April 9, 2009

Why didn't we think of this before?

Along with The West Side co-creator Zachary Lieberman, this is my house in Costa Rica for the next two months. Why are we here? To get some work done. Really!

Somewhat paradoxically, by separating ourselves from the wiles of New York, we can focus on writing. Back in the city, the East Village-to-East Williamsburg commute took almost an hour each way and we weren't writing as much, or as often, as we would've liked; being in the same house allows us to work more hours out of more days. Not only that, but we're subletting our NYC apartments while we're expats, which means the entire two-month trip, $300 round-trip airfare included, will cost us substantially less than New York rent alone for the same time period.

Add to the above factors that our house just happens to be in Playa Grande, a beautiful beach in a protected national park on the Northwest Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and a trip that at first glance seemed counterintuitive now seems like a no-brainer. It's preposterously nice here. I haven't yet found the words to describe the magnitude of daily niceness.

This creative retreat was predicated on a lot of ifs -- it would only work if we could find tenants for our NYC apartments, if we could find cheap plane tickets, if we could find a inexpensive house available to rent for two months, and given my Spanish is more than a bit questionable -- and Zack's learned, somewhat-second language is French -- if we could find our way around the country at all. Also, the most important of ifs: if the mysterious beast of creative inspiration would rear its elusive head.

All of the ifs have been squarely defeated. In an idyllic house in the middle of paradise, the project we've been pitching and refining for the past few months has been reinvigorated by the emergence of a Sixty-day Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Seriously, it's really nice here.

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Thanks for writing this.

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Da. Amn.

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Thank you for this guide

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Thanks Ryan ,
as a working professional i am feeling the same .

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