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5 Essential Books for Every Documentary Filmmaker's Library

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Why Errol Morris Thinks the Best Movies Are Made With a 'F*ck You!'

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What Are the First Pieces of Gear You Should Buy as a New Filmmaker?

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You Can Now See Unlimited Movies in Theaters for $10 a Month, Thanks to an Ex-Netflix Exec

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Sony Will Give You $500 to Trade in Your DSLR for a New a9

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8 Scenarios in Which You May Not Want to Shoot 24 FPS

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Inside Jokes: 5 Career-Building Commandments from Apatow and More Successful Comedians

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Everything You Need to Know About Building a Drug Lab on the Cheap — For Your Movie

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Why Making a Film is the Only Thing That Can Ever Really Prepare You For Your First Film [PODCAST]

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4 Important Things Camera Movement Can Add to Your Films and Videos

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How to Create a Long Exposure Video Effect in After Effects

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Streamline Motion Graphics, VFX, and VR with MAXON Cinema 4D

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How Many Movies Did 'Game of Thrones' Rip Off in its Most Epic Battle Yet?

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Buying a Camera? Watch This First

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FIELD TEST: Cintel Film Scanner Still Impresses, Now with Keycode and Audio Improvements

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