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At $275, Is This the Cheapest Universal Wireless HDMI Monitoring System Ever?

nyrius aeries pro digital wireless hdmi hd high definition video transmissionWe’ve touched upon a few wireless high-definition video solutions before. You may be familiar with Teradek’s Cube and Bolt units, as well as the Switronix Recon. In the wireless HDMI corner, the Paralinx Arrow provides 10-bit 4:2:2 1080p60 at 300 feet line-of-sight for under $900 — clocking in well under the three aforementioned SDI options. However, if $900 is too steep for your chordless monitoring budget, there may still be an option for you. The Nyrius ARIES Pro provides some of the key functions of the Arrow, mainly the wireless HDMI part, for $250 or less. Furthermore, when hooked up to USB charging cells and a SmallHD unit, you’re suddenly talking a very affordable HD wireless monitoring solution.

Not too long ago, Ryan Walters shared an awesome post centered around the Nyrius, its desirable wireless HDMI capabilities, and its very aggressive price point. In their set-up, Ryan and his 1st AC Jerry Turner adapted mini USB DC converter regulator cables to P-Tap, but experienced problems “tricking” the Nyrius receiver into accepting the power from that cable:

Unfortunately, as of this writing, the regulator cable I linked to above can’t actually sustain 3A at 5V. They get close enough to power the transmitter just fine, but the receiver knows better. If you try to power the receiver with the same solution, it will work for about 30 seconds before shutting off — if you can even trick it into powering up in the first place.

So, for now, that means the receiver has to be powered via the included AC adapter. Which really isn’t that big of a deal, as the monitor has to be plugged in anyway. So, for now, I don’t have a completely wireless solution…

Since Ryan’s post, filmmaker Joe Simon seems to have cracked the receiver power problem. His solution? Juice the Nyrius receiver with an inexpensive USB power brick from Enercell.

Apparently this method not only solves the power problem, but flat-out costs less as well — instead of trying to adapt anything, simple USB cables do the trick, no extra gear or wiring required. Between the Nyrius unit, which goes for $250 (and was until recently going for even less on Best Buy) and an Enercell 6000 mAh power bank (as specified by Joe in the Instagram comments), which is going for around $25 on eBay, that’s cheap wireless video. Assuming you already have a small, portably powered monitor such as a SmallHD (and USB cables), this system comes to less than $275. Obviously, tricking it out and getting it comfortable and mountable may require a few more bells, whistles, and toys, but the fact that a functional set-up for wireless video can run this cheap is simply amazing. Kudos to Joe Simon for his DIY innovation, and Ryan Walters for his post as well.

Though many internet posters (including Mr. Simon himself) claim the ARIES Pro to be almost technically identical to the Arrow, I have a bit of a hard time believing the $250 Nyrius is truly equivalent in performance to the $900-ish Paralinx. The Paralinx does apparently have five antennas in its receiver versus the Nyrius’s four, after all. With that said, several posters actually report using the Paralinx and Nyrius offerings together, mixing and matching transmitters/receivers as they will apparently “talk to each other.” Users are also reporting solid signals from both sets of units up to 300 feet line-of-sight or so.

Users of either the Paranlinx or Nyrius system (or both), feel free to chime in below and let us know of your own experiences!



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  • Roger Pinto on 02.28.14 @ 10:53AM

    I use Nyrius WiHDMI with both Tx and Rd running in battery power. Nyrius and Palalinx are same products procured from China while performing exactly the same. Just that Paralinx offer multi Rx not a big deal to pay almost three time Nyrius.

    • To use multiple receivers you need the Paralinx +, which costs more than $2000. We’ve got a Nyrius, a Paralinx, and a Paralinx + setup, and the Nyrius can use the cords from the Paralinx to power it. The actual receivers and transmitters appear virtually identical. I’ve been told there’s one more antennae in the Paralinx receiver, but not even sure if that’s true. Either way, the Nyrius is a smoking deal.

  • Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital actually did a tutorial on how to build one under $500. Upgradeable to your own liking.
    You can watch it here:

  • This looks promising. I have a few questions

    1) In the picture above, the transmitter looks like it going through some type of USB hub. Can the transmitter part plug directly into the HDMI port on my FS700? With a 90 degree adapter, this could be a great solution.

    2) Does the Transmitter draw power from the camera? Or does it need a small battery?

    Thanks for any info.

    • Oh Snap, I just noticed the YouTube video. I’ll watch that as it probably has the answers

      • Brendon Rathbone on 06.9.14 @ 5:27PM

        From my experience the nyrius and supplied 90* adapter do not fit into the fs700 but we used a short hdmi extender and it worked great. Rock solid for run and gun and indie car rig stuff.

  • I’ve been using the Nyrius ARIES Prime Digital Wireless HDMI Transmitter & Receiver System for HD 1080p (which is for $180) for a year now and loving it, during our 3 5D3 shoot, one of the camera had to be attached on a jib, so for 3 days, it was up there with the Nyrius transmitng it to a monitor about 40′ away, worked really well, there was a second delay but for framing it was perfect.

    The transmitter requires power, so you can attach it to a Anker® Astro 3E 10000mAh Dual USB Backup External Battery Pack ($40) connected and it provides up to about 4-5 hours of usage time.

    When using the Nyrius and the Power back combined, we can easily monitor our 3-axis brushless gimbal video on a remote monitor and knowing what we are getting,

    Excellent in our perspective.

    • How did you power the Aries Prime unit during your video shoot. I attempted to use an external battery with a 1A output to the prime, but the signal faltered and did not connect. It only connected if plugged into a wall outlet. Transmitter worked fine with a Anker battery running 1A output.

  • For an even cheaper approach, hit eBay for other, similar HDMI transmitters. Last year, I picked up an open-box Warpia StreamEZ for $100. No idea how the specs compare to the Nyrius, but it works great for me.

  • We’ve used the Nyrius transmitter/receiver as part of our Freefly Movi rental kit.. Although it is a good price and use the same chipset as its more expensive “clone” brothers, it failed too many time in critical production scenarios. So it has been replaced withe the IDX CW1. This is another lookalike unit, using the same form factor and internal chipset. The main difference is the internal “tweaking” that IDX has performed.. It is much much more robust and can transmit farther.. It’s priced between the Nyrius and the Paralinx Arrow. It unfortunately does not have any ability to broadcast to multiple receivers, but I find it very solid.

  • Michael Solomon on 02.28.14 @ 12:50PM

    Kind of disappointed that NFS hasn’t posted anything in relation to Sarah Jones yet =/

  • It’s awesome these are coming down in price, but HDMI is a nightmare on a production set. The cables are usually thick and they lose connection very easily. An HDSDI version needs to be made for the same price!

  • How does this compare to the radian pro

  • Supposedly the latency is low enough for focus pulls. Anybody have experience using this for critical focus?

    • I’d also like to know if it’s reliable enough for critical focus pulling.

      • Latency is about 1/100 of second. I have been eyeing this unit for a few weeks now, as I want to try it for a live multi camera shoot, so min latency would be crucial. As soon as I press the “buy” button, I will report the results.

    • The manufacturer claims “has no latency,” “without any latency,” and “zero latency.”

      Zero is not possible. I don’t do live video, but for live audio we need <10ms to be usable for in-ear monitors and such. I'm sure their "zero" has a bit of fudge factor applied.

      • Ya, even paralinx claims less than 2ms latency. If this supposedly matches the paralinx than critical focus is a go.

  • I use the HP Wireless TV Connect. Both the receiver and transmitter can be powered by USB as well. Many of the Small HD monitors actually have USB power built in. If I remember right, the DP4 does. I know that my AC7 OLED does. You can hook the transmitter or receiver right up to that and run the wireless off the monitor power without and extra battery. I actually use a Verbatim AA Power Bank that works on four rechargeable AA batteries for my transmitter. It dies relatively quickly, but I can just keep replacing the batteries as needed. It can only power the transmitter though. For some reason, the receiver requires more power. Another choice is the Tekkeon battery that has both a USB out and a 12volt out that can both a monitor and a TX/RX at the same time.

    The HP Wireless TV connect has no noticeable delay so it can be used for pulling focus.

  • There appears to be some confusion on one thing: the Nyrius does not use the same chipset as more expensive Arrow and IDX. These use the Amimon Pro chip, while the Nyrius uses the non-pro version. Among other stuff, that´s responsible for the Nyrius not having DFS (dynamic frequency selection), which enhances transmission etc. It´s all on

  • Wouldn’t “chordless monitoring” eliminate the music of the movie?

  • Just set this up. Since my DP6 has USB power out it was a much better setup wiring the power leads to a USB. We soldered those on and ordered some actual USB power leads for a more pro looking setup but works awesome right now. Just need to order some D Tap to usb power.

  • can some one post a link to a usb cord that will power the receiver the one i ordered doesnt want to power it enough from my 5v 2.1a battery the cord fits but has a silver tip instead of a black one like the AC power. im hoping that the cable is just the problem.

  • Many of you are looking for a battery source for the receiver to have a battery operated field monitor. The Anker 1000mah found on Newegg produces the 3 amps needed as long as you don’t plug anything else in. Here’s the link: For the transmitter, the knockoffs on ebay that give you 2.1 amps do the trick. Hope this helps!

    • i ordered the anker and it doesnt work…i dont know..i’m confused with this nyrius receiver…i tried 3 different kind of power banks and still doesn’t work…whenever i put it on mains power it works ok…any suggestions?? i need urgently help here!!!!

  • I have selected Nyrius and DVDO air for my ceiling mounted projector. According to this post Nyrius wireless HDMI choose WHDI 5 ghz while DVDO air choose wireless HD 60 ghz. 5ghz can penetrate walls and 60ghz has no interference. It is not an easy decision.

  • Hi there…Please someone tell me a good and cheap powerbank to power the receiver. I already ordered 2 different from ebay and they dont work. The receiver doesnt even turn on. PLEASE I NEED HELP HERE!!!!

    • Please make sure the A/C has enough juice to power the receiver. As least 1A output

      • the receiver needs 3A to work..thats why i’m looking for a good powerbank that outputs 3A not like the usual ones that have 2.1A

  • it’s not bad. lower range than our paralinx. the big problem is hdmi…way too fragile…had ports break on both systems from being bent etc.

  • I have a GEFEN, that works amazing, no delay,…its brand new … but i wanna sell it… i am using cables for now.. mine is the best brand i think amongst the 3 brands offering it out there… its a GEFEN, very well known for its top products.DM me here,… if anyone is interested in buying a new product,… cheaper than B&H offers it for.. here the link, this GEFEN seemed to be better than the ones who sell for 700-1500$… :