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Are the Greg Williams RED EPIC 'Skyfall' MOTO Posters the Future of Advertising?

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Still photography has been around for well over 100 years now, and it’s been used in advertising for nearly that long. With the abundance of screens bombarding our everyday lives, video is beginning to complement, and at times take the place of, still photography — especially when that video is shot with something like the RED EPIC which can give you still photography and video at the same time. Greg Williams, who is no stranger to RED, has been shooting MOTOs (or motion and still photography) for a while now, and his first happened to be for Daniel Craig’s second Bond film Quantum of Solace — and now he’s returned to shoot some MOTOs for Skyfall.

Here are Daniel Craig, Berenice Marlohe, and Javier Bardem (you can pause and full screen each separately, but once they load they should all play fine):

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Here’s the one he shot for Quantum of Solace (shot on the RED ONE):

Just for kicks, here is his Megan Fox cover MOTO:

With how cheap flat screen TVs have gotten, it’s interesting that these haven’t significantly taken over traditional advertising boards. I have a good feeling it’s going to happen sooner or later, because video can capture your attention in a way that still images will never be able to. A high resolution video is a far more natural representation of the way we see the world, especially because a good video will give the illusion of depth — though certainly if the technology progresses we could be looking at glasses-free 3D moving advertisements (or holograms, who knows).

I haven’t actually seen any of Greg’s MOTOs make their way to a public space yet, but again, it’s only a matter of time (and I certainly could have just missed it). For the time being, you can still grab fantastic photos from the video and use them in promotional material — especially with a camera like the RED EPIC, which will give you 5K, and with the new Dragon sensor, you’ll get 6K, right around where the highest resolution DSLRs are right now (though well shy of the Nikon D800 and Medium Format cameras).

You can see more of Greg’s work through the links below.

What do you guys think about these? Will this be the future of advertising? Can you think of other ways these MOTOs could be used?


[via Cinescopophilia]


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  • You know those sci-fi films where video advertising would make anyone have an epileptic seizure? This is only the start.

    • video advertising everywhere*

    • sam cotting on 12.16.12 @ 6:20AM

      agreed . this is totally the future. static posters will become part of retro styling.

      funny how many things have seeped through via sci-fi film. almost like the tech exists and it’s leaked out via films for our consideration :)

      i believe via facial recognition software we could be verbally approached by motion ads in clothing stores, akin to tom cruise entering the Gap store in Minority report.

  • john jeffreys on 12.6.12 @ 11:36PM

    reminds me of the newspapers and magazines in Harry Potter that have “live” pictures, because they are magical.

  • I love them – however the future of advertising isn’t a “moto” or “cinemagraph” it will have to be something more 3D and holographic – billboards in major cities already run video so this isn’t going to grab any ones attention.

  • Seems like a total driving hazard. But maybe self-driving cars will be prevalent by then.

  • There’s a few video advertising ‘billboards’ in Edinburgh, on the sides of bus shelters on the main shopping drag – surprised something like this hasn’t already been shown on it.

    For the record though, the QoS one is really really scary, the Megan Fox one works a lot better.

  • These are very popular in London. They are all over the tube stations!

  • These are pretty big in Aus and NZ. I see them a lot in movie theatres and retail stores.

  • I really hope this “pollution” with advertisement in the public areas would stop – it`s pointless anyways, most people don`t mind this crap anyways, The effectivity of poster advertisement is by multitudes worse than tv commercials – and those latter already perform badly…

  • Live billboards and bus station ads. Yeeeeeeesssh.

  • BTW, I`m wondering now when exactely I did give permission to all these scumbags to bother me with their advertisement crap.

  • This has been done for a while. See the Sybill Shephard samples here

  • I don’t see a future with these really.

    The main issue is distribution. You can’t (currently) display these MOTO’s without a full on video system. If you are going to use a video system…like a giant LCD panel for example…why wouldn’t you use a full video?

    It’s an excellent technology demonstration to see what CAN be done…but I don’t see any long term use of it.

    It’s fashionable right now cause it’s new…

    • There’s a lot of places where people are passing by two quickly to be able to take in a full video. They have these types of adverts on escalators in the London tube network. You only have a couple of seconds to look before you go past them, so their brevity works well.

    • lcd displays use less power/less energy=less cost.
      also u probably only look at it for a second or two. so having these short stings is definitely the way to go.

      as said before…all over london tube already.

    • Daniel Mimura on 12.13.12 @ 10:39PM

      Arguably, this will be cheaper. They won’t have to hire people to switch out posters. And they can narrowcast to the crowd that is there…a billboard at rush hour would appeal to a different demographic than the night life crowd.

      Liquor billboards would be running in the afternoon as opposed to on the way to work…get you thinking of their brand…as you’re heading out to happy hour, for example…

    • sam cotting on 12.16.12 @ 6:24AM

      ” If you are going to use a video system…like a giant LCD panel for example…why wouldn’t you use a full video?”

      because it’s for fly-by recognition of the film/product, showing a trailer requires a stand-around for a couple minutes.

  • They are nice, but hardly revolutionary. Holograms would be, but 2D motion is not a big deal since we can pretty much see video ads everywhere.

    • …Uggh…YeaH….tOTALLY uNDERwhelMing…
      …better luck nextime……onto the next….

  • This is is already kinda big in Germany, too. A company called “Stroer” is building full hd advertising screens. you see them a lot on the metro and train stations.

  • “A new life awaits you in the Off-World Colonies! A chance to begin again, in a golden land of oppurtunity and adventure!”


  • Hi Joe,

    I am a designer behind the BULLETT Magazine interactive digital publication for iPad. We have been putting a lot of time and thought into how best to present motion photo on tablet devices, and are pretty well versed in some of the pitfalls and upshots related to design and production of motion photo media and methods of presentation. I’d love to chat more about this, and invite you to email me directly. Thanks.

  • i think it would have been a little more fun to have bond “appear” to be a photo then pull a gun on you quickly :P

  • Daniel Mimura on 12.13.12 @ 10:42PM

    I think these motion billboards need some graphics effects to make them loop seamlessly…or at least fade in and out so it doesn’t make a jump cut as it resets to one.

    But this type of ad is in its infancy and is just beginning to learn different things.

    I’ve noticed some fashion ads and things switch to a 16×9 vertical display, for example.

  • It’s cool that this can be done, but to what end?

    “Oh look, the poster moved!”

    Advertising allows the audience the opportunity to choose. That’s all, and this is just advertising.

    If it was a QR Code which linked to an “Augmented Reality” Site to show a 2 min trailer on your phone or tablet or ?????????? whilst waiting in the bus shelter in a rain storm with other (you believe) odd people would provide some entertainment. Maybe.

    This portable entertainment could be used to program the viewer to be a raging killer who does away with all of the folks at the bus stop. But I digress…..maybe. Is this a plot, is this a short……..can advertising really make people crazy, or uncaring, or complacient?


    Oh ya. It’s just an ad and has not affect on my life.

    Best regards,