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Edelkrone Introducing a Reinvention of the Slider on Dec. 12, What Do You Think It Will Be?

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Sliders have been all the rage lately in the film world, and for good reason: they allow you to set up a dolly shot much faster than any traditional dolly and they can be leveled in seconds rather than minutes. Unfortunately, not all sliders are created equal, and many just can’t quite get perfectly smooth movements either because of cost-cutting, or because of engineering choices. Some have other problems related to portability. Edelkrone thinks they’ve solved one of the issues with sliders, and they are unveiling it on December 12 — and if you guess what it is correctly, you have a chance to win one of your very own mystery sliders.

Here are just some of the images they have been posting on their Facebook page:

Certainly the innovation could be literally anything, but it’s definitely possible they’ve come up with a solution that will truly be the next big thing in slider technology. It’s very often that companies will leap frog each other in capabilities, and then catch up down the road, and that’s something we could be seeing here. Personally I think it may have something to do with the fact that just about all sliders are fixed length, and the ones that are able to add on length, are somewhat cumbersome. A way to easily make the slider bigger or smaller would be a huge deal for a lot of people, especially those who are constantly travelling.

If you guess correctly on the Facebook page, you have a chance to win whatever this slider might turn out to be. So head on over to the page, and you could be walking away with one of these new devices.

What do you guys think they’ll introduce on that day? Give us some of your ideas in the comments below.

Link: edelkrone — Facebook

Disclosure: edelkrone is a NoFilmSchool advertiser.


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  • I agree with you Joe. Variable length is the next step.

  • I would like to see a good counter balance system in place the wasnt crazy bulky, but offered so solid resistance

  • Hey Joe, I love your articles, dont get me wrong, but this one sounds like a paid advertising. Once its unveiled and it really stands out as they claim then I think it would be worth writing about it on the 12th. Just saying….

    • Roger Freeman on 12.9.12 @ 2:31PM

      Even if it was paid advertisement, what’s it to you? You think these guys should be doomed to doing everything for free for the rest of their lives? You dont even put your last name on as you critisize! Coward!

      • Marcus Filho on 12.9.12 @ 2:49PM

        Calm down dude, my last name is there for you, thats just me saying, paid articles are ok, specially if they are good products, but this one just looked like a big banner on the articles section, if tomorrow this slider is not disruptive as they say, what’s the point?

        • So what if they are paid for it. You want free info but want to criticize the website for making money to cover their expenses? Whether it turns out to be revolutionary or not, I appreciate NFS for keeping me informed on new gear and telling me there is a chance I can win something. Paid advertisement or not, Joe is here for our benefit. You don’t like it- leave.

    • To clear the air, this was not paid for in any way other than that they are an advertiser – and they did not ask me to post it. They’ve actually been an advertiser since I started if I remember correctly, and you can click edelkrone in the tags above to see how many times we’ve actually written posts about them.

      This was worth sharing before the actual unveil because you have a chance to win this thing if you guess correctly on the Facebook page – so if I didn’t share now, that obviously wouldn’t be possible.

      Plus I’m as curious as anyone else, and people who make rigs actually read this site and these comments, so it’s certainly possible that we come up with ideas that other companies might run with. It’s a long shot, but starting a conversation like this is beneficial for many in knowing the limitations of sliders and some of the possible solutions that aren’t out there yet.

  • I have to say Edelkrones rigs although looking cool are very uncomfortable and unfriendly to actually use. Quite heavy too.

    • Why do you feel that. Have you used it on a job? Curious as my rig arrives any day now. Got it at cut rate with free shipping so im thinking it cant be so bad.

      • Best Rig around.. Carry a broadcast camera and compare… Seriously people that comment don’t know anything about video… Enjoy the Edelkrone setup it’s very good and in my opinion the best on the market.

      • I was one of the first buyers couple of years ago. I was very impressed when I first saw the rig sitting comfortably on both shoulders on their website pics. In reality its very uncomfortable, you feel like some kind of robocop, its impossible to quickly take the camera off your shoulders as the pads are not fixed, you need to use both of your hands to do that. Shooting from below, forget about it. you need to screw both shoulders pads together to do that. And I broke mine the very first time I used it, although it looks like titanium its plastic and it is really heavy. With 5d mark ii and 24-70 lens on, the whole thing weighs more than 8 kilos (18 pounds). It must be rigid, but it is not. The screw that holds both shoulder pads and the extra weight couldn’t hold the weight as it screwed directly into the plastic, not some metal, that would be logical but plastic. when I saw the plastic debris on the bolt I was shocked. How smart you should be to rely on plastic to hold such weight. Even if they improve in the future, I am not going to buy their products ever. It seem like these people never held a camera in their hands. Sorry!!!

  • Wow, I am curious, to know, what it is. I even posted a guess.

  • A water float slider perhaps?… I’m developing a prototype that works quite nice. smooth as butta

  • Likely to be another cheap gimmick.

    My heart goes out to anyone who has had the misfortune of purchasing anything from Edelkrone (Formerly Base X). The gear is unusable and impossible to resell. The company has always focused on quality marketing over quality gear.

    • Is that your personal experience? What products did you have your hands on and what disappoined you? thx

      • Modular 9 – “The Flagship Model” – A review came out comparing it against other rigs at the time – Some of which I now own, from Redrock and Zacuto. I wanted to try the Modular – unfortunately it’s a complete gimmick with some clean and fancy marketing. Everything from the quality of the materials, the grips and the lack of foresight/cheapness of the baseplate gave me an instant distaste for the product.

    • Interesting comment Rob- I have owned an easy SLR rig for over 4 years. Its basically the Modula 5.
      It has been highly functional and have used solidly.
      The Edelkrone gear looks much more advanced than my old kit, if it wasnt built so well built and still 100% functional I would have upgraded to the Modula 7.
      The weight of the unit is perfect and not too heavy and with the addition of a v lock system on the back it adds perfect balance. Interesting to hear the negative comments -are these from Edelkrone owners or other rig manufacturers?

      • Hi Josh,

        I own the Modular 9 setup and in my opinion it was a complete waste of money and time. I now have kits from both Redrock and Zacuto – I have never looked back. I’m glade there is someone out their that finds this equipment useful, I only hope you have something to compare it against.

        • Rob the modular 9 seems like an overkill for what I do and see you point now. 5d 111 on the easy SLR is all I use it for and as I said works very well.
          For the black Magic and other cameras I use a combination of Manfrotto Sympla (Handles & Sholder Pad) carbon fiber rods, wondlan battery system….Chroziel baseplate, follow focus and mattebox. I have a shipment of SHAPE arriving this week to replace my Frankenstein setup. I have plenty of options in our store so I have tried most and import my favourites. :)

  • Adjustable length is definitely in the mix for a needed improvement. I’m thinking some inbuilt, adjustable legs that swing down from under the slider, allowing it to be set up without a tripod. In fact, it’d eliminate the need for a tripod on set altogether in some cases. Other possible improvements… Maybe an add on that can quickly turn it into a working jib arm, without the need for operating the fluid head to keep a level shot?

  • The guys who are creating RhinoSlider are already working on an infinitely expandable slider, so this isn’t necessarily revolutionary if they do it.

    I would like to see a hover-slider, please.

    Do they make curved slider track?

  • I bet it has telescoping legs on the ends of it so you can use it with a light tripod and have it be super stable.
    Or it comes with an assistant to lug it around and set it up for you so you don’t have to do all the work yourself.

  • My Media Sydney on 12.10.12 @ 1:07AM

    they should have a belt system like the kessler but the cog should be on a mini fluid drag system like the one found on the bottom of a manfrotto monopod

  • Slider shots are very 2010 to me. DSLR era, like rack focusing on the 5D2. Steadicams were very 2011…the Merlin and 7D or GH2. Jibs were this year although maybe they require too much dexterity to reach hackneyed status.

    What will it be next year? Locked down shots! ;-) Nah it will probably be the worn POV shots the Hero3 black enables. Whole shorts shot POV, count on it.

  • Maybe some of you are on to something. Considering the other products Edelkrone has put out, I was thinking it would somehow be self-contained, portable and compact.

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  • Curious but Edelkrone products tend to be a bit expensive. I’ll keep my eye on it.

  • I sit me or are reviews of their products low on the ground?

  • So, what happened? Where is the so-called “revolutionized” Slider?

  • A Variable curve or even just a fixed curve.