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4K at 900FPS!? The FOR-A FT-ONE High-Speed Camera Blows Away the Competition

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You thought your uncompressed HD or 2.5K was taking up a lot of space? That doesn’t hold a candle to the kinds of data rates being produced by the new expertly named FOR-A FT-ONE. If you thought RED EPIC’s 4K at 150fps or the Phantom 65 4K model at 144 fps, they are both way behind this behemoth. At 900fps, this is one ridiculously fast camera, and at that speed and resolution, the price tag is steep. Check out the videos below for more info.

Here are some of the specs on the camera:

  • 4K (4096 x 2160) Global Shutter CMOS Sensor
  • PL Mount
  • Up to 900 frames per second
  • 8.5 Seconds Recording at 900fps
  • 30 Seconds Recording at 360fps
  • uncompressed raw data on internal (RAM) memory
  • SSD cartridges capable of storing 75 seconds at 4K, up to 150 seconds with two SSDs
  • Simultaneously recording and playing back in full 4K resolution.

Thanks to Sebastian and Matt and cinema5D and FreshDV for the videos:

Somehow I seemed to have missed this one over the last few months, since the second video is from Cine Gear. It’s clear that this is a professional tool, and with the price being over $100,000, it’s going to be a rental for pretty much everyone unless all you’re doing is high-end high-speed 4K work. It seems in some of the their documentation they were planning on getting the camera to record 1000 frames per second, but at the moment, 900 looks like the limit. Since there isn’t anyone even in the ballpark of 900 frames per second at 4K, the FT-ONE looks like it’s going to wear the crown for most fps and also the most data consumed. It’s not clear what the bitrate is, so I can’t do an exact calculation, but it’s safe to say this thing is probably going to cost you Terabytes upon Terabytes.

Link: FOR-A to Introduce The FT-ONE—World’s First Full 4K Super Slow Motion Camera

[via cinema5D & FreshDV]


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  • …..Holy balls.

  • good *(&%^$%^%$ lord
    What the fu….. excuse me……
    where the heck am i going to store all that data ?

    My matress is already full of money , where else

  • Well…I think it’s time to throw some water balloons!

  • Balloon pops never looked so good.

  • Anybody know if the Sony FS700 will still shoot high speed in 4k?

  • Tomorrow premieres the open short film Tears of Steel. I can’t believe you haven’t mentioned it yet. It was done all with open source software (mainly Blender as it was made by the blender foundation).

  • It’s about f’ing time… something needs to shake the high-speed world up. The Flex has been at the top to long and the compression at the high end of variable frame rates on the Epic… well, we all know how that is.

  • small typo? “….You though(T) your….”
    Now you can buy me one of these for my spell checking service :)

  • I used to shoot 900fps 4k… then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • At some point, how many FPS is too much? Seeing fire and water splashing at 300 FPS is already getting old… Its gimmicky if you ask me, tired of seeing DoP reels all in slow motion.. FIlms don’t run in slow motion.. Whatever happened to good ol 24 fps?

    Dont get me wrong its great especially for rentals but peoples insistance on Slow Mo I think comes from a lack of being able to get an emotion cross effectively in real time, I think that is what one should strive for

    • It’s not just a filmmaking tool, it’s useful for music videos and commercials who would like to have their entire shoot in 4K and need that slow motion.

      • Yeah I get that, I’m not necessarily against slow motion but come on, I cant be the only one tired of seeing music videos entirely in slow motion

  • Miguel Franco on 09.26.12 @ 12:02PM

    Hi Joe,

    Maybe you’ve missed this one too:

    I at least haven’t seen it in here, but I find it interesting (and think many people do as well) and would like to see your opinion about it, even though it doesn’t seem to be much more info than what it is on their site.

  • Ok, this is my opinion at 900fps slow motion:


  • awesome work keep going

  • Only recording 7650 frames every time… ¬¬

  • I think I’ll pick one up after class tomorrow..