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Final Draft Writer App for iPad Now Available, $29.99 Until Sept. 30

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For those of you anxiously waiting for the Final Draft Writer app for your iPad scheduled to be released Sept. 4, wait no longer. Final Draft has announced that its long-awaited Writer iPad app is now available for $29.99 until Sept. 30, at which point (in theory) the price shoots up to $49.99 (Koo, you were right). To see a quick peek at what Writer has to offer, check out the video below:

According to Final Draft’s website, the Writer app features the core functionality of its desktop software, including (but not limited to):

  • Professionally formatted templates
  • More’s and Continued’s automatically paginate to industry standards (sounds simple, but this is a biggie)
  • SmartType autofill for character names, scene headings, etc.
  • Tab and Enter navigation
  • Character highlighting
  • Colored pages for revisions
  • Production tools including scene numbers and locked pages
  • Switch between revision sets
  • Reporting tools including cast reports, scene reports, location reports, among others

Will you be buying Final Draft Writer for the iPad? Let us know and share your experiences with the app in the Comments for the rest of the NFS community.



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  • I think about the price (and the fact that its for a limited time) and I wonder if its a situation where the size of a company limits how low they can go because of overhead, etc. In reality, there is a free app now that lets you edit FD8 files already.

    Will I buy…honestly its hard to say. At this point, I notice many people using final draft simply because they are trying to say “I’m a part of the industry so I use final draft and my projects have .fdx in the filename so take my script seriously”, instead of because Final Draft has extra functionality compared to the other software. But there are tons of great free screenwriting apps that do basically the same thing and a couple that will open .fdx files now.

    What are you guys thinking? I’m still on the fence at the price point.

  • I’ll have to buy an iPad first, but yes I think I’ll buy this. I’ve been using Final Draft since the 90′s – great program and even @ $50 I think it’s a worthy investment. Does anyone know of an external keyboard option for iPad so one wouldn’t have to type on the touch screen?

    • I’ve seen a guy use ClamCase for their keyboard. Makes your ipad kinda look like a mid 2000′s macbook. Sorta cool if you want to spend all day typing. I still haven’t gotten used to using the ipad touchscreen keyboard exclusively when writing a longer script (or email for that matter). Just remember that its bluetooth so won’t help you if you want to type on a 5 hour plane ride.

    • you can also get a gel-like keyboard from TouchFire it’s actually really good. I’ve played with it for an hour or so.

    • The Verge did a nice roundup of the best iPad keyboards earlier this month:

      I just used this app on the airplane… it’s great so far, mainly for polishing drafts. I don’t think I’d ever want to write a scene or script from scratch in this, but it’s a pleasure to read and tweak lines on an iPad.

    • A lot of people will suggest cases that include keyboards, but many of them either add a ton of bulk to the iPad, or the keys are incredibly small and flimsy.

      The only keyboard I could recommend is Apple’s bluetooth keyboard with the InCase Oragami stand. It wraps around the keyboard when not in use, then when you open it, it turns into a little stand to hold the iPad right in front of this full size keyboard.

      In short, if you have a hard time with using a keyboard that’s not full size or want to do a lot of writing, I’d highly recommend the above. If not, the article The Verge wrote posted here has some great ones as well.

  • Not worth it to me. So many alternatives out there.

  • Stu Mannion on 08.30.12 @ 12:38AM

    What are people’s favorite alternatives?

  • Lliam Worthington on 08.30.12 @ 9:31AM

    Used Final Draft for years. Very happy just with Celtx now instead.

  • john jeffreys on 08.30.12 @ 3:40PM

    Celtx is the only logical solution for screenwriting software. Why bother actually paying for anything else

    • Their iPad app is alright at best. I do like how they have shortcuts at the top of the keyboard similar to what’s shown here at 0:10, but the biggest pain with Celtx is they only let you export files using their own cloud service, which is clunky and has never synced properly with my Mac, unlike Dropbox which works great between the two devices.

      If Final Draft shows their Dropbox integration works well, this will be my new screenwriting app to edit scripts while traveling or on the go.

      • Dropbox integration works fine though it’s not hugely customizable (in terms of choosing folders). Basically the same as their Reader app as far as Dropbox is concerned.

  • My main problem with Final Draft Writer so far is it fails to recognize ALL CAPS as styled using FD’s keyboard shortcut (Option-K on the Mac). So you can find some rude surprises when a character’s name, sound effect, object, or action are suddenly lowercase on your iPad when they were capitalized on your computer. Then again I’ve run into this same problem when opening .fdx files in other apps or exporting them in general, so it seems just using caps lock or shift is a more reliable solution going forward.