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ARGNet has a great post covering transmedia impresario Jeff Gomez’s recent presentation at CineKid. CineKid is a kid’s new media festival in the Netherlands, but it also has a professional component, where Gomez presented. Gomez is president and CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, and has developed the transmedia campaigns for Tron, Transformers, and Pirates of the Caribbean. His presentation is a great overview of transmedia — not only where it is today, but where it should be going. More »

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This is not a sponsored post! These are amazing! What are amazing? Glad you asked! Webishades are amazing new technological glasses that allow you to watch web series in 4K resolution in glorious 2D (note how there is only the red color of red/blue 3D glasses). I don’t need to sell these things when they sell themselves: More »

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Transmedia and the studios

04.28.10 @ 12:00PM Tags : , , ,

Yesterday’s post about transmedia and the interactive filmmaker highlighted the challenges of developing a transmedia story for independent creators. It’s interesting, then, to look at an example of an expansive transmedia campaign from a studio — in this case, Warner Brothers’ Alternate Reality campaign for The Dark Knight.1 Independent productions are not going to be able to implement an ARG of this scope, but it’s nonetheless good brain candy for the concept of taking a movie “outside” the theater.

  1. Much of the transmedia strategy and implementation was run by the folks at 42 Entertainment, some of whom later split off to found No Mimes Media. []