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New Footage from the Novo Shows How the Tiny Camera Performs in Big Situations

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Novo_02Though tiny action cameras, like the GoPro, can take filmmaking and cinematography to new and exciting places (literally,) their limitations can be a bit of a drag. We’ve talked about the Novo Camera mod, a customized Hero3 with a wide range of features that have opened up doors for filmmakers to control the capture of their image. Michael Booth of Radiant Images shared a reel that was presented to the Director’s Guild of America, containing footage taken from the sky, a moving car, a kickflipping skateboard, a motorcycle, and even underneath a turtle. Click below to check it out.

The “world’s smallest digital cinema camera,” the Novo, provides beautiful images — the 2K version is capable of shooting uncompressed 2k RAW footage. (Here are the specs of the Novo and Novo 2K.) The mod includes a C-mount lens system plus a PL mount adapter and back focus adjustment, allowing for extreme macro shooting. With the capability to change out lenses, you no longer have to settle for the wide-angle lens of a GoPro. Novo users may also adjust the exposure to their heart’s content, which is a feature not found with the Hero3.

I’ve always enjoyed footage taken from the GoPro — the points of view that we rarely (if ever) get to see — however the clarity and cinematic look from the Novo is truly incredible. Check out the video below and judge for yourself:

Unfortunately, the Novo is available as a rental only with a daily rate of $295, or $885 weekly. The Novo 2K is going to cost you quite a bit more at $895 daily and $2685 weekly. If you’re interested, you can go to Radiant Images website for more rental info.

Thanks, Michael, for sharing this video with us!

What do you think of this new video for the Novo? Do you have any experience using one? Let us know in the comments.



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  • All gopro has to do is allow exposure locking or setting … 2 minor things iso and shutter … with those 2 little things you could control the world (o,..,0) or at least strip out the lens and put your own

    • but that the shot coming out of the building is amazing

    • No, it needs interchangeable lenses.

      • Yes, interchangeable lenses is a big thing…but to just say “no” to manual controls?
        You need to be able to change your depth.
        you need to have control over the shutter.

      • GoPro can’t do changeable lenses because of the jarring it goes through. The lens would come loose. They glue the lens in.

        What they could do is take the guts of the GoPro and make a second line of cameras, a camcorder, that could either have a zoom lens, or, changeable lenses. I’ve been hoping they’d do that.

  • Definitely not worth it, but at least they’re putting themselves out there. So many other work arounds for this currently and other cameras and equipment you could invest in renting.

  • It’s a very popular rental.
    Nice to see the DGA building getting some use.

  • im no fan but it looked softer and less saturated then the gopro.. whatever

  • On the aerial side it is stable as far as movement but suffers from massive vibration. Not that great for flying, at least the way that one was setup.

  • Yes, they really need to cut most of the aerial footage out of this “promo” until they learn how to stabilize the mount. I get way better aerial footage out of my GoPro on a cheapo DJI Phantom (w/out the zenmuse gimbal).

  • At last, a decent camera to go with this…


  • from what I’ve seen it’s not worth the money… apart from the close focus capabilities I don’t see any real improvement on what could be achieved with a GoPro…

  • wtf with thet music ! i prefer the copter then then cam

  • Clearly better image quality than GoPro, I don’t know why people are curling a lip at this. Expensive, yes but this is a professional system.

    Some nice camera moves in that video and fair attempts at exploring new ways to achieve original shots.

  • Because it is only available on rental, I can only says it is useless….not everyone can rent at that price for what it does.

    And hopefully whoever bought GoPro going to apply this modification to GoPro itself and sell them at bundle price…so Radiant Images can keep those NoVo for themselves.

  • Sorry, this looks OK but does not look fantastic as the hype would lead me to believe. You could never cut this with a RED, Alexa or even a BMCC or DSLR and not see a noticable loss in quality.

    • I take back that it looks OK, it looks bad to me. NO fine detail (which should be adundent on the opening scene) and has a very videoish look to it. Artificially sharpened edges but no real detail.

  • Was this camera used for the under the skateboard shot on episode 1 of the 2nd part of season 5 for Breaking Bad?

    Also… lets give credit where credit is due for this..View Factor. View Factor made this cool little camera into a cooler little camera. Radiant is just renting it because View Factor can’t sell it given that they’ve modified it in such a manner that would require them to have it FCC certified, which isn’t happening, so… hence only being able to rent it. Radiant is a rental house and View Factor is not. Works out.

  • Incidentally, MoVi released some new footage- they do the skateboards too.

  • ” …daily rate of $295, or $885 weekly” REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • If there was not a gopro3 this would be incredible footage in an unbelieveable size…. but, there is a gopro3 black that is 99% as good ad this for what 99% of people need. Kudos for developing a extended version of the gopro3 (removable lense)… but I wait till what GoPro puts out this fall. Any guesses that they *wont* hav something better than this? Prolly a version with removable lenses and all with all the color correction that this thing has x10. JMO.

    • There’s a comparison video on vimeo with showing this camera really is better than regular GoPro:

      I don’t think GoPro will make their camera have changeable lenses. The lens has to be glued in to keep it in place. You can call GoPro and request they make a second like of cameras, i.e., a camcorder, using the guts of the GoPro, that has a zoom lens or changeable lenses. I have already called with this request, and the man in the tech department said it was a good idea and they would probably do it if they got enough requests for it.

  • Thanks Gene. I just checked the Vimeo video. Hopefully, I didn’t breach any Copyright Laws, and won’t be banned from the internet … :PPP (HInt: Rotolight and F-Stop Academy)

    If anything, the NOVO lens is soft, and causes a loss of detail, as well as loss of light. Maybe, a wider and brighter lens would make sense, to be able to actually compare the original GoPro and the fancy NOVO version. After watching this video, I realise, that, a lot of people would rather pick a few (/Lot) more GoPros, as well as some more rigs, and, try and get more videos, with more settings, to play around with, in post.

    Let me repeat this.
    ” …daily rate of $295, or $885 weekly” REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Why is the video private now?! I was trying to show this thing off to clients!

  • Don’t worry, there will be a purchasable c-mount solution available soon. ;)

  • Thecameraguy on 08.24.13 @ 9:57PM

    Clearly no one here works on movies or commercial. This is great little camera. I heard its on a ton of big movies right now.

  • THis is a great little camera but a little out of the price range for most.
    That is why I’d like to direct your attention to
    The Back-Bone Ribcage allows you to put any lens you want on the GoPro-3 and GoPro 3+ at a very affordable level.

    Check these guys you.