used as speaker stands.

      • There is still serial numbers with the Cloud, you can load it on two of your own systems. But the pricing is an answer to a lot of piracy. People will always steal but if you make a living with their software there is now no reason (not that there has ever been) a reason not to pay for it. If you cannot afford $50/month for your tools you need to find another profession.

  • Meh. Just another Adobe suite update and like most of them between CS5.5 and 10 years ago, I probably won’t use 80% of the features and the apps will probably be the least stable things on my system. I’ll be happy the day someone comes up with something that can replace the last two Adobe apps I use: Photoshop and Illustrator.


  • Really hate Speedgrade’s UI. It’s almost unusable for me.

    • NK, most grading software UI is tough to get use to. Color had the same issue. You really have to work at it for a while but the reward is a free high end grading tool that cost over $20K last year.

    • I agree 100%. It’s really a mess. Resolve’s UI is beautiful on the other hand, and it’s free.

  • One often overlooked advantage to the cloud is for people that are or want to be cross platform. Just like boxed software Adobe lets you install the software on two of your OWN computers. But the box was for two Macs or Two PCs not one of each. With Cloud you can load the software on a Mac and a PC. I think this will help more Mac users think more seriously about want to replace their aging Mac Pros with later this year.

    • Agreed, although I have long been a Mac guy I have been slowly leaning in the PC direction for some time now. I personally think PCs are once again becoming a more attractive solution for those in our industry.

      • Michael Sacci on 05.14.12 @ 8:34PM

        bryan, I know a lot of die hard Mac guys that are for the first time thinking of going PC. There is a last ditch hope of a new Mac Pro but I’m not holding my breathe. I use a 12 core at work and it is a beast, I would still prefer it over any PC out there, since I prefer the OS so much more, all apple needs to is drop the price, it just isn’t worth as much now, drop it $1500-2000 and it is a great system for the $, at 2010 prices not so much.

  • I say Apple should license their OS to the PC world. That would create a good mix of a stable OS at lesser hardware costs. I am sure a lot of PC users would be interested in this.
    This is a decent option now that 90% of their business is coming from iOS, while the Macpro beast is waiting its much awaited revamp.