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Creative Cloud Hidden Benefits: Create a Completely Customizable Portfolio Website with Behance's ProSite

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behance-russi-prositeI, like many out there, have my doubts about the Creative Cloud in terms of it being the singular way to gain access to Adobe software in the future. However, as I’ve been browsing around in the Creative Cloud, I’ve come across some pretty cool things, some of which are completely irrelevant to filmmaking and some of which are more relevant than ever. Perhaps the most helpful tool I’ve come across is one that came with Adobe’s partnership with the creative content network, Behance. That tool is ProSite, and it allows you to create and completely customize your own portfolio or creative company website, and the best part is that it’s completely free with an Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription.

Here’s a quick video tour of ProSite:

And here’s a really quick, but informative video from Paul Trani that shows you just how quick and simple it is to create a completely customized portfolio site with ProSite:

So what’s all the fuss about? There are tons of platforms out there that will let you visually build a site without having to write a single line of code, and there are even some decent free ones. Well, other than the fact that ProSite is free with a Creative Cloud subscription, it’s completely customizable in ways that many template-based web design platforms are not. With complete control over how your site looks and feels, you’ll be able to make the best impression on potential clients, and you’ll immediately have a leg up on many others in the industry. Add to that the fact that you can use your own personal domain name, and no one will ever know that your website wasn’t designed by a professional.

Another major benefit of ProSite is that it completely and perfectly syncs with Behance, and now that many Adobe applications also sync with Behance, the process of getting your latest work onto the web is as seamless and painless as ever. Not to mention that you get to become part of the excellent Behance community, which is not only growing rapidly, but also one of the best and most constructive places for creatives to post their work on the web.

So head on over to Behance now, and get started with building your ProSite today. I’m going to continue building mine after I finish writing this article.

What do you guys think? Do features such as ProSite have you more excited (or at least less angry) about the Creative Cloud? Have any of you built ProSites before and do you have any tips for new users? Let us know in the comments.

Link: Behance ProSite


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  • after the cc situation, i’ve signed off on adobe all together as a customer. there new rental policy just doesn’t work for a company my size, so for me i’m just leaving adobe all together.

    • What are you doing instead?

      • Is that really impossible to stick with Production premium CS6 ? I mean : for most companies, especially small ones, I don’t think it is that urgent to jump on CC. Many designers, web publishers, filmakers and so on can still work fine with CS6, and for several years I guess …
        That said, if the point is “It is NEW, so I totally NEED this feature”, then go on CC, or dop Adobe.
        I hope you’ll get my point. ;-)

    • Is that really impossible to stick with Production premium CS6 ? I mean : for most companies, especially small ones, I don’t think it is that urgent to jump on CC. Many designers, web publishers, filmakers and so on can still work fine with CS6, and for several years I guess …
      That said, if the point is “It is NEW, so I totally NEED this feature”, then go on CC, or dop Adobe.
      I hope you’ll get my point. ;-)

    • That has nothing to do with this article. Every time an article that mentions CC comes up, there’s a whiner or two complaining about their new business model. Yes, it doesn’t work for some people. We get it. Now stick with CS6 or move on.

    • Questionable Morals Media on 06.29.13 @ 2:29AM

      You do realize that you never “owned” any software (unless you yourself are it’s developer)? You only “licensed” it, so you already “rented”. If you read the TOS you would see that if you were using it on more machines than the license you were paying, you were in fact breaking the TOS agreement. Strictly by the numbers the creative cloud is financially better based on the average lifecycle of the product in a given state. Meaning that if you were upgrading your previous products when the major updates came in (CS4, CS5, CS6 etc) you would have spent marginally more than you would at current cloud membership rates. The only exception would be for users that were pirating software or using the software beyond the scope of their TOS.

    • Me too. CS6 until it’s impossible to use it. I’m happy with Windows 7, so I will be OK for a few years. When CS6 no longer works OR something better comes along from someone else, I will switch. Product developers out there, we are waiting for your great new image editing programs!

      I’ve given Adobe thousands of dollars over the years and now that is worth nothing to them (OK a ONE year discount). Issues: 1) I will not rent. 2) I will not rent and especially then have NO program when I no longer want to rent or cannot afford it. No, software like this is not comparable to cable TV or the elctric bill and especially not Netflix. 3) I have no use for any cloud features they deliver (yes, I know the current product installs on my desktop as before).

      I’m not a one product Adobe user. Besides Photoshop and Lightroom, I have very recent InDesign and older Audition and Dreamweaver, and maybe i’ve forgotten something. But I don’t use these extra programs enough to warrant renting “everything” nor do I need new features for them at this time. If I do in the future, I will look elsewhere first.

      Boxed product? I don’t know why these words are always used as the alternative to renting. I have been downloading my programs for years. There is no reason for me to buy a boxed product even if it is equal in price. They no longer include manuals, so what’s the point. The distinction is not boxes, but rental forever vs I buy access to a program forever.

      Right now I’m so grouchy I haven’t even upgraded to Lightroom 5. I’ve used LR since beta. I now realize how stupid I was to trust Adobe.


  • Thanks for highlighting this, I’ve been meaning to take some time to check this out!

  • Thanks for this. Hadn’t noticed it! Will try it out.

  • I had zero interest in behance until now. I pay squarespace every month but Adobe has just saved me that additional cost. Wonderful news! Thanks for the post

  • Odd you say it’s a hidden feature.
    I went to the Adobe Creative Day in London this month, and they presented it as one of the top 3 features in terms of time devoted to it.

  • I just LOVE Beyonce!

  • Jonathan lambert on 06.29.13 @ 12:52PM

    The 150 million m&a is a partnership and the fifth primary tab of adobe cc is a hidden feature? Seriously?

    Good otherwise but check facts!!!!

  • Almost 35,000 folks have signed.They don’t like Adobe CC licensing.Show @Adobe how you feel.

    Another more fiscal way to show @Adobe you dont like the CC licensing scheme. #adobe2014

  • You can also use Adobe Muse to create a website without code and Adobe will host three websites for you for free with a cc subscription. I created this way.

  • By itself Prosite is a 100$ cost in Behance, so I think this is a pretty good feature to give free for Pro Users, still, I think the basic cost of renting CC is too expensive for most, and also most people dont need ALL the CC suite, maybe Adobe should give us a choice 5-pack or 6-pack option at a reduced price, to select software as you use it most: in my case I use: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, After Effects, Lightroom. I don’t use anything else!

  • Just more bits of bates to get users to just the CC, For the last few weeks I have been following the Adobe forum and the CC part , it seems it is not all that rosy on the Cloud , PPro cc is very bug for a start and customers are struggling to get on the Cloud, even some are having to reg their software every time and you see very little replies to question on how to resolving the many issues from Adobe side. So in the end their is no change , no help and no fixes. So must I buy CC?

  • It seems that you can download the iPhone version for free but not the ProSite version.

  • Well I for one was thrilled that the creative cloud happened. I couldn’t afford the big get in the door cost of using Adobe suites. For those who buy every year, maybe a 12 month one time registering member ship to the cloud would be the answer…so that would be what…600$ for everything at once? OH they couldn’t install it on every machine in their business then…Thanks for pointing this feature out, love the site, learn lots every time I read it.