Writing a screenplay is like following a cookie recipe, it’s closer to magic than science. You don’t have to follow screenwriting “rules” to create an amazing story. There’s something else you don’t have to do in your career. When serious problems arise in your personal life, you don’t have to keep working at your typical pace. It’s okay to ask for help and decrease your output.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins and Jason Hellerman discuss:

  • The number of “unfilmables” on the first page of the Challengers script
  • Not getting hung up on the idiosyncrasies of screenwriting
  • Hooking the reader in the first 10 pages with your confidence
  • Asking for specific support when things are rough in your personal life
  • Accidentally lighting a trash can on fire
  • Taking time to process life’s challenges
  • Using writing as a way to process loss and sadness
  • Cancelling meetings and relying on email
  • The benefits of a meditative practice


Why Did the First Page of the 'Challengers' Screenplay Go Viral?

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