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Gallagher Smashing Watermelons at Over 1,000FPS with the Phantom Miro M320S

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When you need extreme slow motion, Vision Research is still the name most trust. The Phantom Miro line is a new compact version of their camera system, and there’s even a contest going right now to win your very own worth tens of thousands of dollars (though applications have closed). Fiction, a visual agency specializing in original content, took the Phantom Miro M320S for a spin with the famous watermelon-smashing comedian Gallagher, and documented the entire process. Here is the final product:

A test video of the process:

Here is a little bit about the setup:

One of the things about shooting high-speed is you need lots of light and not just any kind of light. You need either LED Lights or Large Bulb lights so the element doesn’t flicker between alternating currents. We ended up lighting the set with two 5K lights in the back corners and two 2K lights in the front corners. This way, we created enough light to have Gallagher either smash facing us or from the side. We set everything up and still could only get a 2.8 on lens, so our DP made the call and brought in two 10k’s to add to the package. We switched the 10k’s with the 5k’s and moved the 5k’s around to the front with the 2k’s. That got us up to a 5.6, which was the minimum we wanted to get up to in order to get the particles in focus as they were flying at the camera. Renting large format lights like that requires a generator or a studio that is production ready. A good gaffer is key here.

The entire process is documented over at Fiction’s blog, and it’s fascinating to see the process and the work that goes into shooting high-speed. The new Miro LC320S has quite a few more features than the M320S, and contains an on-board monitor and full controls. Both cameras aren’t cheap rentals, but needing more than 1,000 frames per second is usually a rare occurrence anyway. Check out the rest of the process using the link below, and thanks to Dylon York from Fiction for sending it our way.

Link: Fiction Production Test 001: The Phantom Miro Starring Gallagher


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  • Someone help me!

    My jaw is stuck to the floor!

  • Thanks for posting! The first time the fire comes on screen I got chills (ironicly enough). Flames are so beautiful.

  • Cool videos! Love Gallagher. Just a quick note — the Miro M320S doesn’t have an internal battery. It uses Sony camcorder batteries. The article linked says “on-board” battery, which I can see why you thought that might mean built-in, but having worked with one, I can say with confidence that’s not the case!

    • You’re right. I probably should have re-watched the AbelCine video we posted that I linked to! Thank you, I didn’t remember this being a spec, so it makes sense that it’s not. Maybe they were referring to a battery that came with the camera?

      • Yeah I think they were referring to a battery that came with the package. The wording was a bit ambiguous. But thankfully it doesn’t have a built in power. It wouldn’t last very long!

  • john jeffreys on 09.20.12 @ 11:08PM

    Why doesn’t the adult industry rent phantoms for their shoots?

    • For the same reason independent filmmakers don’t shoot with Phantoms all the time.

      • john jeffreys, can we start a phantom miro macro porn film studio?

        • john jeffreys on 09.20.12 @ 11:42PM

          I was thinking like compilations of slow motion facials, in black and white for dramatic/artsy effect. Most porn is shot on shitty camcorders anyway.

          • All right let’s move this conversation along. Not really the time or place for this. I think you guys can exchange emails about it if you’d like…

  • Absolutely awesome! Pretty incredible to think you need a total of 30k worth of light wattage to make this video happen…. And yes the flames were crazy awesome!

  • In Antichrist they shot the first scene in slow motion with fantastic soft lighting.
    I can imagine that they even had to use much more than 30K of light for that.

  • Awesome!!!!

  • can’t ANYONE think of something new to shoot for a slomo-cam test? sheesh.