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Induro is Bringing Out the Most Versatile Hi-Hat You've Ever Used

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You don’t always need a hi-hat, but when you do, you really need it. Hi-hats are great for low angle shots or when you need a traditional tripod head but don’t have the room to maneuver long legs. At NAB this yearInduro introduced an innovative hi-hat that can not only withstand over 200 lbs., but has feet with holes that allow it to be mounted almost anywhere. I talked with Louie Lu about the hi-hat.

Louie Lu from MAC Group:

This is one of those products that has actual production people in mind when it is being designed. Not only can this guy take literally any camera that’s currently being produced, but it has an accessory arm for all sorts of different purposes. The mounting options for this hi-hat are endless, and if the proper suction cup adapters could be developed for the feet, I could see this being a great car mount. What’s interesting about this product is that the design actually came out of having to support long lenses for stills shooting – so if you wanted to use it for that purpose it would certainly do the job.

The Induro DR Hi-Hat LFB100s will be released sometime this year and will retail for $280.

Link: Induro


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  • Looks like a good setup! I have been using a Benro/Induro stills tripod for a few years now that I picked up on Amazon for something like $120 that’s been pretty bulletproof. My understanding was that they were/are a Chinese Gitzo cloner but hey if they offer pretty good quality at a “just breaking into the game” price I’ll give whoever a shot until I can upgrade.

  • That shallow half ball mount looks fantastic. We have a high hat, but the handle of the ball level is ~7 inches long, which limits how low we can go with it. I know it’s only a few inches… but you’d be surprised how many times I find myself frustrated that I can’t get just a liiiiiittle bit lower.

  • Not bad looking, too bad our Video 60 head is 150mm… I wonder if they’ll make a larger size.

  • I just use my standard manfrotto tripod and place the pole upside down so its hanging from my tripod, pan is limited by the legs, but it is a quick and free solution to this. Seems like a great prodocut for big rigs/cameras.

  • Thats awesome – only problem I need one in the next month :-( Ive got a miller DS-5 fluid head which I think fits a 75mm bowl – anyone know if you could still use it in a 100mm bowl?

  • Most suction cups have a 3/8 16 mounting thread. But I’m not sure that I’d want to use it for a car mount — the design is to limiting.

    • Shows how familiar I am with car mounts. Louie suggested it and I thought it was an interesting idea – mainly because of the amount of weight this thing can support.

      • c.d.embrey on 05.5.12 @ 1:14AM

        The problem isn’t weight, it’s limitation caused by the inability to place the suction cups where needed. Sometime you could use three equal spaced mounts, but many times you can’t. Here’s a video from Filmtools showing a hood mount

        If you were mounting a camera on a large flat area like the side of an SUV or a roof, the Induro Hi-Hat could work.

        Notice how they used saefty straps to tie the camera to the car ??? The last thing you want to do is put your camera through the windshield of a following car.

        • That would be a pretty sweet effect though as long as you were rolling. :) There are more mounting points near the bowl where the arm is attached, so theoretically it could work. But I understand it is not a real car mount, and would take a little more engineering for that to be safe, but you do have the one leg that extends another two inches and also the other mounting points. It would just be far simpler to be able to have someone already set up your car mount and then you come in later and just remove the bowl from your tripod and put it in this hi-hat. But the thing’s not even out yet – it’s just an idea.

  • Nice, but too bad they don’t have a pre-order button or mailing list active on their site.

  • Ben Incahutz on 05.5.12 @ 11:25PM

    I like it! My issue is with these guys giving the product demonstrations. His slow pace and monotone voice had me muting the sound and just watching the video. Its a unique product or else I would have simply clicked elsewhere.

  • john jeffreys on 05.9.12 @ 12:40AM

    This is looks like an interesting tool to add to my kit, not bad for 280 either.

  • Daniel Mimura on 05.10.12 @ 9:06PM

    I’ve never felt the need to have baby legs because I use a Gitzo. It goes all the way to about 1″ inch higher than this tripod. It saves me having two sets of legs for high and low shooting.

    Not having spreaders is just more comfortable for me, giving me room to be at all kinds of weird angles or deal with uneven ground and (and allows me to go much lower b/c the legs spread out to almost horizontally out. It does take me maybe 30 seconds longer to set up than tripods with spreaders, but that’s the only downside I’ve seen.

    I can’t understand why other tripod designs don’t have that design (which is like lightweight still camera tripods, only the Gitzos have notches for different low levels). Only really heavy cameras really need the support that requires a separate tripod/baby…I guess they make ‘em like that to make people feel like they’re like the big tripods. (mine has a 40lb limit, so short of 35mm or 3D), it can handle all range of modern cameras and AKS).

    Still, that’s a nice baby. Nice demo…standing on it really showcases it’s toughness.

  • Brian Hynes on 09.11.12 @ 9:56PM

    Just wanted to update everyone that the Induro 100mm Hi Hat is now available at Filmtools, B&H, Samys, Adorama, EVS, Midwest Photo and Amazon just to name a few dealers.

    For more product info:

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Induro Product Manager

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