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IFP Gotham Awards Announce 2018 Nominees Honoring the Best in Film and Episodic Work

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Why 2018 Has Been a Great Year for Movies & Where to Move if You Want to Make One [PODCAST]

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What is a Script Doctor and What Does it Take To Become One

October 17, 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Power of Cinematic Storytelling

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50+ Best Coming of Age Movies with Writing Tips [FREE Checklist]

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How Cinematographer Linus Sandgren Used Format to Change Visual Tone In ‘First Man’

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5 Tips on Being a Successful DP From Indie Icon Ed Lachman: 'Forget About Perfection'

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What ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Can Teach Us About Story

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Insta360 Announces 180-Degree 3D Workflow for Pro Series Cameras

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'Pet Sematary,' 'Aladdin', & More Trailers You May Have Missed

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Meet the 12 New Laowa Lenses For PL, EF, MFT & E-Mount Shooters

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Screenwriting Degree Programs: Are they worth it? [Free Checklist]

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Adobe Premiere Rush Makes Editing Anywhere You Want to Be Easier

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One Hundred Different Ways to Get Your Film Funded

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Raid Your Kitchen to Make This DIY Waterproof Housing for Your Smartphone Camera

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How to Write Internal and External Conflict In a Story: The Ultimate Guide

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Field Test: Try Out Two New Sigma Cine Primes - the 14mm and 135mm

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The Space Suit Costume Design in 'First Man': A Closer Look

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'A Successful Production Always Happens in Pre-Production': How Elite Climbing Cinematography Captured ‘Free Solo’

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Jellyfish Brings Easy Networking to Your Set and in Post

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How Writing Short Films can Start Your Career [W/ Short Film Outline]

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Watch: The Cast and Crew of 'Suspiria' Reveal the Secrets of Their Intense Horror Film

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