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Affordable and Capable Gyro-Stabilizer BeSteady One Reveals Price Tag

BeSteady_01Ever since the MōVi stepped on the handheld stabilization scene, we’ve seen an incredible swell of gyro-stabilizers coming on the market. The BeSteady One is one of those, but, not only does it give you incredible stability to get great footage (as you’ll see later,) it won’t empty your bank account — not even close. In fact, it’s one of the least expensive that we’ve seen so far. The 4-person design team, based out of the Canary Islands, has finally wrapped development and is ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of this cheaper and very capable gyro-stabilization option. Check out specs, videos, and prices after the jump.

Here’s a quick rundown of what the BeSteady One is.  It’s a handheld gimbal stabilizer that uses gyroscopic sensors and accelerometers, as well as special software, to establish the position of your camera. The construction is composed of 3 axes which move thanks to the direct drive of brushless direct-drive motors. And the developers say that it’s completely silent.

Here is BeSteady’s Max Salamonowicz to show you the final prototype of the BeSteady One. This as well as the other videos come from BeSteady’s Vimeo page.

Check out the videos below to see what it can do:

BeSteady also offers a bunch of accessories and modules. The stabilizer itself may be fitted with any number of these thanks to the BeSteady Handheld module, which comes with the Accessorium, which enables the installation of accessories on the tubing, such as HD Paralinx transmission module, preview display, battery, etc. Not only that, but the Multirotor Adapter allows for the stabilizer to be hooked up to a flying device (this adapter will also be available in specialized versions to fit the frames of specific multirotor producers.)

The stabilizer runs on a rechargeable battery, which keeps its charge for one hour. A charge display screen shows the operator the charge level of the battery as well as the amount of time left on the battery.

The maximum weight the stabilizer can handle, with camera and add-ons included, is 4.4 lbs (2 kg), and the BeSteady website has compiled this list of compatible cameras (cross your fingers):


  • Sony Alfa series
  • Canon 5D
  • Canon 7D
  • Sony NEX-3/-5/-7
  • Panasonic GH1
  • Panasonic GH2
  • Panasonic GH3
  • Sony CX730/760
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
  • Similar models

Okay — are you ready for the price? BeSteady released this pricing table on their Facebook page to show you the several bundles you can choose from.

BeSteady Prices

The BeSteady team will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the BeSteady One. I’m sure once production begins, and the closer we get to being able to pre-order, the more information will be available on their website. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

What do you think about the BeSteady One? Does it give the highly publicized MōVi a run for its money? Is the price reasonable for indie filmmakers? (I think so!)



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  • I have being checking this for a while. It is just wonderful. I heard that a gyro stabilizer is being develop for the phantom drone, so it can be adjust to other low end helicopters. By for me, using this with my 5D mark III, will open the door to new shots I wasn’t able to archive normally. It will be like a virtual cameras flying around the video game world.

  • No better than a well trained glidecam operator, plus the 2000/4000 can take more weight

    • Exactly, with this you will not need to rely on always having a “well trained glidecam operator”. For a smaller production company like the one I run something like this is great so I don’t always have to break the bank for a highly skilled operator. Instead I can rely on the crew I have on hand at the time.

      • So you can rely on unskilled people? You obviously don’t have high standards for your projects. Why are so many people okay with “good enough”?

        • Personally, I think a device like this gives a skilled DOP an extra skill without the learning curve. That sounds better than “good enough”.

          • Wow, a breath of fresh air in ur sane opinion. Many people tend to sound like no video or film work should be done on a low budget. If u can’t afford a skilled expensive Hollywood glide cam operator for a job, does that mean ur standards are low? SMH

          • Show me the kind of hand off like you can get with these with any number of highly trained steady-cam operators.

          • Yea, people just want to get paid $1000/hr for jobs that don’t need to exist any more. There’s allot of union/worker greed in the industry. Hope it all evaporates in the near future. That’s the point of technology right? So we don’t need 15 people being over-paid for a 1-person job?

          • This is not replacing the Steadicam or the Glidecam for that matter.
            The Steadicam will out perform this rig in many situations.
            I would much rather use my steadicam rig for low mode shots than bending over arching my back all day.
            You have 1 person operating the rig itself, another operating the camera movement remotely and if you want to shoot on a tighter lens ” as you should” you’ll need a focus puller. Who wants to shoot everything WIDE and at a deep stop. Just like any other equipment this will be something that needs to be practiced and learned to be perfected. Even the guys operating and doing the demo videos have yet to perfect this equipment the footage speaks for itself (shakey and unbalanced) . At least the movi guys took more time and effort into creating shots that really showcased the performance of their gear.
            This is great for DSLR shooters and productions with low costs.

        • Alan you said it… Good Enough and unskilled people… Why? Money… During the Great Depression in 30s the salary of skilled labor dropped from about $20/day to $2 in food stamps and we in Europe are so f close to wake up to that.

          • If any economic problem happens, like the housing ‘crash’ of 2008, not only could Europe be in that place America could be too. But people will say it’s not possible in Europe and America. The crash of 29 came on the heels of the Roaring 20′s. America just came out of another Roaring period when the 2008 housing crash hit. The Roar was built on debt. Most of the debt is still unpaid. America became a debtor nation starting at the end of the 80′s. All the debt in America, not only in the government, but on a personal level, will have to be paid. When the piper comes calling on that debt and monies have to be focused on replaying it, the economy will take a long slow hit. But, like I said, people will say that’s not possible in Europe and America.

        • Not being a skilled steadicam operator does not equal being “unskilled”.
          For example I know a lot of capable cameramen but I know only one skilled steadicam operator, and he charges a lot more than a normal cameraman if you book him with his extremely expensive steadicam equipment.

    • You might run into problems with a Steadi/Glidecam-like rig if, for some reason, you’d like to go from a high angle shot to an ultra low shot (or vice versa) while moving. The vertical pendulum-like part on the conventional rigs limits you in terms of dramatic height changes within a continuous shot. With MoVI-like devices, all the operator would have to do is raise or lower their arms.

  • Amazing!
    It was only a matter of time before the technology trickled down the chain, to a more affordable product for the rest of us. I’m not a fan of hand-held stabilisers. Time consuming to set-up, and can be a nightmare to get the perfect take.
    I can’t wait to get one of these.

  • I gotta say I’m excited for these new stabilization systems, but I still prefer the look from a steadicam and a talented operator. I think the movements from these look very artificial still while the movements from a good steadicam operator look fluid and organic. Not dissing these new systems, I’m so excited to start using them for situations were a steadicam is unrealistic like backcountry skiing. They will be powerful, I just need one sub $10k that can handle an Epic!

    • We plan to offer a handheld brushless stabilizer soon for cameras up to 5 kg, like the Red Epic. There’ll also be a smaller version for cameras around 2 kg and a larger one for cameras up to 10 kg. The mid sized version is the most advanced in the moment.

      We have first prototypes to test and improve step by step and plan to add small joysticks to the handles for better control of pan and tilt in single operator mode. For more information, upgrades and new videos you might visit our website

      Andreas Kielb

  • I’m just thinking on using that for about an hour of work with camera rig, monitor and focus motor… Should go to gym. lol

    An Epic normal steadicam rig would be better on the arm of the steadicam I suppose…

  • The weight restriction is the deal killer for me :(

    • It’s still early days. Give it a year or two and you’ll be shooting IMAX with it.

    • elliott felton on 06.30.13 @ 4:40AM

      we have developed a much more solid, durable Gyro-stabillizer rig and start shooting with it on 1.7.13 Footage will be released within three weeks. We call it the L.A.D RIG. It has been developed to take the weight of cinema camera’s. We have already tested with the fs-700 and works perfectly

      • website & more info? I`m very interested in such a rig and the BeSteady currently is the most advanced one with the ability to use either “majestic mode” or R/C – do you also offer remote mode?

        • BeSteady are releasing a larger version, Mariano. It’ll easily accomodate larger rigs (up to 5kg). Best to keep an eye on their facebook for updates. Elliot is a scammer. Sorry, i meant spammer.

  • As folks learn how to use these better, you’ll begin seeing more and more interesting shots. The hand-held with the dogs was pretty crappy but the moving platforms really make them come alive. Plus, the manufacturers assert that one can operate this type of a stabilizer quickly and without much training.

  • It sounds nice but kickstarter does not make sense. A project of this tech level should have already be past the begginer stages and prototypes. Trust just one or two showings or a small batch of avalible stabilizers alone will get back orders.

    Kickstarter works for certain projects but for a project like this it only hurts the project.

    • I shot a piece at a company called Kinova Robotics. They make an amazing robotic arm to help disabled people get more autonomous. They didn’t go through Kickstarter or any crowd funding site but they did get help from an investment fund. Their prototype cost more than $1 million and took years to develop. Kickstarter allows you to skip numerable meetings and presentations to potential investors. And these meetings cost a lot. So to me, the guys at BeSteady are going the right way with this. Of course, technical and after sale support is its own ballgame. Let’s hope they got that covered.

  • It’s a bad time to be Movi. Honestly nothing in their design is proprietary outside of some small details, and you’ll see everyone and their mother releasing gimbal stabilized rigs, and with narrower margins considering all of these are built from off the shelf parts.

    That said, I’m in the same boat as a few others and need something that can lift a substantial and professional rig, like the Epic. And to be honest while I think these are awesome, I would rather pay the day rate for a steadicam operator to bring his gear out, balance the camera, and use human skill to achieve the shot I want.

    Either way it’d be very interesting to revisit the gimbal boom a year from now, I think there will be so many of them that the only distinguishing feature will be price, not features.

    • I see what you are saying dude but I gotta say – I find it very odd that people keep saying things like they prefer the human element of a steadicam & operator as if a gyro stabilizer has nobody controlling it :) It’s not like it just does what it wants ;) There is just as much human element in the control of one of these bad boys – if anything probably more with two/three operators. It’s also interesting that I was sat having a drink with a crew just after the MoVi was announced and two (both very talented) steadicam ops that I was sat talking too said that they would both eventually be selling up and going with a MoVi as they saw the potential for more creativity. Their only worry was that the need for skill would be removed and therefore many incredible shots will go unnoticed as shots that once required much skill, patience and planning will become so easy to do that they will be common place and generic. Interesting point!

    • The basics are the same, but the magic in the MOVI is the ability to operate independently of the rig. Plus it has some awesome secret stuff thats in beta that will be released as time goes on.

      It is pretty easy to make a brushless gimbal, but make one thats camera operator independant, and can power the accessories necessary to make it truly viable. (wireless FF and Video) Also, the software for things like majestic mode etc… are not easy or cheap to create.

      Plus, being able to have the facilities to mass produce, assembly line men, supplier infrastructure, space to do the work, shipping/receiving, support, and innovation are not cheap.

      The price reflects this.

      Yes the MOVI could be $5000. But that would be it. You would be on your own after that as far as good upgrades and software. For example, Flanders Scientific makes monitors that average $2500, pricey for a monitor, but if you need something, they will build you a custom firmware within days to accomodate. I needed an anamorphic mode to stretch the 4:3 patch out of 16:9 HD footage. Emailed them, and two days later along with a response was the firmware. Thats why it costs money. Support. Something has to give somewhere, and nothing is free.

      its important to see the whole picture.

  • This is amazing news, I just hope it is still affordable for those who own the EPIC, C100/300/500, FS100/700.

    • elliott felton on 06.30.13 @ 4:36AM

      we have developed a much more solid, durable Gyro-stabillizer rig and start shooting with it on 1.7.13 Footage will be released within three weeks. We call it the L.A.D RIG. It has been developed to take the weight of cinema camera’s. We have already tested with the fs-700 and works perfectly

      • Bad form Elliott. How about you work on your own PR rather than spam this post. Have you used the BeSteady? How can you make judgements on its durability based on the prototype videos?

        You do know they founders have extensive experience designing and flying custom UAVs? Or that they’re releasing a larger version to accomodate heavier cameras? Or that their software is designed by Alexander Moiseenko whose Alex Mos software is the benchmark in gimbal controllers?

        No? Then your comments are moot.

  • Stu Mannion on 06.29.13 @ 10:22PM

    Looks pretty good but after one that can take a stripped back FS700.

    • elliott felton on 06.30.13 @ 4:33AM

      we have developed a much more solid, durable Gyro-stabillizer rig and start shooting with it on 1.7.13 Footage will be released within three weeks. We call it the L.A.D RIG. It has been developed to take the weight of cinema camera’s. We have already tested with the fs-700 and works perfectly

    • Looking at their site it seems they’ll develop a larger version to accomodate heavier cameras.

  • RebelPhoton on 06.29.13 @ 10:46PM

    I don’t see any of these Movi knockoffs trying to give the operator manual control of the framing. It doesn’t need to be remote, but i’m not ready to give up my ability to frame with good precision and reaction times in exchange of some stability. It looks artificial and soulless, like an aimless robot trying to frame by sound.

  • If you visit these guys’ site, you’ll see that they are still working on the larger unit for the likes of Red Epic. Meanwhile, as Joe Marine mentioned in his earlier posts, I’d like to see BeSteady aided by an EasyRig type of a device, with the weight of the contraption supported by a vest and/or cable.

    • elliott felton on 06.30.13 @ 4:38AM

      we have developed a much more solid, durable Gyro-stabillizer rig and start shooting with it on 1.7.13 Footage will be released within three weeks. We call it the L.A.D RIG. It has been developed to take the weight of cinema camera’s. We have already tested with the fs-700 and works perfectly

  • I wonder if anyone has developed a much more solid, durable Gyro-stabillizer rig and started shooting with it on 1.7.13 Footage which will be released within three weeks. They could call it the L.A.D RIG. It should`ve been developed to take the weight of cinema camera’s and they must have already tested it with the fs-700, working perfectly – anyone out there? elliot maybe??

    • Personally, I am grateful that Mr. Snowden … eh, Felton (nudge-nudge) is leaking this very important info from his Moscow hideout. Ignore this sage at your own peril. Once, many years ago, I made the same mistake. I ignored a leaked plot to “Dude, where’s my car?” I have been paying for it ever since.

  • i’m a bit stunned this morning …. what is the “Handheld” option ? is that just a platform for accessories essential to the core function ?

    or does it work as a stabilizer unto itself ? so what do you exactly get / what capabilities does the Handheld have ?

  • Awesome sauce. I can’t wait to get my hands on this! We’re about to start livestreaming concerts from a music venue and wanted to get steadicam smooth shots but have little to sometimes no room to always wall off a photo pit in front of the stage. The whole arm/vest thing would have been too cumbersome, and the MOVI was priced way out of our range. This would be perfect in the pit with the BM Pocket cam, m 4/3rds speedboost with a wide lens.

    Also can’t wait for the one they’ve been commenting about that can handle cinema cameras, really love the prospect of going from really high to low pretty effortlessly and maintain such a stable shot.

    • but @DLD this konckoff does not come as a complete package and requires your own modification to find the suitable controller and batteries right? So, total you might end up with the same price as the BeSteady or Defygimbal units.

      And not to mentioned the Knockoff you mentioned does not provide any rating for how heavy the load can be too.

      • I am not sure. It says it needs a controller board, which is like $50 on the same site. (have no idea what an assembly might require but the reviews are very positive, if legit) As I wrote above, a lot of these (2-Axis, light weight, mostly for Go Pro or other compacts like Sony NEX series) stabilizers are offered as kits for the RC crowd and that’s accepted as par for the course. If someone is adept at putting these kits together, they may find substantial savings on their hands.

  • cool ive already have a diy one but this looks nice and is at least not as expensive, as the movi fucking craZY PRICE BTW i made mine for about a grand total and with custom stuff … – good stuff anyways keep them coming!

  • On eBay, these items are largely sold for the RC Helicopter hobbyists … this one has a handle of the hand-held shooting though … then there are some kits, 2-Axis units, etc.

  • Don’t like it. It’s not so “stabilized”. MOVI have more sense for the work. Hte Dog scene is something I Can achieve with a Steadycam in LowMode, for the same price and with better results…

    • Are you mad??!!! Have you seen their latest video?????

      Just as good as the Movi. I’d disregard their older videos as it was all produced during prototype development and bound to be a bit sketchy. Stop being a drag and support these guys. They could have gone for a similar price point to MOVI but they decided to make it more accesible.

      • It looks really good at slow speeds and incredibly stable when the operator is holding it out with static arms. On the running videos though it falls to pieces – watch the horizontals for a juddering vibration!

        For a lower price it’s a great tool but far from useful in all situations.

  • Sure it doesn’t look as nice as a steadicam in the hands of a professional, but it undoubtedly gives the MōVi a run for it’s money! For $2,500 I’ll take one, thanks!

    All of a sudden it’s going to get a whole lot tougher to find a gig as a steadicam operator.

    Besides… JJ Abrams was pumped about the MōVi, and let’s face it, while he may not be your favorite director, his opinion carries infinitely more weight than any of the naysayers in this thread.

  • I’d like to know if there is an optional remote available

  • Rodrigo Molinsky on 07.1.13 @ 10:11PM

    Ok, so there is a list of compatible cameras. Now, if I want to try, I don’t know, a 50D, I suppose there would be no reason to avoid tests. This list is purely based on their tests and the cameras weight/dimensions, right?

  • This.. on a jib… on a steady-cam vest… on the back of a pickup truck… = Ultimate solution!


  • I’ve been doing a bit of research on these brushless gimbals the last few days. There’s a couple of open-source 3-axis controllers in development and once the bugs and board design have been refined, there will be a flood of these camera stabilizers hitting the market. These along with the firmware and tuning software will make it a good diy project for tech minded people.
    I’m guessing these besteady guys are using a couple of 2-axis controller boards for their model otherwise they could have developed their own board.
    Having an external controller for pan and tilt is not complicated, it requires connecting an RC receiver to the controller board and pairing it to a transmitter. This can be done with the besteady or any other Movi copy out there.
    I predict a big hit to the glidecam, blackbird and similar market later next year as these brushless gimbal stabilizers will end up costing cheaper due to mass produced parts coming from China.

  • I checked this one out at SMPTE in Sydney recently. It didn’t seem to work to well and the chap demonstrating it didn’t want to answer to many questions. If you’re in the market for one of these it would be a good idea to check out all the others on offer. This one is off my list.