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GoPro Goes 4K, HERO3 Camera with 1080p 60FPS Shipping Soon

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[Update: GoPro has announced three camera models, full details here] We knew it was coming sooner or later, but I don’t think many suspected that the new camera from GoPro would be quite this powerful. Industry pros and others were invited to a GoPro event in the Bay area tonight where the brand new 4K capable HERO3 Black Edition camera was introduced. Sony and JVC have been trying to get in on the action with their own POV cams, but when it comes down to specs, this new pocket cam from GoPro might be in a whole other league — and it’s even going to be compatible with the new Protune firmware upgrade that was just released. Click through for everything we know so far about the camera.

Here are the specs so far (thanks to Stu Maschwitz for the info):

  • 4K: 15fps
  • 2.7K: 30/25/24 fps
  • 1440p: 48/30/25/24 fps
  • 1080p: 60/50/48/30/25/24 fps
  • 960p: 100/48
  • 720p: 120/100/60/50 fps
  • WVGA: 240fps
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Availability: November
  • Price: $400


The styling of the device is only a slight departure from previous models, but the more aggressive lines are definitely representative of the high-performance contained within. The rumors hadn’t been quite clear, but it was becoming more and more apparent that the company was going to bring out a new high-end model before the end of the year. 1080p 60fps had been a frequent request by GoPro users, and the company has delivered that and more.

We will update as we learn more information about the camera and get the rest of the details about the impending pre-order.

Link: GoPro HERO3 Pre-order — Website

[via GoPro Twitter & Stu Maschwitz]


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  • Heh, 15 fps.

    What a joke. It’s a start, but I mean…

    • 4K at 15 FPS is a “joke?” 1080p at 60p is a “joke?” For $400?! Those are basically the same framerates as the RED SCARLET which is $10K. How spoiled digital filmmakers are these days!!!

      • I feared that I would be called spoiled, as well, for feeling the same way. There is NO denying that them stating that it can shoot 4K was solely to garner attention and increase the “wow” factor. 4K at 15fps is essentially useless. There is no getting around that. I don’t think that stating that makes anyone spoiled at all.

        That being said, I don’t think anyone will be less than grateful for 1080p60! and 120 fps at 720p? That’s insane! This is an amazing camera for the price.

        • Who knows, there could be a future firmware upgrade to at least bump it up to 24p.

        • You’ll benefit from the stills this bad boy can take. You’re not meant to film at that frame rate??

          • It’s rare to ever shoot video at 15 frames per second. I only know of 3 times in mainstream media off the top of my head, 1 in making the nitro scene in Gone in 60 Seconds, 2 with the really fast blurry face in Jacob’s Ladder, 3 and a similar fast blurry face on Doctor Who: End of Time where everyone on earth turns into the master. It’s very uncomfortable and only used for stylized shots.

          • Daniel Mimura on 10.24.12 @ 4:10AM

            people shoot clouds and streams or waves and that sort of thing at half frame rate all the time.

            It’s just a bonus feature, not a main shooting resolution. No one would complain about it if it just did 1080p60.

            Heh…this isn’t 2014…

        • Rambobuttplug on 10.17.12 @ 2:05AM

          This will be good for action radiography, wanting to accurately speed up your footage with the frame rate, like what they would do in 1920s silent film comedies, or martial arts movies

        • You can pull 4K stills of high speed action like a burst mode on a stills camera, except it’s not just a burst – it is on as long as the camera can record. – so yeah 4k at 15fps is awesome!

        • Exactly. That’s why I really badly want this camera – 720p @ 120 FPS?!?!!?!? Holy cow poop! The only thing I’m annoyed about is the distortion but who cares when you have 720p @ 120FPS!!!!! :O

      • Indeed. it never seems to be good enough.

      • Very spoiled! I’ve been saying that for a while now, but it’s increasingly obvious.
        OTOH, some of that mentality is indirectly related to the need these companies have to keep evolving…

      • I am sure that if you compared HERO3 footage with SCARLET footage, there would be a universe of difference between the two, even with the SCARLET in 15fps mode. There is a reason that GoPro cameras are so cheap: they sacrifice quality and features for affordability and size. This may be “high end” for GoPro, but they cater much moreso to athletes and hobbyists than they do professional videographers. Which is fine: different strokes for different folks. But let’s not pretend that the 4K capability on this camera is anything but a novelty; a neat engineering trick that helps marketability. Few filmmakers, spoiled or not, have any use for 15fps in the real world—you can’t even burn it to a DVD—save undercranking. But even then, you’d need one of 24, 25, or 30 to splice that footage with, unless you want your whole film in fast-motion. Lower resolutions and it starts to look impressive, but I would still probably class it in the category of “B-cam” for most of your readers.

        • Yeah, but would you strap a Scarlet (or three of them) on the hood of a Formula One race car? Or above the goalie post in a hockey game?

          Professional Videographers have a lot of uses for small decent quality cameras in angles that would be unheard of before. I’ve seen these in the background of Storage Wars – they just provide more options.

          As far as the half speed of 4k… yeah, that’s kind of a gimmick… but it’s not that 12fps or 15fps is unwatchable… its’ just everything will start having the cadence of a Harry Hausen Stop Motion Animation

      • Arif lalani on 10.17.12 @ 8:03AM

        lol – Smart Boy

      • yeah let’s just not start comparing scarlet and a gopro even if it is spec related

      • But very situational. It’s a video camera, not a still camera.

    • it’s also a $400 camera… 4K for $400 :P :P

    • I work in film restoration, and old 16mm was either shot at 24fps, or 15. 8mm and Super 8 were both 24fps (quite rare) or 18. It’s not as bad as you might think.

      Maybe not practical for “normal” shooting, but it’s not like it’s a slideshow either. Quite usable.

  • Neato!

    4K at 15fps is really only for those guys that shoot action sports and want a series of stills… but for that use, it’s a total game changer.

  • How much I want one

  • Oh my good god!

  • I’m all for the higher framerates at 1080p and 720p, and the wifi capabilities are definitely rad.

    But 4K at 15 fps? Really? What good does that do anyone? It’s like when Red said that the Scarlet could shoot 5K. Yeah, 5K stills. Great. It’s all just an attention gimmick.

    Also, I wonder why they never announce bit depth and color subsampling schemes. I’m assuming it’s still 8 bit 4:2:0, but maybe they’ll surprise us (probably not).

    That being said, the inclusion of wifi capabilities is definitely rad. I’m all for that. This is a pretty sweet action camera for $300.

    • Excuse my repetition.

    • Don’t forget the GoPro audience – these are people that use it for capturing sports – a great little camera to put it anywhere.

      Put the GoPro at the bottom of a motor cross jump and shoot 4K at 15fps and you can assemble a pretty amazing multiple exposure image like this:

      And do it at a fairly decent print resolution.

      Film wise – yeah maybe not so much use… but then again why do you really need 4K?

      • More pixels = more information to play with in post…. Less ugly gradation as well. 4K images are simply amazing. Certainly where video is heading, before 3D becomes the norm.

        • The resolution will not affect how the footage holds up in color grading… Bit depth and chroma subsampling will, however. An 8 bit 4:2:0 4K video may be large (in terms of resolution) but doesn’t have enough manipulatable color information to matter a whole lot, especially if you’re really trying to push the footage with a look. I’d take 1080p 4:2:2 video over that.

          • Preferring 4:2:2 1080p over 4:2:0 4k is totally clueless. 4k 4:2:0 has the same vertical chroma resolution as 1080p 4:2:2 and double the horizontal resolution.

        • Yeah yeah 4k… no need to hash that up again.

          It’s a GoPro. It’s not about the amazing picture quality… it’s about all the cool and exciting places it can go that make the camera unique (not to mention it’s the best of the POV cameras in terms of quality).

      • Was that with a gopro? I have 3…and I’ve never been able to get such a crisp output from mine to render a composite that looks as good as that. I’ve tried a few times because I do these with my 1DmkIII :)

        So in theory, sure, you could do stuff like that, but it’s not practical. It’s really just marketing hype.

        “4K” is the video buzzword just like more MegaPixels was for the last 8 years in DSLRs…

        Frankly, if they left that part out of this release, would anyone have been disappointed? No, the rest of the specs are excellent and everyone is excited for the cam. In this case, they’re marketing hype is going to cause them some negative backlash. It’s an unneeded distraction.

  • I’m excited for the 2.7K: 30/25/24 fps. Also the better low light.

  • Antony Alvarez on 10.17.12 @ 12:55AM

    So a GoPro can now shoot 1080p 60FPS, but a Canon 1DX with Dual Digic 5+ processors can’t? Hopefully this’ll set a new standard for the DSLR market too, though Canon just came out with their new line of processors. Maybe it’s the sensor’s likeliness to overheat? I’m not sure… but I really do hope DSLRs follow through soon.

  • Firs time poster,
    this is amazing! Who could complain about a 400 dollar gopro with 2.5K at acceptable frame rates? Then 1080p at 60 fps, even alot of cameras above that price point cant do that. Yes probably the image quality wont be excellent, but this is a crash cam we’re talking about here, a pretty good one to.

  • no builtin stabilization ?

  • What’s actually quite confusing here is the way they bounce between width dimensions (4k and I’m assuming 2.7K) and verticle dimensions (1080p, 720p). I’m guessing 1440p is a vertical dimension…

    • or is that 4k a vertical dimension? It says 4Kp…. which may mean this is more than 4k.

    • the “K” counting is horizontal and is in the past used to describe film-scans. “P”‘s is vertical and is from the TV system of counting the lines vertically… So 1440P would mean 1920x1440P and 2.7K would mean roughly 2700x1525progressive (assuming 1.77:1 aspect ratio), And 2.7 K really puts this as THE crash-cam to go to, even in productions with way more expensive A-cameras, in my mind :)

  • Seriously, some of you call yourselves photographers and filmmakers? And you don’t know what 4K 15fps is good for? Has anyone here shot timelapse lately? Maybe the hackers at Chdk will give us a hack and drop the fps to a frame every 1/3 or 1/2 second! Then we mount the camera on a raft and hit the Colorado River for 3 weeks and film the Canyon using 6 camera pointing in all directions to build a surround timelapse of rafting the Canyon’s whitewater. Sure you can do this with Canon’s or Red’s, but that’s going to cost between $10k and $100k where you also then risk those non-waterproof cameras going into a rapid and losing the entire kit. A little imagination guys.

  • nocturnal_264 on 10.17.12 @ 1:51AM

    Being able to pull decent stills off action cameras is probably a good approach, anything to limit the nausea factor. There are some post tricks that seem to work as well. Overall, I think it takes immense skill and precise editing to produce watchable action footage. Definitely not just shoot, post to ‘Tube, and vomit into a sic-sac.

  • 2.7K: 30/25/24 fps!!!
    Seriously, was just about to buy a HERO 2 (for B cam and surf work) and then this hits. 2.7k in multiple formats??? 120 fps in 720p?? Are you kidding me??
    Will definitely buy.

  • What is the sensor size in this? What is the dynamic range? Shouldn’t we be concerned more with the final image quality/DR over the resolution? We all know that DSLR 1080p is quite different than what the BMCC can put out at that same resolution.

    Koo posted about the JVC 4k camera back in January:

    And Joe posted about the 4k, 16-bit spy/creeper Flea cam back in July:

    Despite having massive feedback on those posts, there wasn’t any followup, and I’m assuming it’s because no one has decided to use these on features or projects that they hold dear to their hearts. 4k is great, but I think you might be confusing our need for specific features for being spoiled.

    Btw, we better not see this pop up in the “Great Camera Shootout 2013″ – the iPhone was enough of a joke.

  • Mike Hendzel on 10.17.12 @ 2:17AM

    Finally a camera with 1080 60p. I can almost hear the trolls of the future scoffing that it doesn’t have 1080 120p.

  • Soosan Khanoom on 10.17.12 @ 2:42AM

    The fact that a GoPro can shoot 1080p 60 fps and *most* DSLRs can’t is just….

  • 4 k for tv and web usage. Which the Gopro is mainly used for is just a waste of Hardrive space and a hastle in workfloww i guess. 120 at 720P is cool doh.

  • 2,7k at 30/25/24 fps!? HELLO!? Guys?! Crop that down to 1080 and you´ll have a razorsharp image with a wonderful perspective! Also 1080 at 60 and 720 at 120! Thats awesome!!!!!!

  • The 4k seems a lot less desirable than lower noise in low light, fix for rolling shutter, better focus, sharper image, and image stabilization. Just my 2 cents.

  • One thing I don’t understand is 12mp at 30fps but 4k at 15fps?

    Aren’t these technically sort of the same thing minus sound?

    • I thought the same thing but I’m guessing that it either can’t buffer more than a few seconds of it or the 30 fps is limited to the smallest image still size (5MP – less than 4k)

  • I’m glad GoPro is not Canon or it would be calling the new camera of Cinema POV and raising the price to 8K.

  • I honestly thought this was a joke….better start saving up…

  • On other news : BMCC takes on Sony F65, RED Epic, and Arri Alexa on a professsional shoot with professional production team…yeah not wannabees..people who actually know how to grade shit.

  • It was worth the the wait!

  • I have pre-ordered from B&Hphoto. Hope to receive the package by the end of November along with the GH3!!

    Have anyone considered or know anyone that has modified their GoPro with a different lens mount? Meaning that we can make this more like a mini-DSLR…when I say “mini” I mean the one that can shoot 2.7k (which is better than the actual DSLR). Hahahahahah…

  • I cannot believe the comments here! It’s $400! Take away the 4k ability and this thing is still a killer deal.

  • will they implement the bacpak screen monitor for this one? what will the res be?

  • Found some clarifications regarding resolutions during recording:

    4K is 3840×2160 (basically what some cameras call quadHD rather than “4K” which would be 4096×2314)

    3840×2160 = 8 294 400… roughly 8MP

    The 12MP mode is therefore quite a bit more than the 4K and the 12MP only does 30 fps in bursts and continous in up to 10 fps.

  • Now why can I edit my killer 4k snowboard footage in imovie!? What a crappy camera!

  • It’s not 4K @ 15fps…it’s 4K @ 12fps. This is right from GoPro’s site. Am I missing something?

    However, having said that….being able to capture 2.7K at 24fps/30fps will mean their footage will cut in quite nicely with other material shot on other cameras. In my opinion, that was always a weak point of GoPro footage before, it took a lot of “massaging” to integrate.

    Truthfully, I’m most excited about the new lens they’re using!

    This is the perfect B camera for tight spots, risky locations and guerrilla shooting!

  • Ohhhhhh fuck yeah!!!!! Now, are the optics non-sucky?

  • Sample video from this camera (overcompressed by youtube, as usual)

    Below is a link the same clip with much better quality. This clip has average bitrage over 10mbps.

  • I wish there was a way 2 cameras can share the same focal view, by use of prisms and semi-transparent mirrors….then triggered 1 frame apart…I think it could be worked out…What do you think Ryan?

    • There is a way. It is called a beam-splitter but they are quite expensive plus you would still have to figure out how to get an exact trigger or else it’s all for nothing.

  • what is the video compression and codec?

  • I use the gopro HD Hero heaps… my bigger concern is how it is going to perform in low light situations – at the moment it sucks. Also I am more interested in the ability to adjust the field of view, as currently it is too wide for my liking and the footage loses all sense of the horizon.

    What annoys me is the promo footage, where they have clearly used helicopters and rigs that the majority of users would never put a gopro on, rigs that if you could afford, you wouldn’t be filming with a gopro.

    Other practicalities are, how long does the battery last in stand-by, you can only get 3 or 4 hours – which is useless for us guys on motorbikes that spend 10 hours a day on the bike.

    Love the wireless remote – this will be awesome for us guys on bikes, being able to tell if we are recording or not when we have the thing planted on our helmet.

  • Guys – the 4K thing is a marketing ploy akin to those consumer point and shoots that advertise “16 MP!”. You’re still dealing with a tiny-ish sensor and an average lens.

    That being said, the real glory here is the 120fps at 720P and the 60fps at 1080P. For only $400 – you’d be nuts not to want one of these. And wireless video monitoring on your iOS device? That’s just awesome.

  • GoPro is my new favorite company, they were right up there before, this tipped the scales hard. I was going to buy a T3i, but that’s going on the backburner for now.

  • What I’d like to know is will my accessories such as the housing for my Hero 2 be no use to the Hero 3 if it is smaller? And can the LCD Back Pack attach onto the newer Hero 3?

  • Daniel Mimura on 10.24.12 @ 4:36AM

    Wow…people actually seem to have expectations of this as some how a “DSLR killer”.

    That’s rich. It’s a GoPro! A sportscam. It’s going to have terrible latitude and terrible low light ability and a decent amount of compression.

    Personally, I think I would prefer to have it top out at 720p or something if that’s what it would take to get a global shutter. This is what cameras designed to be small and mounted to things needs more than more resolution. I have a first gen Hero and the rolling shutter is really bad. Mounted to my bike is so jello-y I can’t stand looking at it (I do have a one thumper, so vibrations are definitely high, but it’s shaky on the street—let alone the trail)…and it’s the same for mountain bike footage. Snowboarding and surfing can be smoother by the nature of it, but so many things these cameras are designed for suck b/c of the rolling shutter.

    I guess shooting 2.7k might give you enough overscan to do more aggressive post stabilization, so that might help the shakiness, but that’s not gonna take away from the Jello™.