Jane has been working at the Wilson factory where Super Bowl footballs are made for the last 48 years, and she's had a hand in making footballs used in the championship game every one of those years. She's decided to hang up her stitching, but she had one last wish before retiring for good. Watch this wonderfully moving short video on Jane Hesler, affectionately known as Aunt Jane:

Shot on the RED EPIC with Canon Cinema primes, the team found out at the last minute that they had access to shoot on the field with Jane, and they had to scramble to get to Phoenix with no time to spare. It's one of those moments where everybody has to be working in sync together and there is no time to question anything — you've just got to be ready and do your best. The team eventually arrived in Phoenix early in the morning to shoot Jane, but another issue had come up: they needed inflation shots of the football due to the controversy with the Patriots — but they hadn't gotten any when they were shooting at the factory in Ohio. 

By keeping their heads and exploring every possibility, they got the shots they needed:

And then I spotted Dale, a super talented gaffer we’d worked with over a year ago on several different projects. He was in the middle of setting up for a different CBS project but was more than happy to grab us a couple lights, stands, stingers, and flags. We were off to the races.

When we challenged our assumptions we recreated the look of the factory in the middle of a convention center with a little help from our lenses, lights, and sound design.

 Head on over to stillmotion to read the rest of the post. It's a great lesson in not panicking and getting the shots you need with the tools you have by being creative.