New Mac Pro - Top - at WWDC 2013

While we got a quick surprise look at the Mac Pro back in June at the WWDC, Apple today unveiled the rest of the details on the Mac Pro, including the detail many have been waiting for: the price. Click through for the rest on the new device, and what you're going to be getting for $3,000.

Here is everything you'll get starting at $3,000:


They also showed this video of the creation process:

Obviously this isn't a weak system, and it better not be for the money that you're putting into it. Apple has designed a system that would be difficult, if not downright impossible to put together yourself for this price. This has been one of the advantages of the Mac Pro when they are on the cutting edge: you're getting very high performance for the amount of money you pay. Whether it will stay competitive months from now is a whole other conversation, but we will see just how fast it is when it's released in December.

Check out more specs from the Apple announcement:






Apparently, the new design means a lot not only for power consumption, but for the amount of noise the device produces while idle:



They aren't showing how loud the device is while you're running three 4K monitors for hours on end and editing multiple 4K projects, but I have to believe that the way the middle of the computer acts as a heatsink allows for much cooler insides and thus less noise from fans.

What do you guys think? Is this worth the price for the performance inside?

Link: Mac Pro -- Apple Store