For their new interactive editing tutorial, PBS TV series FrameLines is offering you a bunch of free raw 4K footage downloads so you can practice cutting together a horror scene. Here's the show's Executive Producer Peter John Ross to let you know more:

FrameLines sets you up with a script (which you can read here) and 11 downloadable videos that are full of clips shot from multiple camera angles, different takes, and pretty much everything you'll need to put your editing skills to the test. They do ask, though, that if you want to upload your edit online that you include 1.) the #FRAMELINESTV hashtag, and 2.) the credits either in your video or in its description. (You can find them here near the bottom of the page.)

You can download the footage on their Vimeo page. Just click on each video and hit download to get started.

Source: FrameLines