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Samyang/Rokinon Introducing New Budget Cine Lens: 16mm T2.2

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Samyang 16mm T2.2 CineIf you shoot video, you may or may not have had the pleasure of using real cinema lenses. Even if you haven’t gotten to use cine lenses, the next best thing are still photography lenses modified with clickless apertures and lens gears for both focus and iris. They also have the lenses marked with the exact amount of light that passes through the lens, which is measured in T-stops. If you’re using Super 35mm-sized or APS-C cameras, Samyang (also sold as Rokinon in the US) has introduced a new cine version of their 16mm, which is now rated at T2.2.

Here’s a video showing off the 16mm cine lens on the Canon 60D:

While the other lens from Samyang in this focal length range is the 14mm T3.1 designed for full-frame 35mm (like the 5D Mark III), the new 16mm is only made for smaller sensors. That shouldn’t really have an effect on performance, but it does mean you’ll have to look elsewhere for full-frame. The big thing for me is that this focal length should fit into production more than the 14mm does. The 14mm has some strange distortion, and it’s also very wide for APS-C (at least too wide for my taste except for limited shots). The new 16mm, however, should be relatively similar to the field of view of a Canon 24-105mm or 24-70mm on a Mark II or Mark III.

Performance looks pretty good, and if it matches the rest of the Samyang/Rokinon lenses, then it should be the best budget option out there right now. The non-cine lens is $480 right now, so I would imagine the cine lens will be under $600, and it should be available in Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. You can’t buy it just yet, but if you really need this focal length, you can find the still version available in a number of mounts right now.

The only lens left to complete this lineup would be a 50mm cine, though there are plenty of good 50s out there to make up for that in the meantime. I’m not sure if we’ll see anything like these from other manufacturers anytime soon, but if you want budget cine lenses for camera like the BMCC or BMPCC, this is really the only game in town.


[via B&H]


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  • So this would be about 26mm on a GH2?

  • vinceGortho on 08.10.13 @ 2:07AM

    before the 50mm, the 10mm 2.8 is coming out before the end of this year.

  • the 14mm is great lens. no idea what “distortion” you are referring to…. and really there are enough things involved with making images that if there is anything, its pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. I’ve made too many tasty images with the 14mm to find issue with good results. really they should should do a 20mm rather than 16mm which would fill a real need out there for something between 24 and 14.

  • Phil Jagger on 08.10.13 @ 5:11AM

    Would love if these guys made a budget 17-50 2.8 or something close to this in cine. I wonder if it may be on the cards???????

    • I doubt it. Historically they have only made prime lenses. The Tokina 17-50 w/image stabilization is a nice option. I would like to see a 300mm cine prime personally.

      • 300mm cine? umm…. why

      • A Rokinon 300mm cine prime at @$1k would ROCK. F2.8 would be nice but I’ll take it at F4. Hell I’ll take it at 5.6.
        For those wondering why, a telephoto prime is a great lens on any feature or BBC style doc. You can do it with zooms, but its so much better fixed (especially for drama).
        You can obviously buy the Canon/Nikon supertelephotos, but those are VERY expensive and quite delicate.
        We usually use a an 80s 300mm Canon PL lens, with extenders. Its a monster. On DSLR I use an old Nikon 300mm AIS at F4.5 that I would love to replace.

  • +1 for a cine style 17-50ish 2.8 with internal zoom.

  • By far the bat zoom lens for under $1000 is the Sigma 18-35 1.8. Beautifully built, nice focus throw compared to most modern AF lenses and internal zoom. This lens with an aperture ring and hard stops on the focus ring would be an absolute winner.

    • john jeffries on 08.10.13 @ 2:42PM

      It’s not the best, because of the reasons you said. No hard stops would piss off your focus puller and the lack of a dampened aperture ring is just comical. We need to move past paying attention to modern stills lenses for cine work, its so 2008

  • So, is this mostly a landscape type of a lens?

  • “The new 16mm, however, should be relatively similar to the field of view of a Canon 24-105mm or 24-70mm on a Mark II or Mark III.”

    At the 24mm end, of course.

  • Intriguing, but does one extra stop and built in gears really make it more worthy than the very, very nice Tokina 11-16mm? If you add the forthcoming Rokinon 10mm lens, the set is significantly more expensive than the Tokina zoom with far less flexibility.

  • My Rokinon 14 (not Cine) is dissapointingly soft, though I still use it for some things. I wish I would have sent it back when it was new, but I missed my window of return. But the 35 Cine has become my favorite lens. I LOVE using it for interviews, very flattering, any opportunity to use it and it’s out of my bag and on the camera. It’s magic on the C100.

  • Wesley Dumont on 08.10.13 @ 9:04PM

    File Under: someone is wrong on the Internet but they’re demonstrating a Cine lens in the above video and there’s two handheld shots, two faked handheld shots and NO rack focus or even a shot that changes focus. I’m sure the lens is a bargain but the video only shows that they’re wimps.

    • is a tool that detects Photoshopped iagmes through a series of components. Some components focus on the image’s metadata which others focus on the internal information structure. It’s not limited to Photoshop though, iagmes manipulated by other image editors can be detected as well.

  • The Rokinon 16mm Cine has a price now. B&H has listed it’s preorder at $529, not bad!

  • are we sure this APS-C lens is working on S35 cameras ? I know the difference between the two sensors is low, but there is one !
    I own a C100 and just sold my 14mm to buy this 16mm (the detachable hood is also a pro for me)
    won’t I have ANY vignetting at all ?

  • Hi, i know this is an old post but is there anyway that i can see the video above ? It has password :(. (sorry if i made some mistakes, i speak spanish) Cheers !

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