Jeff Gomez's Secrets to Transmedia Franchise Development

ARGNet has a great post covering transmedia impresario Jeff Gomez's recent presentation at CineKid. CineKid is a kid's new media festival in the Netherlands, but it also has a professional component, where Gomez presented. Gomez is president and CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, and has developed the transmedia campaigns for Tron, Transformers, and Pirates of the Caribbean. His presentation is a great overview of transmedia -- not only where it is today, but where it should be going.

Transmedia is not here to supplant traditional media. To explain why this is, Gomez draws upon a musical analogy: listening to individual musical instruments can be endlessly entertaining. Played together in an orchestra, they can form an amazing, engaging symphony. This does not mean, however, that individual musicians do not manage to attract an audience: the musical world can sustain both soloists and symphonies. Having said that, Gomez remarks that he is looking forward to the day when a “Rembrandt of transmedia” emerges, taking the industry to the next level.

Link: Jeff Gomez Reveals Secrets to Transmedia Franchise Development at CineKid

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