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Grab Some 4K Canon 1D C DSLR Sample Footage, and Check Out a Possible FCPX Workflow

Canon’s 4K video capable DSLR, the EOS-1D C, has marked an upset for the DSLR industry — and in more ways than one. Many feel that the addition of Motion-JPEG alone is not worth the camera’s $12K price point. This is particularly the case when weighing in controversial speculation that internally it’s mostly identical to its $7K 1080p sibling, the 1D X — and the fact that Canon is likely anticipating with gritted teeth the possibility of firmware hacks 4K-ifying the 1D X. That said, it could be a near-perfect blend of features depending on your application. If this is the case for you, but you want the chance to check out or grade some full-res video footage before pulling the trigger, you’re in luck — planet5D has just posted some downloadable 1D C 4K footage for your viewing consideration (assuming of course your machine can handle it).

My own machine actually can’t, but I was able to check out full-scale grabs from the footage thanks to MPEG Streamclip. Click below for 100%:

Mitch has also posted a video in which he shows “you a couple of other samples and quick tests of magnification and coloring,” below:

Instead of linking to the 4K sample video downloads (one is 12 seconds/825mb, the other 31 seconds/1.96gb) I’ll send you over to planet5D for them, where you can also leave Mitch some love for the uploads, ask questions, etc. If your machine can run the stuff in terms of hardware but you need to be pointed in the right direction for editing, here’s more from Mitch on his FCPX ingest workflow for working with this stuff:

Prospective 1D C buyers and Canon skeptics alike — what did you think of this footage? Did getting hands-on with it change how you see the 1D C as an option, or reinforce what you thought before? What notable qualities did you notice pushing the grade?

Link: Come and get your Canon EOS 1D C 4k video samples here on planet5D! Can your machine cope? — planet5D


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  • I think canon will be in trouble 10 years from now.

  • VINCEGORTHO on 01.21.13 @ 4:24AM

    Played with the footage… this should only cost about $5k-$6k.
    It’s just healthier 5DIII footage.

    • I had a play too, its pretty soft when viewed at 100%.

      Makes for nice 1080p and the 4k 422 should give you close to 444 in a 1080p timeline.

      I’m not sure if I was doing it wrong but I could not did not get smooth playback from the footage at any resolution inside of Premiere CS6 closer to 20fps I would say.

      Using a PC with i7 2600k with a Gtx570 playing off a SSD
      Scrubbing is better than with H.264, just not very good playback.
      Might be an adobe issue as nothing seems overly taxed by it?

  • Didn’t even get smooth playback in VLC player or anything on my 15″ mackbook pro retina with SSD and all that stuff

  • Out of curiosity I checked some camera rental websites on Google and found that the 1D C and C100 almost always seem to be priced very similarly, both much cheaper than the Sony F3. I don’t know enough about the rental business to know if this means anything, but I wonder if Canon deliberately overpriced the 1D C under the assumption that people would rent it rather than buy their own?

    I know I’d never buy the 1D C but I also can imagine renting one in certain situations.

    • That post was actually meant as a reply to the suggestion that the 1D C should be in the $5000-6000 range, by the way.

  • arturo sanchez on 01.21.13 @ 6:07AM

    We did some tests last week with Macgregor (cinema director and DP) and here are the results(in spanish):

    As you can see the image produces a huge banding on the shadows… very disappointing

    • Yipes. Nasty shadows. Thanks for the pointer.

    • I was getting the same with the shadows. It is very upsetting. Canon Log results should be way better than how its performing. I’ve been using Neutral due to the issues but I’d like to have better dynamic range using the Canon Log (which is not useful due to the banding issues).

    • Gross! Banding like that is a non-starter. Why even release a product with results like this? Thanks Arturo.

      • 1D C uses the same type of sensor on 1D X and 5D Mark III, they all have a base ISO of 400 and perform quite good in low light. But tons of read noise results in heavy banding and blotchness in shadow/underexposed area.

        • Noise actually helps to diminish banding…The banding is purely the result of lame 5 year old 8 bit technology that Canon keep using because many buyers are too ignorant to know the difference.

  • Canon is the next Kodak.

    • Jayy Slocum on 01.21.13 @ 5:49PM

      Agree if canon keeps crippling their devices they will be the next KODACK or Better yet the NEXT BLACKBERRY OR PALM , a Company that did make splashes and could have made waves but chose to sprinkle here and there

    • Ha ha…yep, I agree. The way Canon is behaving regarding their more informed customers they deserve to go under more than Kodak did…

      Do 1080p correctly with 10 bit 4:2:2 (at least) before releasing a half-cocked, over-priced 8 bit 4k camera.

  • Anthony Marino on 01.21.13 @ 8:55AM

    In comparison the 1dc makes the new F5 look like a real bargain. (Even with the recorder) what’s canon thinking? If I had to buy canon, I’d consider the 300 or even the c100 before before this camera. It just seems like a lot of dough for what it is.

  • I mostly shoot outdoors (sometimes on ropes) and even to me this 1DC is a let down… The price is of course ridiculous but the image itself is really disappointing. It might be the lens here but this test footage scaled down to 1080p looks ugly compared to my C300 footage.
    They already messed up with the C300 and slow mo. Good thing is the C300 has the amazing form factor and ergonomics to it otherwise it would not work.
    They better get things right with the C300 “mark II” and 1DC “mark II”…

  • The 1DC was exciting about 1 1/4 years ago when it was announced, but it just seems so dated at this point. The full frame look is awesome, but with Metabones Speed Booster giving the full frame look to Super 35mm sensors like the FS 700 and more cameras soon to come, that a pretty big blow to the 1DC.

    If Canon had not dragged their feet and released this a year ago, it might have sold a few. But my prediction is this camera will be a flop. I don’t know anyone who is itching to get this, unlike the F5 which the buzz is just huge.

  • …why, Canon? Why? Who is the target market for this in 2013?

  • on 01.21.13 @ 10:30AM

    I’m not interested in this camera, first for the pricetag and second because I have no need for a 4K camera yet. Then I read through these comments and hear that there are distinct problems with image quality…why bother?

  • “FCPX workflow”. That one made me lol.

  • This camera is D.O.A. I hope Bloom is severely honest in his review about the short-comings of this over-hyped, over-priced Canon rubbish so that Canon gets the wake-up call they need.

  • That was hardly a “workflow”, it was mostly just “you import the files and edit”. Nice to see that it just works though.

  • Wow, that’s some mixed up thinking going on up there. Lots of Canon hate for some reason.
    The 1DC is a very specialised product. It is not for filmmakers starting out.
    As to the rental guy up there – an F3 is actually worth $15k on paper still. So the 1DC should rent cheaper, and it does, just. Real world value is a different thing.
    Personally I’m keen to try it out. In-house a couple of us have worked with the footage and seen no banding. There will be many 4K DSLRs over the next few years – this is just the first of them.
    As to this footage – its almost useless sadly.

    • arturo sanchez on 01.21.13 @ 11:43AM

      No banding on the shadows with canon log? C’mon!

      • I don’t know whether the footage was shot canon log :-) I just know two of the graders here have already worked with it and both were pretty complementary about it. Said it looked good. And we have no great Canon love around here.

    • It is not for filmmakers and yet it is in their CINEMA line of cameras? Yet they have a member of the ASC shoot a short film on it to promote it for cinema use? Please explain

  • One more thing re the Bloom review suggestion – he loves his 1DX. That cam looks pretty bloody good, and its some of his best work. Given that the 1DC is a 1DX with a couple of extra features and a bigger heatsink i’m not sure its going to be super negative.
    If you’re a drama filmmaker, why would you buy this cam? For its 12k price you could get 2 x BMDCC, a decent basic lens set, a good mic rig, a chinese 1.2k HMI and a pair of Kinos along with a raft of smaller LEDs/stands etc. Plus you may have enough left over for lunch for the crew for 2 weeks. You could make a lot of films with that rig :-)
    However, as a small cam on a much bigger shoot, or for hybrid shooters looking for a bit of future proofing, the 1DC and its upcoming Nikon equivalent will do just fine.

    • vinceGortho on 01.21.13 @ 1:14PM

      Is there any word of a nikon 4k, dslr?
      I don’t know how canon can justify this as a cinema camera?
      12bit 444 should be the cinema standard.

      • There is no ‘cinema standard’ for a good reason. Anything you can make a film that sells with is ‘cinema standard’. Eg, Super 16 is no longer an accepted BBC HD acquisition format, yet ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ and ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ are pretty good (and successful) films. Site after site is debating the ‘death of 35mm film’ yet we haven’t even managed to kill off 16mm yet! :-) So, there are TV standards (mainly for artifact reasons given the many layers of compression broadcast involves) but for cinema – if you can strike a print, DCP or actual, its cinema standard.

      • As to the Nikon 4K, its coming. I’m basing that purely on Nikon’s current presence in the film and TV world (its doing well) and plain commonsense. They (and Sony, don’t leave them out) already have data cards that can handle higher data rates that would suite decent 4K, certainly Scarlet level. Perhaps not this NAB, but by 2014 certainly.

    • Future proofing with the 1DC? Right. Before 4K even starts to be relevant to the general filmmaker, 1DC will already be badly obsolete. And those who really need the true 4K resolution will be much better off with RED.

  • jordan carr on 01.21.13 @ 1:00PM

    Why does canon bother with 4k if they cant even get close to perfecting 2k. What canon hits 13+ stops of dr at 2k? maybe c100? yes no?

  • john jeffreys on 01.21.13 @ 2:48PM

    What happened to this website? We used to have like nice conversations, now it’s devolved into a series of camera articles with comment sections in which armchair “filmmakers” say terrible things about equipment that they have never even used.

    “No film school” indeed.

    • “armchair filmmakers?” talk for yourself dude. I am working and living on filmmaking. And Canon is a crap company that was “lucky” with the 5D. They never knew that there would be a DSLR revolution, it was just a mistake that “killed” their video department. And now they are still living in the past, they think that they can price things at whatever price point they like. But thats where we filmmakers come in and we can deny to buy from them. I admit I have Canon lenses, but I would so gladly sell everything I own from that company and so I will. How can anyone like a company that do not have a download for their “eos utility” software. But you have to have the CD, and who the hell uses CDs in 2013??

      The kickass companies of 2013 are: BLACKMAGIC DESIGN, GOPRO and RED, and now SONY is catching up.
      Panasonic, Canon and Nikon wayyyyyyyy behind…..

      • jordan carr on 01.21.13 @ 5:57PM


        When the panny gh2/3 smokes canons costing 5x as much you know a company is pulling a fast one on its customers. Even their cinema lenses are now smoke and mirrors rehousing glass from their consumer lines. They rehouse sensors, glass, processors, and still cant pass on savings to filmmakers.

        In the age of the internet smoke and mirrors only lasts a few months at best.

        Even sony who is struggling as a company put in new sensors in the f55 and f5.

        The anger people are expressing on forums like this is reasonable considering that it is proven that these large companies CAN produce raw cameras that customers want. The cost of ssd drives and computing power is lowering every day. No more excuses….there are plenty of compressed shootig options for thse that dont like the storage requirements required with raw atm.


        • Canon Cinema Lensens are a different breed much sharper and well made than the photographic ones. Sorry you are totally wrong here…

          On the cameras Canon probably underestimated the competition. (Please avoid talking too much and compariing the BMCC until wil be really delivered in numbers).

          • Any links to some tests Giovanni (web video doesn’t count)? Because I don’t think you are right. They are supposed to be the same optical design as far as I know. They could improve quality by improving final product quality control, but not by much..

      • Show us all links to your films.

    • Coming from the village troll, no less.

    • If you spent more than 5 minutes on this site you would realize camera articles are incredibly rare. I would say probably on average 95% of all articles on nofilmschool are devoted to filmmaking as a craft- from script-writing to tips on every facet of production. This is one of very few film blogs that almost never comment on cameras.

      • john jeffreys on 01.22.13 @ 2:32PM

        There are on average 1-2 camera articles per week and they get ALL the comments- 60-100 comments per articles versus the normal articles that get 0-20.

  • I really like the picture. it really nice and sharp but still filmic. it´s really crazy that they managed it to get 4k out of such a camera. i mean the red cameras are heave and have a fan like a helicopter to cool them down. sure this is no raw but it´s really good baked footage. the bitrate is quiete high with around 500mbit. 60 MB per second get u 250gb the hour. but still ok. i´d prefer this camera any other camera in the moment. i must say for my work i can use only very small cameras. also the workflow is very good. i put in premiere cs6 and it runs very nice with 30% of cpu usage and full resolution. for examble the red raw 5k take 99% of my cpu in 1/4 rez and 4k raw take 50% in 1/4 rez… it´s a bit expensive but i would defenetly take this cam if i had the money…

    • Jayy Slocum on 01.21.13 @ 6:03PM

      Agree the PROS OF THIS CAMERA LONG BATTERY LIFE, NO LOUD GENERATOR FAN, lightweight, insane isos , and probably the best damn stills camera on the planet SANS hassleblad medium formats.

      1. SONY F3 with just can beat 444 color space , grab a used f3 with gemini all for under 15k a steal(baby alexa
      2. Canon 1dc
      3. canon c100 you would be a fool to pay more for the c300

    • Sharp picture? Maybe like 2.5K sharp. Certainly not 4K. But if you are only getting 2.5K, why pay for 4K? ;-)

    • Daniel Mimura on 02.1.13 @ 12:43AM

      I don’t understand why people would want this…so you complain about Red b/c of the time it takes to edit in post, but would somehow rather have something that isn’t RAW, yet approaches double the hard drive space (128GB of R1MX footage gives you 50 minutes at 4.5k).

      • Daniel Mimura on 02.1.13 @ 12:46AM

        Also, I’m happy about that loud fan…b/c it tells me it’s cooling it down (and also tells me when it’s recording b/c my crappy cheap monitor half crops out the record light)…something I would seriously worry about in a very expensive still camera not really designed to shoot video all day.

  • The comments are disappointing, because the full frame and high FPS options are real cool to have in such a small package. The 4K seems a bit like a novelty in it’s implementation. I’d rather just have the option for SDI out to an external recorder instead of a lower resolution internally to CF cards. I’m going to rent one for a shoot next month and I’ll be looking for work-arounds to avoid the banding issues in the meantime.

  • Wish some better sample shots were available. (ie Forgot his tripod???). Don’t see banding but only plays at 12 FPS on my Quicktime Pro when the file is on my desktop. May need to try to put the 1DC file on an external drive and open it in Premier CS 6… This camera seems extremely expensive when we can assume a better cheaper camera will probably be available in several months, and post-production workflow is not clear at this time…. Maybe Canon needs to communicate to the market why this camera costs so much, and how this camera is supposed to be used with the typical editing systems being used….

  • *** Video Track Parameters ***
    - Format: Photo – JPEG
    - Bitrate: Max.: Undefined / Average: 502 Mbps / Min.: Undefined
    - Frame rate (fps): Max.: — / Average: 23.976 / Min.: —
    - Encoding profile: Undefined
    - Image size: 4096*2160
    - Pixel Aspect Ratio: Undefined
    - Display Aspect Ratio: 1.896

  • The 1D C is to 4k what the 5D III is to 1080p.

  • Other than self indulgent yuppies who already ostentatiously flaunt the red circle around their lenses and only want a red C on the body, who is the target market for this!? I could imagine the only real appeal of the 1D-C is pulling still JPEGS (which Bloom and many others have done and reviewed). I’ve had the 5D MkIII since it came out and was very much looking forward to seeing this new 4K Canon item in action. But with the only exception being still frames being captured, I am completely content with sticking with the 5D MkIII. Unless I had something going on a big screen… then I’d rent/borrow an EPIC.

  • This is a specialty camera. You use it when you want to strap a 4K camera in a tight spot, like the undercarriage of a car, or the helmet of a skydiver. That’s about it. The price point obviously does not compute as a purchase.

    • gopro 4k interchangeable coming soon NAB 2013

      • Chris Lambert on 01.22.13 @ 4:50AM

        that’s the second time i’ve heard murmings about a new GoPro4 this week? Care to enlighten us

        • It’s not gopro 4 but a totally new GoPro interchangeable lens camera, it’s gonna be 2.5K or 4K. It will be announced at NAB 2013.

  • Markus Arike on 01.21.13 @ 10:16PM

    You make some good points except that the 1D X or C are not the best still cameras on the planet when cameras like the Nikon D800E have more resolution, better DR, and cleaner high ISO images to boot and actually do compare well against MF cameras like the Pentax 645D, Phase One and Hasselblads. For speed, and again for low-light there’s also the D4. Nikon’s been using better sensors than Canon a while now.

    • I do not agree. While the D800E certainly is a great camera. It looses to major medium format camera because of it not being 16bit. As for the 1DX. For the moment, the 1DX is as good as it gets for a high speed/iso stills camera. If you’re into photographing sports (like I am), press or anything related, the AF system and the lenses that go along with it are just the fastest you can get.

      as for video: I do think that Canon needs to take a step backwards, maybe read some blogs and forums and actually compare their own products to the ones from their competitors. Canon is at the moment “overpriced and underfeatured” not to mention, especially regarding video, underperforming. If you want to continue the 5D2 success story, then improve on the last product.

      I have bought a 1Ds3 when it first came out back in 2007. That camera was truely an amazing performer (and it still is and I’m using it regularly). The sad part of it. I’ve also bought a 5D3 in 2012 and imho it doesn’t improve in image quality over the 5 year old 1Ds3…

      anyways…sometimes Canon users just have to whine hehe :-)

      • “While the D800E certainly is a great camera. It looses to major medium format camera because of it not being 16bit.”

        That is a misguided statement. Go check DxO Mark sensor tests and you will see that the D800E has actually better performance in some aspects than top MF back the Phase One IQ180 (and is very close in others) which cost above $40.000. If it werent for the MPix advantage, the D800E would be better in all aspects. Lesser and/or older MF systems are put to shame by the D800E. People still think MF sensors are much better, but the times have changed indeed.

  • Iain Philpott on 01.22.13 @ 2:16PM

    There are some real Canon haters here! I think if you can’t justify the price of it the camera is not for you. There will be lots of fashion guys like me who will buy one because it gives us the best stills out there. (I agree the Nikon sensor is reaching the point of being better but it’s seriously marginal. I’m certainly not about to jump ship when I have £15K invested in L Series glass). It also, for £2K more than a 1DX, gives us the best video in a DSLR out there. So one camera does two jobs.
    Add to that people who I know have worked with the camera have nothing but praise for it. Aside from this forum I have not heard anyone have banding issues. I think the results of The Ticket by Shane Hurlbot says it all. I love RED Epic but to produce results like that in such a small form factor is why (in Pro rental land) will be a storming success. Eventually (give it 6 months) the price will come down.
    For me it’s simple – right tool for the right job and for some things it will be fantastic – no need to hate it?

    • Shoot with Epic, F3, C300 you name it. Graded the lot including the much loved Alexa. We got a 1DC this week. Charged the battery and put in the 1000x card. Went neutral, 1600 and hit record. First thought was to shut up and not tell anyone how idiot proof awesome the image was and have it be our little secret.

      I am amazed at way people slam stuff they never hold and never use. And believe in poorly executed badly compressed stuff they view online. There are a few pros talking in the midst of this. They are the ones who know that no camera is the ‘killer’. What the killer is IMO is not knowing yourself and your shooting habits before you buy. Real gear gets big fast. It is high end and best practice but is has needs. Real support, real, power, monitors, and yes even a crew. Canon I have been hot and cold with. Love D800 for stills. But looking back over the past few years I have to admit I have had success with a 7D as much as an Epic with a new Angenieux zoom.

      These forums are becoming like Yelp reviews for restaurants. One raves. One hates. The reader is stuck wondering who to believe. I am sure this is not helping:) But …

      Canon 1DC is getting some unfair knocks here. It is not cheap. But really… in real camera land it is not expensive either. I think Canon …. like with the C300 and C100 did a very sweet thing. They understood that sometimes when you are working small, it is a boon to have camera that gives you 90% of what you need almost by default. Why? So you can pay attention to why you are there, and NOT become immersed in camera tech. I mean le’s be honest. there are times you grow tired of getting to a loaction and spending 30 minutes to an hour assembling the rig with all the bits and pieces.

      The Canon 1DC is not the Alexa equal, or the Epic equal. The F5 and F55 will be in the ballpark of those and with similar form factor and ‘needs’. But for someone who wants to have a pocket rocket that makes making pretty stuff pretty damn easy with most of the dslr bugaboos gone then this new Canon is a dream and a lot of pros will secretly know this and probably keep it to themselves. Think about it. Great 12 plus stop S35, HD 60p, 4K ( and you Alexa guys know just how much you are using that for broadcast:)) The media is small, the battery is inside. Point. Shoot. Be Happy.

      • Anthony Marino on 01.23.13 @ 9:01AM

        Sounds like a great rental given the proper circumstance. It’s not the image nor the camera, it’s the purchace price I think created this shit storm. Me included :( For such a great camera kinda makes you think how much better is the c500 being 10 g’s more? Idk, but I have to agree with some of the comments regarding canons price strategy, image wise I’d use it all day long. Thanks for the valuable insight.

      • Iain Philpott on 01.23.13 @ 12:46PM

        You are absolutely 100% right. Forget hearsay on forums for a moment. EVERYONE I know who has shot with this camera has said the same thing – for what it is the image produced is stunning.

      • Go and look at Macgregor’s tests… he shows the banding.

        Shane’s got a comment/blurb somewhere that mentions Canon’s efforts in reducing the banding.

        It’s there, maybe some people can’t see it or dont’ care but it’s there.

        • Banding etc was not my experience so I checked again and also followed those leads to Shane Hurlburt etc…

          Close reading of the details of what he said reveals I think why we have not found problems that concerned us too much as we don’t venture above 1250-1600 anyway:

          “We shot…..on Canon Log, as well as Picture Style (Neutral). We found that we could boost the ISO higher on Neutral and get less noise and banding than with Canon Log. Canon Log limited us to about 1250-1600 ISO, where Neutral gave us a workable noise level around 6400 ISO. We shot 70% of the film in Canon Log to gives us that expanded latitude. Neutral was used in the hospital because I wanted to go for a more baked in look.”

          To me that is acceptably high ISO levels with no probs for real world. I am used to 640/800 as base.

          Also saw this. Which was interesting to some I imagine.

          “The C300 in my opinion cannot be shot over 2000 ISO. Way too noisy and it takes on a very weird contrast. This camera at 6400 kicked the C300′s ass. I know Canon is working on reducing the banding that you see in the log file so that it responds more like the neutral setting. I have been working with their engineers and it is getting close. Very exciting times.”

          I don’t find his comments inconsistent with my still early experiences of the unit. Which is why this never satisfied person is ‘conservatively’ thrilled. Not perfect. Has similar modest moire that can pop up like even the C300 (not like say a D800 that robs your confidence at times). Not free of the need for the user to keep an eye on things. And not cheap. But again – a lot of power for the form factor. This camera is going to give people headaches. inner conflict. Better firmware will make it even more enjoyable. And while better cameras will come in this digital snake oil parade – some good shooting and fun could had with this. A little 4K. A little slo mo 1080. 12.5 stops of DR (not 19 sadly) Oh and it is an SLR. what is the world coming to :)?

    • Sorry but in terms of image quality for stills, D800E is the undisputed DSLR king. It might lack some functionality other cameras offer (and they might be necessary for some), but IQ is the best.

  • Up for debate and feedback! First Canon 1D C footage out of India: a tiny video portrait:

  • Canon 1D C mini-doc. No Canon log, straight out of camera, 4K downsized for Vimeo. Minor grading in Premiere; plus warp stabilisation.

  • Sorry, this is the Canon 1D C mini-docu link: