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Canon 1D C Firmware Update with 25P at 4K Officially Coming in April

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The 1D C from Canon is the first DSLR capable of 4K, but the best it can do at the moment is 24fps at that frame size — not as useful for much of the world which shoots at 25fps. Philip Bloom recently took an in-depth look at the camera, and while the Super 35 mode looks like it resolves a lot of detail, the 4K mode has a bit more potential for manipulation in post. Canon Rumors had previously reported that we may be getting the update this week, but according to Canon’s Germany site, it’s going to be coming quite a bit later than that.

Here is a translated grab from their site:

Canon announces the development of a new, based on the feedback of the European professional video community, specification upgrades for the EOS-1D C. After updating the camera with the free upgrade then the 25p recording is supported at full 4K video resolution.

The specification upgrade is expected in April 2013.

The camera is going to be a bit more specialized than your run-of-the-mill DSLR, but having 25fps is going to open up the market share far more than just having 24p. Having 30p in 4K would increase its usefulness even more, especially for broadcast in the US, but I’ve certainly seen a lot more 24p content on television in recent years, and that frame rate has been in use much more  in all sorts of mediums and content largely thanks to DSLRs.

It’s interesting that Canon is introducing two major firmware updates in the same month — the first being the uncompressed HDMI for the 5D Mark III. While this may have something to do with NAB, it will be interesting to see if the 1D C continues to receive firmware updates that enable more features, especially because many perceive it as overpriced based on the specifications and the competition alone.

After seeing its excellent high-ISO performance in 4K and some incredible looking videos, it’s clear to me that there is a definite market for this camera who need these specific features in an easy-to-use and lightweight body. Nothing else competes directly with all of these features at this price range, so while we might want it for a few thousand cheaper, Canon most likely doesn’t feel threatened by anything else out there.

If you shoot a lot of 25p content, does this make the camera that much more interesting? Let us know what you think.

Link: 25p Upgrade Coming in April — Canon Germany

[via Canon Rumors]


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  • The power of marketing – consumers always live in the future.

  • wtf Canon, is with this April release for firmware ? When they announced clean hdmi out for the mk iii in October, the release date was April … a mere 7 months away. I thought for sure they would move that release way up … but: nothing.

    From the country that revolutionized just-in-time inventory ….. we don’t want to sit around and wait half a bloody year for your ‘innovations’.

    • john jeffreys on 01.30.13 @ 3:49PM

      It’s funny because you guys have been sitting around (and still are) for a year for the BMCC ;p

      • Augusto Alves da SIlva on 02.1.13 @ 4:11AM

        You are right…soon there will be a 4K BMCC without even the clients having seen the ordered 2.5K one…

    • 5D3s are selling well to their core market (stills shooters) without the upgrade. No reason to move the upgrade before NAB, where they will get the benefit of a second round of publicity aimed at the audience that cares about that function.

  • Never gonna buy a canon product again. Ever.

    • I’m sure the people at Canon HQ are crying now.

    • This level of animosity is something I hope you share with civil liberty issues, because if you are just this upset with a Camera manufacturer you must be a force to recon with on the political front.

      • You two are a joke. Everyone has a choice, we live in democracy. And I have the right to buy whatever I want. I don’t care what Canon or someone else things. I live my life and that is what matters to me. But you two clowns worry about stuff that will never matter to you…

      • john jeffreys on 01.30.13 @ 3:48PM

        If only americans cared this much about their society instead of the things they buy, things would be much different.

  • I mean cmon guys, really never going to buy one again. Its a camera thats it. I have a 5D3 and love it. My thoughts are that something is coming at NAB that will make us understand the time. Im thinking we might see alot more in the 5D upgrade and the 1DC Upgrade then they want to tell us. Im hoping this will happen.

  • Hey, does anyone have any thoughts on 1DX vx 1DC for 1080p output? Is it correct that the image from their full full frame mode is basically the same, but the super 35 mode on the 1DC is a bit sharper?

  • This will sell a ton of 1DCs in Europe – CVP must have had a ton of interest to force this so quickly.
    I don’t think it needs the 30fps upgrade to get plenty of work in Nth America and I can’t imagine there’s a customer large enough to force the issue.
    There are other 4k capable cams coming, but not at this size or this price.
    Or, you know, also be a fantastic stills camera.

  • I blended my 5D Mark III fed up with waiting for the firmware and bought the super Sony NEX VG-900 and what a cool video camera with very nice features. I really rate the APS-C crop to get that tighter shot.. If Canon woke up to these type of feature I would eat my underpants.

  • 1DC will sell only if BMCC doesn’t get wide distribution.